Nothing Like a Good Orgasm From a Hand Job

Yesterday was a particularly horny day over here. I noticed just how horny I was when I tucked cagedmonkey in to bed after work. I got him all covered up and snuggled in bed, leaned down over top of him – I really love looking down on him – to give him a kiss and I felt that surge go right through me. It was that “holy shit I’m horny” tingle in my chest and all the way down to my crotch. I gasped and did a kind of growl thing while kissing him and he knew right away that I was really horny. He had a huge smile on his face going to sleep.

I continued ramping up the horniness each time I would go in to visit hubby while he was sleeping. I would climb in bed, cuddle with him and spoon him while I whispered hot sexy things I wanted to do to him in his ear and kissing his neck. He was writhing as I ran my hands from his shoulders down around his gorgeous little ass telling him how I loved that he was mine and that he was locked up in his cage for me. I love the way his skin feels under my fingertips. How touching him feels almost electric. Lifting my shirt and pressing my naked breasts against his back, I heard him take in a deep breath and let out a little moan. It really is one of the sexiest sounds.

Still I kept working at the overall horniness between us after waking him in the afternoon, little grabs here, little quick kisses there. At one point I was just wanting him in a ridiculous way, sitting across the room from him as the kids were watching cartoons. I picked up my phone and texted him: “go get that fucking cage off right now… I need to have your cock.” Actually, it took him a bit to be able to go do it since I had already sent him a few texts before that and that one alone caused his cage to be a bit tight right then.

Once he calmed down he went and took of his cage and I told him to meet me in the bedroom because I needed to cum on his cock. I did just that, I got him in me and came 4 times, one right after the other. I rubbed my clit to speed things up since, having the kids in the other room, didn’t leave much time for drawn out sex. It wasn’t about the sex anyway, it was about using his cock as my sex toy, to feel it in my pussy as I came on it, squeezing the shaft so tight. To feel as the head of his cock slid in and out, stimulating everything good in there. Feeling that stretch as my pussy gripped his cock. Even after cumming 4 times I wasn’t really done. I think I like that, I like that cumming almost causes me to want to cum more. It doesn’t always wear me out and make me feel done, it fuels my need for more.

Our evening went on with little playful things snuck in here or there when the kids weren’t looking but once they went to bed, I wasted no time in teasing cagedmonkey. We were watching a few shows on tv before he had to go to work and I started teasing and stroking his cock. I alternated between fast strokes and slow, simply running my fingertips up and down his shaft. Stroking him to the edge over and over making him moan and whimper, aching to explode. I kept stroking him closer and closer each time not allowing him over that edge, that wonderful, amazing edge. Each time I’d get him there he would moan louder and it drove me, wanting to make him moan more and more. To hear the frustration in his voice. I pushed him closer and closer, he kept moaning and I felt it. I felt that, “oh my God I’m going to orgasm” feeling…

…right in my crotch. I felt my pussy quivering, hard. I felt the warm wetness grow between my legs as his moaning pushed me closer and closer to my own orgasm. Yes, I was about to literally cream my pants from giving him a hand job. I started moaning along with him, which caused him to moan more, which caused me to moan more. Hearing the “oh my fucking God are you going to cum?” escape his lips was what did it, it pushed move over and I started humping at the air as I came with his dick in my hand.

It really was so fantastic to experience such am amazing thing. When I cum like that it’s never as strong as a clitoral or g-spot orgasm but it’s still damn good and gushes wetness out of me. Of course, after having a cute little orgasm like that, I had to pull him of the couch in front of me to clean up the mess and eat my pussy to another intense orgasm all over his face. After that it was just about time for work so he was locked back up in his Jail Bird, horny as fuck.

I love days and nights like those, where I’m so horny I spend the whole day taking what I want and using cagedmonkey for my pleasure and denying him, leaving him aching on the edge.

Cagedmonkey’s Turn To Cum!

In the midst of getting ready for our anniversary cruise, it’s been hard to find time to post and what not. But I figured this was important enough to squeeze in a post as best as I can.

I got my long awaited orgasm last night, after 3 months and over 100 days of going without!

It was amazing! My Lady couldn’t decide whether she wanted to see how big my load was or not, but after feeling my cock inside her pussy for the first time in a couple of weeks (locked up in the Revenge 24/7 during that time), she couldn’t wait and needed me to cum inside her. I wasn’t in a position to argue, considering I was right close to the edge as she was deliberating anyway.

