Getting My Revenge

At the beginning of this year we had ordered a Revenge from Steelworxx in Germany. We got it back in March and tried it out for awhile. We realized after using it a few times that there were some things we wanted to add/change. We made sure we measured over and over and thought long and hard about what we wanted since, to make changes, we would have to send the device back to Germany. In August, we did just that. Btw, sending the device we spent a ton on to begin with, half way around the world was nerve racking! When a month went by without him getting it, I was nervous. Then when 6 weeks came along and he still hadn’t gotten it I was getting a bit freaked out and thought we lost our money and the device was just gone… but just over 7 weeks later Steelworxx emailed to say they have finally received the device and could start making the adjustments.

As you can see in the previous post (linked above) we had ordered the regular pad lock post and a 50mm ring and did the device kinda as is. You can see below how we added the steel ring around the start of the tube and we also got the anatomic ring which curves a bit back at the bottom.
We also added the integrated lock and the base ring size is smaller as well. It is now about 47mm I believe.
I do think we nailed the sizing and stuff on this one. After the past couple days, while hubby was off work, I made him get dressed in the Revenge. Especially when I woke up yesterday sore as hell because I made him fuck every hole I have nice and hard and deep. He fucked me over and over, as I requested, while he himself was denied any sort of pleasure or orgasm. I’ve been so horny and hard to satisfy sexually recently and I made sure I was fucked SO good that I was walking funny the next morning. God it felt good and I was wet and horny all day because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the constant fucking. πŸ™‚

I had cagedmonkey get dressed in the Revenge last night and so far he says he’s had no issues and is comfortable. That’s good because I have no plans of removing his device for a bit. I just love that he can’t touch or see his own cock and when he does attempt an erection he’s gets an all over squeeze around his cock.
It’s so shiny and sexy, don’t you think? I do have to comment on how much I love the integrated lock! It’s very easy to lock and unlock and, oh man, is it ever perfect for rubbing my pussy on hubby cage without hurting my lady parts! Even with the security screw on other devices the post still sticks out a bit and can hurt a little if in not careful. This lock is rounded and I couldn’t feel it at all when I was teasing hubby this morning.

I’m already enjoying cagedmonkey being locked in the Revenge again. Today I’ve been teasing him quite intensely, I’ve done my morning facesitting and also covered his chest with my pussy juices. I did a little breath play with him this morning and it got me turned right the hell on so I ended up cumming right there on his chest while smothering him with my big titties. I left his face and chest covered in my juices and went out to do errands.

When I got back from running around I went in for a little visit. While he was sleeping I lubed up my fingers and woke his ass up… quite literally. πŸ™‚ I gave him a good ass fingering with a couple of my fingers and, damn, did I love hearing his moaning and whimpering from being violated and used for my pleasure. I’m really going to enjoy using and abusing him and giving him a taste of what it is to have sore holes from being overused. In sure the rest of the week is going to be just lovely and frustrating for him. I can’t wait!

A Queening a Day Keeps the Domme… Cumming!

Lately I’ve really gotten into queening cagedmonkey. Usually how it works is he will get home from work in the morning and I will go “tuck him in.” Well tucking him in is actually the code for getting a little mommy/daddy time in while the kids watch cartoons. We head up to the bedroom and that’s about the time I straddle his face and rub my pussy and asshole all over his face until I get a nice good hard cum or two. This leaves cagedmonkey laying there, used and covered in my pussy juice. I don’t allow him to wipe off unless there is a lot of creamy white cum on his chin. Most of the time he is left there, wet with my cum, to go to sleep smelling like me.
It’s really become something we both look forward to. We actually have talked about how we miss it if I don’t get a chance to do it. Especially when I have to take a week for my cycle each month… then we both really miss it. We’ve been trying to come up with a way to work through my cycle because it actually slows a lot of our play!

We are not afraid to do things during, by any means, it’s just not nearly the type of play we have daily.

