The Gift of Total Submission

This weekend, I will be giving My Lady the perfect present for Valentine’s Day – I will be giving her complete control over me.

ML and I have been finding our way back into our D/s lifestyle pretty well, but we both feel that a nice intense jolt will get us back into form.

This weekend, I will be submitting fully to My Lady in every way. Everything from my movements around the house to the sexual sensations I experience will be controlled by my wife. Here are the rules I will be expected to follow:

1. I will be required to ask permission for any of the following behaviors – waking up, going to sleep, eating and/or drinking, using the bathroom, or leaving the room (which will require a kiss as “payment”). I will also be required to ask ML if she has a preference as to where I sit or stand.

2. I will only touch My Lady when and if she allows me to.

3. I will be wearing my collar the entire weekend, it will be locked on 24/7 for the entire time of my total submission.

4. I must service ML sexually by any means she deems necessary, as well as enduring whatever sexual torments she desires to put me through.

I’m already excited about this weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing just how far she goes with the concept of total submission.


It’s taken a few days to get out of “vacation” mode and back into real life mode. I’m already back to work (boo), but I’m still trying to work myself back into my weird midnight shift sleeping schedule. Stepping back into pre-vacation routine in a sexual way has been both easy and tough.

ML had me locked back into the JB for the last two nights at work. Wearing the cage after two weeks of off time isn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it might be. I actually miss the feeling of the steel squeezing my cock as it tries to get hard. It brings an intense sensation that nothing else could do. So far my skin hasn’t had any chafing issues or anything like that, although I do need to remember to lube up to prevent the cage from getting “sticky” during longer lockups. Shaving will also help with that, as I am very shaggy and in dire need of some nether grooming at the moment.

As far as denial goes, that’s another thing I’m eager to get back into. Jan. 31st was my last orgasm, and will be my last for quite a while (ML wants to push me deep into summer with a six month-ish denial). I’m already feeling the hornies creeping up, where just about every movement of my body translates to the surge of tension in my cock. It’s wonderful. 🙂

The D/s relationship between ML and I is taking a little bit longer to jump start, as we kinda expected. We talked about the possible need for an intense session to get her feet wet (and pussy, presumably) and get her mind oriented in the right direction. I’m sure once we both feel the experience – me being controlled, ML feeling the dominance over me – it’ll be a lot easier to get things back on track.

Last One Out…

Last night, ML and I enjoyed our first night in bed naked together in quite a while (sharing a room on a cruise ship with two children under 10 tends to limit your naked time). It felt wonderful cuddling together, and eventually it led to us making love. We both shared an orgasm together, both reaching our climax at almost the exact same moment.

Although I’m sure My Lady will be enjoying plenty of orgasms in the near future, last night was my last cum for quite a while.

Although we haven’t set a specific Maybe Day, we were tossing around the idea of a 6 month-plus denial period, which would push things to well past my birthday in June.

Honestly? I’m perfectly fine with that. It was nice to have a couple of weeks of freedom, having sex with ML and not worrying about holding back my orgasm, just letting loose whenever it felt right… but I do miss the feeling of being controlled by ML. I miss the feeling of not being required to please My Lady first. I also miss the franticness of being crazy horny and needing an orgasm every moment of the day, the need getting worse and worse as time goes on.

I also miss the effect that denying me has on ML. I’ve only been locked up for a handful of hours today, and I already sense a change in ML’s demeanor. There’s an intensity that wasn’t there before, and I can feel her arousal in the air around us. Lots of people talk about how denial affects the submissive male, but I can say from experience that the dominant female is also affected in a similar way. I’m glad for that change, and I can’t wait to watch as ML gets deeper into her dominance as my denial goes on.

An Eventful Night: Part I – Breakdown

This term of denial has been quite intense for me. My Lady and I have been very into each other lately; we’ve been more touchy-feely than normal, which is really saying something considering that we can’t resist each other even on a mellow day! We literally cannot stop touching each other, and although I absolutely love it, it’s driving my orgasm-denied brain (and body) insane!

