Getting Back in the Groove (Single And Double Entendre)

Single entendre = My Lady and I getting back to our chastity D/s lifestyle.

Double entendre = getting my cock back into ML’s groove (a.k.a. her pussy).

Last night was my first night off from work after six days, and our first really good chance to spend some time with each other. And by “good chance” I mean not tired from our vacation, as well as ML’s pussy being “available” once again. I find that it’s much easier for me to be submissive when I can service ML’s pussy. When she is on her period, we are more dependent on her teasing me, which is very nice but not as effective at putting me into sub mode.

With that said, ML started the night off with teasing my cock a bit, or as she put it quite bluntly, “messing with my cock for a bit.” She started by stroking me until I was squirming on the bed, enjoying the feel of her hand squeezing around my shaft.


She was teasing and stroking me, slowing down before I got too close to the edge. She said that she didn’t want to ruin my o too quickly, that she wanted to tease me with it a little bit longer. She gave my cock a rest for a moment and began to massage my balls, which held my arousal but didn’t push me any closer to the edge. She knows just how to manipulate me in the exact ways she wants to.


I was moaning louder as she alternated between stroking my cock and rubbing my balls, holding me at just the right amount of arousal she wanted to give me. Her hands felt like heaven, and each moment made me want more. She must have read my mind, because she looked into my eyes as she stroked me and asked me if I wanted her to make me cum.

“Do you want me to make you shoot your cum all over your stomach?” she asked as her eyes locked onto mine. I knew she wouldn’t, so I just whimpered as she continued to stroke me. “Tell me,” she prodded, “tell me how bad you want it.” I nodded, but she wanted to hear it. “Tell me,” she said firmly, squeezing me tighter and quickening her pace. As I reached the edge, I obliged her.

“Yes, please make me cum!” I begged. She stroked me harder, right to the edge, Just as I was about to cum, she released my cock, grabbed my head and pulled me towards her, and kissed me deeply and forcefully. The kiss was so hot, so fucking amazing, that it pushed me right to the edge and ruined my orgasm all by itself! My cock throbbed through its unfulfilled orgasm, releasing only the slightest dribble of cum.


Then it was time for My Lady to get her pleasure. Using my post ruined orgasm cock, she instructed me to lay beside her so I could fuck her pussy while she laid on her back and rub her clit. It’s one of her most favorite positions. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock almost immediately after entering her. Damn how I missed that! After only a minute or so I could feel her first  orgasm pulsing through her pussy. Not content with just one, she rubbed herself to two more orgasms, cumming all over my cock until we were both soaking wet. I was able to fuck her well enough through a fourth stifled-screaming orgasm until I felt the rumblings of my own orgasm approaching, at which point I needed to bow out for the safety of my denial.

My Lady wasn’t finished, requiring another two more orgasms from my fingers before she was completely spent. She usually gets very greedy during our first “after cycle” session, bit even she will admit that six orgasms is a lot, even for her! She was extremely horny and wanting my cock, though, and since I get so much pleasure out of making My Lady cum, I had absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

Used For My Pleasure and Left Covered in My Pussy Juices

Ok seriously, I can’t leave this unsaid any longer! I keep thinking back to the other night. I had asked him to post about this because my vanilla world has been nuts as of late. He just hasn’t gotten around to it so before we get too far, I’ll take care of it and I hope he comments with his thoughts. Cagedmonkey was off work Sunday and Monday this week so after waiting for our weekend to finally get here on Sunday I decided to use him like he’d never been used.

We were sitting on the couch watching tv when I decided to kneel in front of him and take off his cage. He was pretty much instantly hard, as always. The first thing I did was stroke him and edge him a few times until I edged him so far I ruined an orgasm. I have gotten so good at ruinning them that barely a drop comes out. We’ve noticed recently that once I do this he is able to stay hard without trying as well as being able to fuck me really good without having to stop every three seconds.

Once I had him calmed a little from the ruined orgasm, I climbed up and rode him a bit. I stuffed my big titties in his mouth and made him suck on them (as if I really have to make him do that haha). He was already tired because it was getting kinda late but, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter if he’s tired, when I want to be fucked, I will be fucked.