We’ve thought about extra spankings during my cycle and maybe lots more endurance teasing/torture for hubby. I know we will work it out but these are the things that need to get talked about so we aren’t “missing” things or feeling ignored.

He Said, She Said – Queening & Squirting

cagedmonkey: My Lady has really begun to enjoy the practice of queening.Β She sits atop me, covering my face with her pussy and asshole. On prior occasions, she uses this as a way to play with breath control, limiting my oxygen as she forces me to tongue fuck her pussy. The other day was a little different – she sat facing my feet, her pussy covering the top half of my face while my mouth was free to breathe… although I was using it mostly to lick her swollen clit .

She was getting into it, enjoying herself very much as she rubbed her pussy up and down on my face. My nose was pressing between her pussy lips as I sucked and licked her clit. I love it when she takes charge like this and basically fucks my face the way she wants it. πŸ™‚

Then I notice her reaching for one of her new favorite toys – the magic wand.Β πŸ™‚ She turned in on, and soon I felt the vibrations of the wand pulsing through her pussy right down to my mouth. It didn’t take her very long to begin to moan and her hips to writhe against my face. Another few moments and she was cumming hard; I felt her pussy quiver on my face, and her hips press down onto my face. I was frantically licking her clit, trying to push her farther through her orgasm. Then, suddenly… My Lady was squirting pussy juice RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH!! I could hear her moaning loudly, and my mouth was quickly filling up with her warm pussy juice! I had no choice but to swallow it all, but the squirting did not stop. As I swallowed, she continued squirting on my face, her juices running down my face and neck, soaking my pillow in the process.

All in all, I had to swallow three times until My Lady was finished hosing me down with her pussy! She was shaking as she lifted herself off of me, and was amazed by how much she had squirted.

It was SOOOOO FUCKING HOT!!! I absolutely love it when My Lady squirts. For one, I know she is in the middle of an intense orgasm when she does, and I very often have a sympathetic orgasm/body spasm when it happens. Secondly, it is a huge mindfuck – My Lady is squirting cum from her pussy, meanwhile I can’t squirt cum from my cock while I am locked in my cage! It’s almost as if she’s taunting me as she’s cumming her brains out!

Lady M:

I just love taking a few minutes our of the day to go up and sit on cagedmonkey’s face. It feels so good to be in control of how and when my pussy will be licked. It feels incredible to grind down on his face and fuck myself with his tongue. The one thing that makes me moan the most is when he sticks out and firms up his tongue and I push down hard to penetrate my asshole. I love to pull my cheeks apart to make more room to get him in deeper.

The other day wasn’t meant to be any different other than I sent the kids outside to play in the snow so I was hoping to get a bit loud. I guess I got what I wanted! I went up, woke him up as I situated myself on his face and started to slide my pussy up and down on his face. I was rubbing his nose from my asshole to my clit over and over. Pretty much everyday my pussy is very sloppy wet and horny so he was already getting a good slathering. πŸ™‚

While I was up there I sat up and leaned back so I was sitting upright on his face which pushed my ass a little more toward his forehead. I thought, “oooo it would be great to rub my clit right now and force him feel me cum without him doing it!” So I did just that… I had my clit just above his mouth and started rubbing it as I was grinding down on his nose. It felt so good and I loved being able to moan out loud, but I just wasn’t getting to climax as quickly as I wanted to in that position. I figured I might as well try to push it along faster by using my rather new Magic Wand. So far it hadn’t been super productive but I figured it can’t hurt to try. I reached under my pillow next to him (that’s where I keep my wand plugged in for whenever I want to use it) and pulled out the wand. I’m sure he had no clue what I was doing until he felt the vibrations! I placed the end of the wand just at the top of my clit so he could continue to lick as frantically as he already was.