My orgasm came quick and was very powerful. It hit me in strong waves, my body lurching and spasming as I tried to keep some sort of composure (and failing). I moaned loudly, unable to keep it in, worried about the kids hearing but also not giving a crap at the same time. As my orgasm continued (it felt like the longest one of my life!), I think I began to have a strange unfamiliar emotional reaction, because I couldn’t help but begin laughing during the end part of it. It was so uncommon that ML had to ask if everything was okay, to which I replied “yes” in between my orgasmic shudders and moans.

ML enjoyed watching me experience this so much that she accidentally delayed her own orgasm. She usually cums right along with me (when I’m allowed, of course), but this time she only started at the tail end of my orgasm. Her’s seemed just as intense as mine was, as she gripped my body with both her arms and legs and squeezed me hard. Her hips rolled and humped against me, her pussy gripping my cock and giving me even more post-orgasmic thrills. It was an intense moment, and we shared it with each other kissing fiercely as our orgasms faded.

So yeah… it was well worth the wait! Not only was the orgasm fucking amazing, but the lead up to it with the teasing and denial and chastity was wonderful as well. I am looking forward to the next few weeks of “chastity/denial vacation” during the cruise, and being able to have sex with ML without worrying about holding back my orgasm (we’ve only had a couple more opportunities since last night… damn all of this packing and other things to do!). But I’m sure when we get back, ML and I will be very excited to get back into it!

Deafening Orgasms

Something that has only ever happened to me in the 15 years I’ve been with my amazing husband is apparently not all that uncommon. There are times when cagedmonkey will make me orgasm so hard that I go deaf. The loss happens mostly in my left ear but can occur in both. I experience this sudden cessation of hearing post orgasm, not all of the time, but pretty much every time I orgasm hard. When I say I go deaf, I don’t mean totally, I can still hear but it’s muffled as if there is cotton in my ear or I’m under water. It usually lasts anywhere between 30 seconds to several minutes. I don’t usually have any issues with balance, disorientation or dizziness. Although at times I’ve gotten up somewhat fast (aka kids interrupting) and got the whole lightheaded dizzy feeling but I chalk that up to the sudden blood flow leaving my head!

I’ve recently done some research on this because I was curious if this was something that only happened to me. I found that it’s actually not that uncommon. It doesn’t seem very common but not anything too rare. Apparently when you’re having a body-shaking, mind blowing, super awesome orgasm it can cause this hearing loss and sometimes vision loss. I wanted to see if professionals had any thoughts on it and I found a reply from one Dr online who wrote something to the effect of:

This temporary hearing loss could be due to Eustachian tube block. “The Eustachian tube is a narrow tube that connects the middle ear with the back of the nose.” Due to increased activity of all glands during sexual activity, this tube gets blocked and while it is blocked, a person could experience partial block or hearing loss. Later the tube opens and they can hear again.

Seems like a pretty good explanation because having a bit of a medical knowledge myself, the things she said are true. I’m sure if my crazy research lady took over I could find multiple reasons this could be happening but honestly it’s just nice to know it’s not some weird thing only my body does. I know, for me, I’m holding my breath and pushing so hard against the inside of my skull when I’m having an exceptionally hard orgasm that I could practically pop an eye out. Especially when the kids are about and I’m attempting with everything I have to hold in the “holymotherfuckingsonofagoddamnbitchthisisanawesomeorgasm” scream I want to let out. Sometimes I wonder, in a nerdy sort of way, what amount of force I’m putting on my throat muscles, my brain and my chest even while holding in my incredible orgasm response. If I did let out my screens of delight I often wonder if I’d blow out mine and cagedmonkey’s eardrums haha.

Anyway, along this road we find out awesome and amazing things about ourselves. Some we embrace, some we run from but in it all we enjoy the journey that takes us there.

Tongue Fucking My Lady’s Asshole: A Guide to Analingus

Damn, I love tongue fucking My Lady’s ass.

Last night before we went to sleep, I asked ML if I could give her some oral pleasure. She said okay and removed her covers, but she did not roll over and stayed laying on her belly. I waited a moment, but then I got the message when she lifted her butt off the mattress and gave it a sexy wiggle.

I slid down to the end of the bed and between her legs. I could smell her horny pussy as I got closer. As I began softly kissing her pussy, ML pushed back against me. She has been really enjoying any type of “from behind” action lately, but she particularly likes it when I eat her pussy like that. From that position, my nose nuzzles in between her pussy lips as I suck her clit. It also gives me clear access to another hole she loves me to tongue.

