Playing With the Joystick (Or, My Lady Strokes My Cock While I Play Video Games)

It seems as though both My Lady and I are both insanely horny lately. Add the fact that I don’t have work for two days, and that means ML and I have been up to some really naughty things lately.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, ML and I were watching a little TV when she decided to unlock me and have a little fun with me. She stroked me and edged me numerous times, making it difficult for me to follow the storyline of the show… not that it really mattered to me by that time.

After the show, ML decided to give me some break time from her teasings. I decided to play some video games to get my mind off of being out of my mind horny. It worked for a few minutes, until My Lady decided that break time was over.


As I continued playing, ML began stroking me once again. She continued to tease my quickly hardening cock, causing me to moan. When she had me rock hard and throbbing in her hands, she began to rub her palm over the head of my cock. It was amazing and agonizing at the same time – I absolutely love it when she teases and touches me, but the intense sensation delivered directly and only to the head of my cock is usually too much for me to handle in a calm, rational way.

I began whimpering and squirming around, trying to escape the sexual torture, but could not. ML continued rubbing the sensitive head of my cock, not even giving me a fraction of a second to gather myself or even take a nice deep breath. I began begging her to stop, but this only egged her on more. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she stroked my cock hard and fast right to the edge of orgasm and left me there, trembling with need and almost unable to speak.

(For those of you wondering, I actually didn’t do too badly in the game, considering the distractions… and yes, I’m that nerdy that I actually took pride in this.)

Soon it was bedtime for the horny adults in the house. ML and I snuggled up in bed, and it wasn’t long before my hard cock was deep inside her wet pussy. It was only a few minutes until ML’s pussy was squeezing my cock with orgasmic pleasure; it will be considerably longer until I get to experience the same. After ML was fully satisfied – and I was left as frustrated as ever – we snuggled up for some sleep.

And, to top off the evening with a perfect note… My Lady fell asleep holding my cock. 🙂 It was actually an amazing feeling to know how comfortable she must feel with her hand wrapped around my cock to be able to sleep like that.

Chastity Water Torture


As my current denial period has been going on and on (and on and on and on…), I’ve noticed that both my cock and my balls have gotten SUPER sensitive. When My Lady has unlocked me I’m usually moaning at the very first touch of her hands. My sensitivity doesn’t apply to my unlocked periods alone; my cock is almost more sensitive when it is locked in its cage, it seems. ML has taken advantage of this frequently over the past week or so, rubbing the head of my cock through the bars of the Jailbird, or even snaking her tongue inside to tease my flesh with her warm wet tongue. Being teased by ML is one thing, but the thing that has been driving me a little bit crazy lately is how everyday mundane tasks end up teasing me in some weird way.

My balls have felt extremely full over the past few days. I don’t know if it’s because My Lady has been teasing me more and I’m getting a little backed up with pre-cum, or perhaps it’s simply that I NEED TO FUCKING CUM FOR GOD SAKES. I’m so sensitive that certain pairs of pants have made it difficult to sit down without giving me the sensation of having my balls gently squeezed. It’s a little hard to concentrate on work when I’m sitting at my desk and I can feel my balls throbbing to my heartbeat.

So far, the worst of all has been the shower. It’s bad enough when My Lady and I share a shower; having her soaked & sexy naked body so close to mine, performing the task of soaping and rinsing her soft skin, kneeling before her in the shower to wash her legs and feet… it’s all VERY arousing. But even when I’m alone in the shower, I can’t escape the torture of a cock teasing. The spray from the water seems to tickle every sensitive spot on my cock, and it’s usually no more than two minutes into my shower before I’m softly moaning. And when it’s time to wash the cage, and I need to massage my balls and soap up my shaft through the cage, my knees immediately get wobbly. It’s almost too much to handle!

I still have at least 2 more months before I get to cum, and I can imagine my sensitivity issues are only going to get worse from here on out. Two months… that’s a helluva lot of showers from now until then.