It really did not take too long, as I was so aroused and half way to orgasm as it was, for me to hit my peak. I was already moaning so loud from riding his face but wow, did it feel good to push through that orgasm and be able to let it out. It was an amazing, hard, long cum too and I felt myself squirt a little. Once I squirt a little, you might as well get a bucket and a mop because there go the gushes! My thighs tightened against the sides of his head and shook as my entire body tensed up and convulsed. My back pressed against the wall as I felt my pussy tightening and relaxing over and over like waves coming from the inside out. I felt the muscles push and the big gush of pussy juice… and then again and again. I was overflowing cagedmonkey’s mouth with my warm juices.

From the moment I switched on that wand all I could hear was the muffled “fuck, oh fuck” coming from hubby’s mouth. I suspect he knew he was about to be swallowing a lot of my sweet yummy squirts. Talk about HOT! I just loved hearing him moan and gasp like that and trying to talk while his mouth is buried between my pussy lips.

It seemed like my orgasm went on for like 5 mins, moaning so loud and breathing so hard. My body seemed to tense up more and more with each contraction. After what felt like forever my shoulder started to hurt to the point of me not being able to handle it. I had to pull the wand away and I just kinda fell forward onto cagedmonkey’s chest and stomach. I laid there breathing heavy knowing that if my shoulder didn’t hurt I could have kept going and feeling that amazing orgasm even longer. I certainly wasn’t done and it lingered the rest of the day.

Life had other plans than me enjoying that orgasm any longer. I’m kinda glad God has a hand in it because as soon as I regained my composure we heard little boots thumping on the floor downstairs. It was the kids coming in from playing in the snow! πŸ™‚ I climbed off cagedmonkey, slid my pants back on, walked down the stairs and asked the kids if they had fun… as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, left upstairs breathing heavy on the bed, was my husband trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. πŸ™‚

Talk about good timing!

How’s The Air In There? – Breath Control

My pussy needs a break and so do my stomach muscles! The past few days I’ve been giving cagedmonkey a pretty good go. Not only did he use the new sleeve I bought to fuck my horny pussy the other night but he’s also been servicing me by mouth quite a bit too. He’s sure does a fantastic job at making me cum over and over. So good, I’ve been pretty much doing crunches every time I have an orgasm. They are so strong and my whole body is involved.

The past couple of days I’ve been queening cagedmonkey quite a bit. I woke him up that way the other day. He was sleeping after work and I climbed up on him and sat right on his face. I pushed down so I buried his nose in my ass and completely covered his mouth with my dripping wet pussy. He woke up unable to breathe anything but the warm juices of my pussy. You really should have seen him wriggle!

I’ve started to play a bit with breath control with cagedmonkey recently. It’s an interesting kink and I really do get into it when I see him and his body react. Like last night I sat on his face a few times, each time a little longer. He really was begging and whimpering for me to stop but I kinda got into the power I had over him and didn’t want to. I continued to smother him over and over while rubbing my wet juices all over his face. That is about when he slipped off into subspace while I finished fucking his face and making him gasp for air. I’m starting to realize that I get extremely turned on by hearing cagedmonkey beg, whimper and grovel for me to stop whatever it is I’m doing.

He’s so obsessed with my large breasts, how could he not crave to be smothered by them? He really gets off on the fact that I can control whether he breathes or not by shoving my big tittie in his mouth and pulling his face into it to cover his entire face so he can take a breath only when I want him to. πŸ™‚ Oh if only there was a way to share how sexy he looks when he gasps the air I let him have while he looks up at me with those shocked, big, beautiful, blue eyes.

This is obviously something to be very careful with. Blocking someone’s airway is never something to take lightly. It is not something I sprung on him, we’ve talked about it at length. I’ve tried a few things and I am well aware of how long he can hold his breath. Obviously holding your own breath is way different than when someone else is in control and the panic sets in. Though, that’s part of the thrill! I am hyperaware of his body’s reactions and although, I love when he starts to flail a bit, that is about the time I start thinking about giving him some oxygen. It’s constantly a work in progress and I’m sure I’ll push him further and further as we go along.

All I can repeatedly say is that I absolutely love exploring these wonderful things with the man I love completely and who I trust so deeply. I could never imagine exploring these things with anyone else but my cagedmonkey.