I turned around to face the tv and rode him a bit with my back toward him. I love bending over forward just a bit in this position to show him that sexy roundness of my ass. The moans that escape his lips while he watches my ass slides up and down on his big thick cock are such a turn on. All I did to myself while bouncing on his lap like that was turn myself on more and make myself want to be fucked more. So I slid off forward onto all fours on the floor in front of him. I told him, “get down here and fuck me good and hard like my good boy.” He did exactly as he was told. He knelt behind me, guided his thick meat into my warm, tight, wet pussy and pounded away at me. Slamming his cock into me, with his hands holding my hips. Pressing into me as fast and hard as he could over and over until he was exhausted. He asked if he could stop but I was not done and not ready to allow him to be done. His cock was still hard, my pussy was still horny and I didn’t care that his body was tired and aching. I didn’t care that the cramp in his neck was hurting. I made him keep fucking me. He had begun to whimper and beg me to let him stop. I told him multiple times if he started to slow, “no! Keep going, I’m not done yet” and “don’t you dare stop fucking me!” I do love hearing him beg, especially when it’s so real and genuine.

When he finally collapsed backward against the couch I still wouldn’t let him be done. I moved myself back onto his cock and pinned him against the couch, continuing to fuck him and push my ass back onto his lap, driving his cock deeper into my pussy. That’s when I felt him inside me just right and I knew I could squirt. So I tightened just the right muscles and as I was fucking him I squirted all over his cock and balls. I still wasn’t done with him. I continued to pound myself back on him. I worked my pussy back up to squirt again and pushed his cock inside me at just the right angle and right when I could feel it was time to tighten those muscles, I stood up and backed over his face. I let my squirt juices go and cover his chin, chest and drip right down his stomach to his cock, yet again. I stepped away, looked at him and giggled just before climbing up on his face and making him clean up my messy, cummy, squirty juice, used pussy.

Mmmm it’s nights like that where I love being the dominant one. Using him for all of my sexual pleasure while he is left covered in my pussy juices, used, tormented and denied his own orgasmic pleasure.

The Cock That Couldn’t Cum – Tied Down and Tortured

This morning, after sending the little ones off to camp once again, My Lady and I spent a few minutes in bed cuddling naked with each other. It’s such a nice thing to be able to do that during this week. After a few moments, I let my hands roam all over ML’s sexy body. I began kissing her shoulders and her back, and soon I was moving down between her legs, my tongue searching out her wet horny pussy.

I missed My Lady’s taste so much over the past couple of days. It seemed as though she missed the touch of my lips on her pussy, also, because she was moaning within seconds. She sounded so sexy, letting the noise out as loud as she wanted to. I rubbed my face all over her pussy lips, covering my face in her pussy juice. She always loves it when I do that. So do I.

After a quick cum, My Lady grabbed her wand and said she wanted to cum on a nice thick cock. I was happy to oblige, sliding myself into her tight wetness as she vibrated her clit. The wand did it’s magic rather quickly, as ML came pretty hard pretty fast. I felt her pussy grip and squeeze my cock as I struggled to control my soaring pleasure. After her orgasm, ML continued to play with the wand. I told her that I couldn’t hold off much longer. “Well, get Adam,” she instructed me, “I’m not finished cumming with a thick cock inside me yet.”

I did as I was told, easily sliding Adam’s thick shaft into her juicy pussy. She moaned louder as the fake cock stretched her pussy wide and the wand tickled her clit incessantly. Her moans turned to screams as I fucked her harder and deeper with the dildo. Her orgasm hit with incredible intensity; her entire body curled up and she screamed over and over as each wave of pleasure hit her. I could resistance from her spasming pussy as I pushed Adam inside her, her pussy eventually giving way to the hard fucking dildo. After ML (eventually) came down from her huge orgasm, it was time to head downstairs for breakfast… or so I thought. ML had other plans for me. It was finally her turn to torture her toy.

ML restrained me to the bed, cuffing my hands together behind my head and my feet together at the bottom of the bed. I couldn’t move at all, I couldn’t even spread my legs. ML then grabbed the “peppermint” lube from the nightstand and began to apply a generous amount to my cock. She began stroking me gently at first, allowing the tingly nature of the peppermint lube to settle in. Once she noticed me squirming from the sensation, she took the wand and pushed it between my legs and under my balls. A flick of the switch, and I was instantly moaning as my balls were powerfully vibrated.

My Lady stroked my cock, alternating between a fast and slow pace, sometimes switching to “up only” motions she has described before – keep that window open and handy, she uses more of those techinques later! Anyways… after a minute or so, she started quickly stroking me, pushing me towards the edge of orgasm very quickly. I moaned and whimpered, not only because I was fucking desperate for an orgasm but also because I knew what was going to happen next. At just the right moment, ML released my cock, letting it fall onto my stomach with a thump. My body tried it’s best to cum, but it was no use. She’s become an expert at edging me, and she can take me to the very tipping point basically at will now. She edges me a couple of more times, and brought me up one more time. This time, she pushed me just about as far as she possibly could without making me cum. I hung on the edge, my body NEEDING to cum so bad but unable to… then ML adjusted the wand underneath my balls. And oh God, I was going to cum! And with the wand vibrating it might actually feel good!