It hasn’t made my commitment to being more submissive any easier. I get so turned on that I’m desperate just to be unlocked for even just a few moments. When my need gets so powerful, it’s difficult to hold it back. I just want out.

Pleasing ML is one of the very few things that allows me to center myself and get my mind off of the steel cage locked onto my cock. I am REALLY enjoying my new focus on making ML feel good over making her cum. Last night, I spent a good half hour on my knees in front of her, licking her delicious pussy as she laid back on the couch and watched Monday Night Football… can you think of anything more submissive? I gave her whole pussy loving attention – I kissed her clit softly, I slowly teased her lips from top to bottom and back, I shoved my tongue as deep as I could and gave her g-spot a lick, and I even slid my tongue down and fucked her asshole with it a little bit. ML just laid back and enjoyed it all, sometimes moaning softly and other times grabbing the back of my head and grinding her hips into my face. I looked up at her face, enjoying the expressions of pure ecstasy. I felt like I was right where I should be.

The fullness of my submission to her in this way had a major effect on me later in the night, when ML and I went to bed.

My Lady and I were cuddling naked in bed, as we have grown very fond of doing. 🙂 ML’s head was on my chest, and she was running her hand up and down my body. Soon, she was teasing my nipples with her fingertips and kissing my chest with her soft sensual lips. I couldn’t stop my body from shuddering as her hand trailed down, rubbing my sensitive cock between the bars of the Jailbird. It felt so good, but I wanted more… I NEEDED more, but I didn’t want to ask for release from the cage. I resisted as much as I could, but her teasing touches drove me over the edge.

I began to beg her to unlock me. And no, it was not an act. I was desperate to get out. So I begged, I pleaded, but all it did was turn ML on more. She got off on my desperation. She pulled my hand down to feel her pussy – she was dripping fucking wet. And, knowing how much she was turned on by my begging, I couldn’t hold back; I turned over, put my face in my pillow, and began to sob.

I don’t think I “cried” fully, but I came probably as close as I could to it. Then I felt My Lady’s loving hands on the back of my neck. She pulled me close and kissed me deeply and tenderly, and I felt the love she was giving to me. She cared for me, and cared about me… But she still wasn’t unlocking me. And to make her point clear, she pulled the covers down to expose her wet pussy, allowing me to please her once again with my tongue.

But she wasn’t through with me for the night, yet…

(Click here for Part II)

The Man Without a Penis

A few nights ago, My Lady and I were laying on the couch together, and things started to get sexual… as they very often do nowadays. 🙂 We began kissing and touching each other; things started to get really hot, really quick. I rolled over on top of ML and began thrusting my hips towards her as I kissed her deeply. All of a sudden, both of us felt it at the same time: we flipped the “power switch.” All of a sudden, I felt very dominant and powerful over ML.

When I get dominant, I tend to talk dirty a lot. I rubbed up on her, and I started asking her if she wanted to get fucked. If she missed taking my hard cock deep inside her slutty wet pussy. ML was getting turned on, too, pushing back up against me as I pushed my hips down against her. I pounded my hips down on her, doing everything I would be doing if I was fucking her pussy as hard as I could… except for the fact that my cock was still locked in its steel cage, of course.

Afterwards, I started to get a little down. All of the simulating of the dominant, forceful sex kinda made me miss it a bit. I realized that I really do miss my cock. I miss being able to fuck My Lady hard and deep. I miss the way ML’s warm pussy feels when it’s squeezing my cock. I miss being able to fuck ML more than three thrusts at a time. Hell, right now I just miss my cock getting hard!!!

I didn’t expect these feelings to show up so strong and so soon into the 24/7 month. I’ve gone 24/7 longer than this, but not with the pretense that I would be waiting an entire month for my next full erection. It’s really getting to me this time around. I’m not really having second thoughts about all of this – chastity is still the most amazing thing that has happened to our sex life, and I wouldn’t change it a bit. But still, I can’t deny that right now a decent part of me truly feels like a prisoner locked away against his will. This is when chastity truly becomes “enforced chastity.”