Right Now: My Toy is Ready and Waiting

Right at this very moment (11:48am EST) I have cagedmonkey tied up by the wrists and ankles in our bed. He’s locked up in his Revenge, got the nipple clamps on and the vibrating butt plug in. He’s also wearing the strap on harness with my favorite dildo in it! He will be tied up there for majority of the day so that I can go up periodically and use him for my pleasure whenever I want. My sex toy, ready and waiting to be used!

My favorite dildo is the Doc Johnson 7″ blush that a certain friend bought me as a gift! It certainly doesn’t help hubby since its so wonderful and satisfies so well! 🙂


The Conflicting Feelings of a Chaste Hubby

My Lady and I were texting each other last night while I was at work, and the conversation wandered to the topic of sensory deprivation. You see, ML has been doing some research in that area, specifically sensory deprivation hoods. And when ML starts doing research, you know that she’s getting serious about it.

She began to text me some of the ideas that have been popping up in her head, and I couldn’t help but get turned on (which made my cock strain against the cage rather strongly). Here are just a few examples of the texts she sent me:

  • “like putting your hands in mittens behind your back, making you kneel on the floor hooded”
  • “I could open only the gag and make you choke on my dildo”
  • “I could take off the blindfold with my pussy right in your face while I cum”
  • “Put a dildo in your ass and make you sit on it while I fuck your mouth with mine”
  • “So if I told you I could put the hood on and use the face dildo as the gag piece instead and fuck your sensory deprived face, how would that make you feel?”

How would it make me feel?

Those sound like horrible, terrible things to have to endure. I don’t know if I could take it.

How would it make me feel?

I need to experience this.

That’s how it makes me feel. I can imagine myself in the moment, wanting it to end so badly, wondering why and how I got myself into this, suffering in pain and frustration. Yet it’s undeniable – I want it to happen. When I read those texts – and even now as I retype them – I get a tightness in my chest that says to me, “Oh. My. God. I NEED THIS.”

It’s scary and confusing to have these types of feelings – to want something you don’t want to happen happen, so badly. But honestly, that’s pretty much what chastity is. I’m sitting here with my cock locked in a steel cage with no way to get out on my own, and I desperately want to cum. But I want to be like this – desperate for release, yet powerless to facilitate that release, completely dependent on My Lady for any and all sources of sexual pleasure. I trust My Lady with my life; I know she will protect me and keep me safe, even when she is putting me through hell just because she can and she wants to. It speaks to my devotion to her how badly I want this to happen, even though I don’t want this to happen.

Now I’m left wondering just when she plans on putting these things in motion…

Tease or Torture – Sensation Play

CagedMonkey and I have had a very relaxed couple weeks in the chastity device and our D/s play because our Jail Bird is in getting adjustments. The Bird Cage we use as a back up device is really showing its wear and I don’t want hubby wearing it for more time than necessary. So really he’s only been wearing it to work.

I decided, since we haven’t had any real intense teasing play lately, today would be a bit of  a dominant day. Cagedmonkey works midnights so when he got home this morning he got breakfast for the kids and then got ready for bed. He had a headache so I gave him some Tylenol and let him sleep a little before putting him through this intense ride.

I’m not sure what you would call this but today he is (trying to) sleeping unlocked, bound to the bed, gagged with a penis gag and stuffed with the njoy butt plug. While he is enduring that torture? I will be visiting very often to stroke him and edge him.

I’m sure he’s going to be very tired and worn out by this afternoon but I feel like he needed a good reminder of who is in charge of all of his pleasures & sensations.

I’m really loving the idea of sensory deprivation play and I’m working to learn how to make it happen. So for now I’m playing with sensations and making him all filled up and unable to touch or do anything about whatever I do to him. He just has to endure whatever I want to do to him because I am in control of it all. I’m even in control of how much or the quality of sleep he gets. It should be a fun day and perhaps he’ll write later about how he feels about what I’m doing to him. 🙂