Legs Spread, Rubbing My Wet Horny Pussy

I went upstairs to the bedroom, took off my sexy black panties and laid back on the bed. I started to rub my very horny pussy. I called down to hubby, “honey, come up here for a minute, I need help with something.”

He walked in the room to see me lying there legs spread, rubbing my wet pussy. Immediately he got into position and started licking my clit, slurping up my tasty pussy juices from bottom to top. God, I was so fucking horny. He swirled his tongue around my clit, kissed it and sucked it gently. He wiggled his head quickly side to side as he buried his face deeper in my pussy.

“God I want to fuck you so bad!” I whispered as I was breathing heavy. “I want to feel you in me, fucking me, ugh!”

“You taste so fucking good” he said. I could feel his lips moving against my slippery pussy as he spoke. I wanted to feel him inside me, sliding his big thick cock in and feeling it as my pussy gobbles it up and squeezes his shaft when he tries to pull back. I want to feel his cock fill my pussy up completely.

“Shove your tongue in my pussy, I’m going to cum nice and hard on your tongue. Fuck I love your slutty mouth!” I told him, as I grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into my pussy hard. “Yeah I’m cumming right in your fucking mouth!”

I was breathing heavy, doing my best to contain my moans because the kids were watching cartoons downstairs. I told him I wasn’t done and I took his hand and put his fingers in my pussy. I started to rub my clit and, fuck, it felt so good to have his fingers in my pussy, to feel any part of him penetrating me. I needed more. I was getting so close but wanted more, needed more.

“Finger my ass,” I instructed. He easily slid a finger in my asshole, I gasped, “fuck that feels good. I want more.”

“Two?” He asked, surprised.

“More,” I managed to answer, I wanted to be filled up more.

“More?” He asked, even more surprised. He slid slid three fingers in my horny asshole. I was ready for more and told him I needed it and wanted it. He slipped in another and yet another. My asshole was so willing to accept all of his fingers. I continued to rub my clit as I moaned hard, but quietly in my throat. I certainly can’t alert the kids as to what’s going on. I rubbed faster across my super slippery clit, arching my back because it felt so fucking good.

“Fuck my ass, hard,” I demanded as I was about to cum. He must have felt me ready to erupt with a powerful orgasm and slid two fingers from his other hand into my pussy. Oh my fucking God, I thought, that feels so amazing! He was pounding my ass and my pussy, in and out, fucking me with his hands. I quickly smacked my hand over my own mouth to shut myself up, I wanted to scream out along with this massive orgasm. As I was cumming hubby leaned down, took the place of my hand and started licking my clit to finish off this unbelievable orgasm.

When I was finished clenching down on his hands, I couldn’t let him pull out just yet. My body wasn’t finished, isn’t finished. A minute or two later I told him to slowly slide out of me, once my body had calmed down from the full body reaction to that orgasm.

Now here I sit, writing this and reliving it, no where near feeling done today. Although that was a completely satisfying orgasm, I’m needing and wanting more, already.