A millisecond before my cock began to spasm, My Lady switched the wand off. FUCK, NO!!!! I screamed in my head. Out loud, I only managed a desperate moan as my cock twitched in futility. I felt the cum creeping up the inside of my cock as my orgasm was slowly ruined. Her technique of ruining my orgasm was so damn effective, I didn’t even leak out any cum… at first. After my cock finished it’s failure at cumming, she grabbed my shaft and rubbed the palm of her hand on the sensitive head of my cock.

My body lurched off of the bed! OMG FUCK was it intense! She was giving me post orgasm torture, but without even the pleasure of giving me a true orgasm first – post ruined orgasm torture, or PROCT (apparently ML invented this, lol). My body rolled around as she continued her assault on my poor cock head. I was moaning and grunting, wishing she would stop but knowing she wouldn’t until she was finished with me. The cum from my ruined orgasm seeped out and only served to supply My Lady with more lube for her palm. When that dried, she used more peppermint lube, giving me even more terrible sensation to suffer through.

Honestly, it sucked. It was horrible – I couldn’t stay still. Every muscle in my body was firing, trying to fight off the sensory overload that my brain could only interpret as pain. I had to remind myself to breathe, but each time I did I let out a loud moan, straining my vocal cords. My neck arched back; by the time she was finished with me, my shoulder blades had lifted completely off the bed and top of my head was pressing into the mattress. At one point – I have no idea how long this went on, because I was being sexually tortured at the time – she began stroking my cock as if to make me cum. But even this was too much for me to handle, because to my dismay I couldn’t cum no matter how bad I tried. ML had overloaded my orgasm circuits, first with the ruined o and then with the post-o torture. She was telling me to cum, stroking me as if to make me, I was trying as hard as I could… and I could feel it, sooooooo close…. it was RIGHT FUCKING THERE….. but I couldn’t! FUUUUUUUCK!

My Lady finally had mercy on me, releasing her grip on my cock. But my break was short lived; ML was climbing up on top of me, straddling me facing the other way, preparing to ride me and put the cock that couldn’t cum to good use. She shoved it into her pussy and ground her hips down onto mine, taking me as deep as she could. Little did I know that she was only lubing my cock up, getting it ready for what she really craved. She pulled off me and slid the head of my cock back a little bit, lining me up with her tight asshole. She popped the head of my cock into her ass, and somehow she shoved her hips down once again, taking my cock deep and fast all the way in her ass! Her ass was pressing me into the mattress, desperate to take my entire length. It was then that I felt the vibrations again – My Lady was using the wand on her clit as she fucked her ass with my cock!

Her screams were of pure pleasure, loud and uninhibited. Her ass bounced up and down as I felt my cock being buried deep in her ass. She rode me hard and fast; the quick pace, her tight ass gripping my cock, and the vibrations of the wand through her body would have definitely brought me off had it not been for the shutdown of my ability to cum. Then her whole body began to tremble and I felt her ass spasming around my cock as her orgasm hit her. She screamed even louder, letting out all of the tension and excitement that had built up while watching me suffer at her hand. Her orgasm was massive, her body shaking and her legs flexing in and out, pushing my cock in and out of her just the littlest bit. When she had finished cumming, she was woozy as she stood up, nearly having to hold herself up against the wall just to stand up straight. That woman can cum hard!

My Night Was Ruined

The current rhythm of chastity that My Lady and I have been using – in and out, whenever she desires – seems to be more intense than an extended lockup period. This way, I’m much more exposed to ML’s teasing, as it may come at any time whatsoever. I’m very glad that My Lady can trust me enough to have me unlocked when and for how long she wants… but I’ll admit it makes things a little tougher to know that I very well could jerk off, but I’m not allowed.

Yesterday I spent the day unlocked and constantly under threat of ML’s teasing touch. My cock was being teased and edged all day long, whenever ML was able to sneak away long enough from my kids trying to critically injure themselves. I was extremely horny by the time the kids’ bedtime came about, and ML and I went to bed shortly after.

After putting on a movie (to cover the sound, perhaps?), My Lady began toying with my cock, making sure to keep me aroused. After edging me four or five times, it was ML’s turn to have her rightful orgasm. She used her wand to give herself a body-shaking orgasm, and I joined in by using two fingers deep in her pussy, making her cum so hard she had to fight her hardest to stop herself from screaming and waking the kids. My favorite!