I spread her ass cheeks a little wider and pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight asshole, and I heard her moan loudly into the pillow. I pushed deeper and she moaned louder, and she began to grunt as I tongue fucked her deeper. I wiggled the tip of my tongue inside her ass, and she squealed as her asshole quivered around my tongue. I love the way she reacts so quickly and forcefully. I pulled back a little bit and licked around her asshole, and I could hear her muffled moans getting louder. Without warning, I spread her ass wide and plunged my tongue into her asshole as deep as I could. She screamed into the pillow and her whole body began to shake

After that, I’m not quite sure what happened exactly, I really was lost in the moment. I know that at one point I started fucking her pussy with two fingers while tongue fucking her ass, and her entire body was shaking throughout. Everything clenched as she came, and her body fell limp to the mattress afterwards.

I laid next to her as she went from laying completely still and spent to having aftershocks of such incredible pleasure. She trembled as I held her tight. I could feel the pleasure coursing through her long after I was done. It felt wonderful to do that for her.

This morning, after we woke up, I couldn’t help but do it some more. This time, I gave her a nice mellow morning tongue fuck, slowly penetrating her asshole and softly thrusting. Her moans were less pronounced, but I could tell the pleasure was just as intense. She didn’t have an orgasm this time around, she just enjoyed the sensations of having her subby hubby’s tongue inside her tight asshole.

Lounging on the Couch Leads to Some Hot Pussy Licking

After the not-so-sexy events of this afternoon, ML and I were more than content to spend the night relaxing on the couch and watching tv. We figured a nice quiet night before I headed to work would be perfectly enjoyable… but, as always, any time My Lady and I are in a room together there is a potential for some hot and horny sex.

After spending about ten minutes nestled in each other’s arms, ML requested that I get her a drink from the kitchen. Being the good subby hubby that I am, I dutifully obeyed. When I returned, I nearly dropped the drink on the floor when I saw her laying back on the couch, naked from the waist down with her legs spread, displaying her wet pussy for me.

I got the message loud and clear what my next assignment was. 😛

Within moments, I was on the couch with my face buried in her pussy. She tasted delicious as usual. I was very eager to give My Lady an orgasm, but I decided to take it slow and make sure she was completely pleased before doing so. I gave her pussy soft kisses all over, from her clit all the way down her lips. I felt her pussy quiver as I brushed my lips against her sensitive flesh.

I sucked her clit gently into my mouth, and she moaned in response. She pushed her hips upward, yearning for more as I eased her higher and higher in pleasure. As I gave her pussy slow, lingering licks from bottom to top, she began to whimper and even accused me of “being a tease.” Guilty as charged. 🙂

ML couldn’t wait any longer; she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her sex. “Make my pussy cum good,” she demanded. I moved my hand up so I could reach her pussy, and I slid two fingers deep inside her. She gasped as I massaged her g-spot while swirling my tongue over her clit. It didn’t take very long until she was ready to cum.

I pushed her closer and closer, her body tightening and rising off the couch as she willed herself to orgasm. Just as she hit her peak, I pushed my fingers deep inside her pussy and strummed her clit furiously with my tongue. Her entire body jerked and she cried out as she came hard, shooting much higher over her peak than she expected. My fingers and tongue continued their assault, driving her right through her first cum and right into the second. Now her hands were on my neck, pulling as hard as she could, nails digging slightly into my skin. The twinge of pain urged me on more, and her body spasmed as she came once again.

Easing her down from her orgasmic rush, I began kissing her softly again. She was completely spent; she looked so sexy laying back on the couch, completely limp and exhausted from cumming so hard. I laid down with ML, my cock throbbing in frustration in the cage next to her thigh.

My hunger for ML was apparently not satisfied either, as I would soon find out. I exited the room to get ready for work, and when I came back in the room (always when I come back into the room!), she was bent over the couch fixing the cushions. Her beautiful round naked ass stopped me dead in my tracks. Without a word, I rushed over to her, dropped to my knees behind her, and shoved my tongue right up her asshole.

ML immediately made that sexy squeal sound that she always does when I tongue fuck her ass. It drives me insane! I spread her cheeks wide and pushed my tongue even deeper. Her asshole quivered aroung my tongue. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford much time ass-fucking ML with my tongue, or else I’d be late for work. Damn, I’d seriously do that all fucking day long!

It was incredible how our night went from a peaceful snuggle on the couch to thrusting my tongue into ML’s asshole in pretty short order! But that’s how things go with us now – we go with the flow. And very often, that flow between us is one fucking sexy flow of desire and need!