It was then her turn to torture me with my own desire. ML climbed up on me and straddled my cock, riding me slow enough to avoid making me cum. That ended up being not too fast at all – with her tits in my face and her warm wet pussy wrapped around my shaft, I felt ready to cum almost instantly. And when she spun around and faced the other way, the sight of that beautiful ass bouncing up and down almost drove me to orgasm even when she stayed still!

My Lady slid off of my cock and moved up towards my head. She clamped my arms next to my body with her legs and planted her pussy right on top of my face. She then fucked my face with her pussy, teasing and stroking my cock the entire time. I moaned loudly into her pussy as she pushed me to edge after edge. Adjusting her hips, she then pushed her asshole onto my face, forcing her tight hole down onto my tongue, fucking her ass with it. She spread her cheeks wide and she pushed down harder, grunting as my tongue pushed farther into her ass.

As I used my tongue to fuck her ass, she began to stroke my cock again. She edged me quickly, stroking me hard and fast and letting go quickly. Each time, my body nearly leapt off the bed, held down only by the weight of her ass on my face. She stroked me, and then she pushed me right to the edge and stopped.

I could feel myself teetering, hanging on the edge of orgasm. I tried to hold back, I didn’t want it to be ruined. But the whole situation was just too fucking hot – ML tease torturing my cock, edging me as she smothered my face and force fucked her ass with my tongue.

I couldn’t hold it. As my tongue pushed into her ass once again, I could feel the cum creep up the inside of my cock and leak out in a pathetic attempt at orgasm. I felt two or three drips of cum ooze out of my cock and onto my stomach. It was truly a ruined orgasm – it must have been a full three to five seconds between when ML stopped touching my cock and the cum dribbled out, and I got absolutely NO sexual relief from it! My Lady rode my face fit another minute or two, giggling at her handiwork as I moaned in frustration under her.

It was a very frustrating day for me in all – kept on edge for virtually the entire day, only to be slowly dragged over the edge with no pleasure granted to me whatsoever. However, I know how much my frustration pleases My Lady, so I can imagine how much fun she had creating the frustration. There’s always a positive to my sexual suffering.

A Ruined Orgasm Doesn’t Mean a Ruined Road Trip

Haha I keep teasing cagedmonkey on this trip. We still aren’t to our final destination so I have plenty of time to continue teasing him and making him hard as much as possible. 🙂 We did make it to our first stop and my lovely subby hubby had to walk around for a bit.

I’ve been driving so I couldn’t post this earlier but here is what happened when I forced hubby to have a ruined orgasm while driving that car. He was begging me not to because he didn’t want to be all messy driving and then have a huge wet spot and messy underwear while walking around for 2 hours.
I’ve given him a little break for now so we can get a good chunk of driving done and stop for dinner. I’ll be sure to play at dinner if possible, don’t you worry! Hehe I’m having so much fun teasing the hell out of him!

Temporary Release

Since I was home Monday night, ML and I decided to watch a movie and have a few drinks together. In the past, alcohol has not agreed with ML’s chastity and denial plans very well. This time, things were slightly different.

My Lady had been talking for a while about how much she truly misses my cock. After nearly three weeks of being caged every moment of the day, she was beginning to long for my hardness inside her. She stayed strong for so long, but the alcohol whittled her willpower down just enough to want me out of the cage for just one night.

She made it clear to me that she wanted me inside her, but I was not allowed to cum. Fine by me! After being held back by the cage for so long, I was willing to take whatever I could get. She unlocked me and pulled the cage off of my shaft, and I immediately let out a long, slow moan. It felt so damn good to be free of the steel. But that was only the beginning.

ML wasted no time in pulling me up on top of her. She spread her legs wide and showed me her sopping wet pussy. I was ready in no time. I slid my throbbing cock into her tight pussy; it felt AMAZING. I really did miss feeling her soft wetness wrapped around my shaft. I thrusted into her a few times, but my orgasm was quickly approaching; the drinking had a minimal effect on my staying power, unfortunately. ML began to rub her clit in order to cum on my cock, and I did my best to thrust into her as much as I could. It wasn’t long before I felt the walls of her pussy squeezing my cock as she came hard. I looked into her eyes as her orgasm continued, and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I quickly pulled out, trying to avoid cumming on accident. I only half-succeeded – cum dripped from the tip of my cock as my orgasm was ruined all over the blanket beneath us.

ML laughed and pulled me on top of her once again; she wanted more. And this time, with my orgasm ruined, I was able to handle a little bit more. This time, I thrusted into her slowly and deeply, looking deep into her passionate eyes as I made love to her. Her body began to convulse as she came hard once again, and all of a sudden I realized that I was nearly there, too! Once again, I pulled out as quick as I could, and once again cum dripped out of my cock – my second ruined o of the night!

ML still was not finished with me – she wanted my cock in her ass. She turned over on to her stomach and ordered me to fuck her tight asshole. Being the good sub that I am, of course I obeyed. My cock slid easily into her ass, lubed by the slick juices of her horny pussy. My Lady grunted deeply each time I finished one of my long, slow strokes. Then I leaned down and pushed my cock deep into her ass, and she growled with animalistic heat. I felt her moving so she could sneak a hand underneath her body, and she began rubbing her clit furiously. I held still in her ass, hoping her orgasm wouldn’t cause me to ruin a third orgasm. Luckily, I was still in good shape when I felt her body tense up and her asshole grip my cock as her orgasm hit. She moaned loudly and bucked her ass back against me, taking my cock even further inside her. I love playing a part in those super strong cums that ML has. It makes me feel so good that I can do that for her.

ML was finally satisfied with the thorough fucking she receieved. We went to bed shortly after, and I was allowed to sleep uncaged, snuggling up to her naked backside.

In the morning, we discovered an interesting development – I was feeling some skin soreness on the shaft of my cock. ML and I took a look and found the source of the pain – there was a small spot of irritation on the shaft of my cock, and it kind of looked like the way skin cracks when it gets really dry. We believe this is happened because my skin lost some of it’s stretchiness during the extended 24/7 lockup, and when I got hard after being unlocked the skin to stretch too much too fast, which caused the “injury.” Thankfully, it was only slightly uncomfortable, and only when touched. It didn’t prevent me from wearing the cage, which ML demanded shortly after I woke up.

ML plans to keep me locked for the entire month of July with no release time – “plan” being the operative word. Seriously, though, I think she means it this time. The irritation was a little red this morning, but there were no signs of infection or anything like that. I’m going to keep an eye on it. I’ve also decided to use some skin lotion on my entire cock and balls (instead of just using it for lubrication around the ring, as I had been doing). Hopefully this will keep the skin cracking issue from happening again when my next release date comes along.

Conversations in Chastity: The Frustration Grows

(The following is an excerpt from a text message conversation between Lady M and cagedmonkey the morning after an intense teasing session, which included multiple edges and a ruined orgasm inside the Jailbird!)

Lady M: Sleeping good, my love?

cagedmonkey: Yeah, pretty good… except for the fact that I want to hump the mattress, or you, or something… I’m fucking horny!!!

Lady: Oh, God that’s hot! I’d love for you to hump me!

cm: It’s actually beyond horny… my need for sex is almost painful, it’s so bad. And is it possible that my balls are even more swollen than they’ve been lately?

Lady: Maybe. I was rubbing them really good. I wanna feel them right now…

cm: I’m not even sure “horny” is the right word for it, anyway. “Horny” would indicate that I’m turned on or whatever. I sorta am, but that’s beside the point. Right now, I just need to fuck.

Lady: Hehe. 🙂

cm: I just filled up the cage in like three seconds… I’m twitching and throbbing now for no reason other than I’m talking to you.

Lady: Omfg, that turns me on so much!

cm: It’s so fucking intense right now. I was DYING before! I wanted to cum so badly, for real! I didn’t want you to deny me any more, I just wanted to cum and I didn’t care how.

Lady: I loved every second of it.

cm: It was so hard to get myself to “cum” and it totally wasn’t worth it… fucking sucked that you ruined my o while I was still in the cage. So fucking frustrating, I nearly wanted to cry.

Lady: Awwww, my poor sweet boy.

cm: I can’t imagine making it another 6 months. I don’t even want to wait another day to get out of this cage!

Lady: I wish I could help you with that. 😉

cm: Which part? lol

Lady: Any of it. 🙂 Hehe

cm: Yeah, but you’re cumming as much as you want, you can fuck my cock when you want apparently, and you can get a big thick (albeit fake) cock in your pussy… all without unlocking me! So I don’t think your desire to help me is as pressing as my need to get out of this fucking cage and empty my balls with a good hard cum is. 🙂

Lady: Yeah, I guess you’re right. 🙂 Speaking of cumming as much as I want, I’ll be upstairs as soon as lunch is done. You better be ready for me to grind my pussy on your face until I cum nice and hard…

cm: Yes, ma’am.