(The events in this post occurred on Friday night; I’m late writing this post mainly because I’ve been dodging sick family germs for the past two days.)

I never really expected orgasm denial to get “easier” with each successive denial period, but I’ve found that it certainly is the case. It’s been almost a month since my last orgasm and it feels like the time has flown by.

Up until now.

Perhaps it has been the lack of available play time together, but I hadn’t really felt the growing need of my horny before Friday night. My Lady and I finally had some alone time as well as the energy to put that time to good use.

We started our night by watching a couple of episodes of The Americans on Amazon Prime – I highly recommend it, it’s a great show. But I digress… we sat with each other, cuddling and touching and feeling very lovey towards each other. After the show, I really wanted to make love to my wife, even though my cage was still on. As I told her, “I can make love to you without my cock, you know.” I kissed her body everywhere, licking and caressing her stomach all the way up to the sensitive skin on her neck. She was moaning and whimpering the way she does when she is experiencing intense emotions connected to our sex play. I love hearing that, because I know I’m doing something good. šŸ™‚

I moved up her body and began kissing her as I ground my hips between her legs. I could feel her body responding to me, pushing up against me, the energy flowing between us. We locked eyes as the energy peaked and something amazing happened – ML had a strong orgasm right as our lips met. I looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply as she came, her body shuddering underneath mine on the couch.

It felt wonderful to make love to her like that. I felt so close to her. It was a wonderful tender moment between the two of us.

Then, the hungry animal inside My Lady took over, and she pushed my down to the floor and straddled my head. She shoved her warm wetness all over my face, soaking me in her delicious juices. I dutifully stuck my tongue out and she immediately began fucking herself with it. Her clit rubbed against my nose as I tongue fucked her, and I felt her pussy pulse as she came again on my face. I couldn’t hear much as her thighs were squeezing my ears tight, but I could feel the waves of pleasure throughout her entire body.

ML lifted her hips and allowed me to slide out from underneath her. I turned around and looked at her, and that feeling hit me: the feeling of furious hunger. I looked at her, on all fours, resting her head on her hands after an amazing orgasm, her beautiful ass and delicious pussy spread wide due to her relaxed posture. I wanted to take her. I needed to fuck her. It wasn’t a choice; I couldn’t resist. The only thing holding me back was the steel cage that was still locked on my cock.

So I did the next best thing to slamming my cock in her pussy and fucking her as hard as I could – I did it with my fingers instead. I shoved two fingers into her pussy, and she gasped in surprise pleasure. She began to moan again and pushed her hips back into me. Her body shook with pleasure again, and again I was overcome by an urge I couldn’t resist. Her twitching asshole just looked so goddamn sexy, I shoved my tongue as deep as I could while I fingerfucked her harder and deeper. ML moaned even louder as I attacked both of her holes in a sexual frenzy.

It only took her a few minutes to come again, this time she was unable to hold back her screams as her pussy gushed all over my hand and dripped down to the floor below. She was completely spent, as was I. The only difference was that I had to get up and go to work while she was able to lounge on the couch and enjoy her post-orgasm haze.

Since that night, I’ve felt the level of my horniness increase. When the sexual frenzy inside me flares up, it’s difficult to put out the fire. It’s especially difficult when I’ve been denied for a while. It’s almost impossible when ML is deliberately trying to make those flare ups happen. But to be honest, I love how it feels to need her that badly. I love the hunger that comes with needing her that much, feeding off of her sexual pleasure, and wanting nothing more than to give her that pleasure. It drives me insane, and I love it.

A Steel Collar For a Handle and a Pleased Wife & Keyholder

Life is pretty great these days and things are really falling back into place in the whole “pleasing the wife/keyholder” department. A few days ago my cycle ended and I was all cleaned up and ready to use cagedmonkey for my pleasure. That was a pretty fantastic night too. I realized we didn’t write about that! We spent some quality time with hubby in his new steel locking collar which I’d gotten him for our anniversary but he hadn’t worn until the other night.


Good Lord is he ever so sexy in that collar. It’s just a beautiful, shiny, sleek outward representation of my ownership of him. I mean I have steel locked on his cock but it’s hidden in his pants most of the time. The steel collar really is just something else all together and it gets me deep in the pit of my stomach. I could barely talk after putting it on him, just looking at him I was overtaken by how damn sexy he was and kept choking on my own words when trying to talk.

At one point he was kneeling in front of me on the couch with his face buried in my pussy. Licking my pussy from bottom to top, slurping up my juices and flicking my clit with his tongue and sucking on it as if he was giving me a little girlie blow job. It felt so fucking good to feel him between my legs like that after what felt like forever. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him down and hard, shoving his tongue into my horny hole right as I was cumming. “I love fucking your face and cumming right in your mouth,” I told him as my pussy squeezed around his tongue gushing more of my warm wetness into his mouth.

I pushed him back on the floor and straddled his unlocked raging hard cock. It stretched me and hurt just a little, in a good way, because my pussy was so tight from what little use it’s had over the past few weeks. Not to mention just cumming seconds before. I road his cock hard and fast practically pounding him into the floor. I opened my eyes and looked at him, I saw the collar around his neck and took a deep breath. Very fluently I slid my left hand up his chest, over his shoulder and reached around the back of his neck and I could feel the cool steel of the collar. I wrapped my hand around it and could see as it got a lot more snug around his neck. That instantly turned me on as I practically had a handle while riding his cock. I continued riding him, pounding hard down on his cock, slamming it deep in my pussy. I loved seeing him looking at me so helpless as I held him in place by the steel collar on his neck.

By the time I rolled off his cock I’d cum 3 times and had rug burns on my knees. So fucking hot taking him like that. I love feeling his big thick cock filling up my pussy and pleasing me as he is denied his own pleasure. I really do love that I can use him and get off as much as I want while teasing and denying him. I love feeling his devotion for me and my control over him. I love knowing that this is something we do for each other because it’s what we both want and enjoy. He is my good boy. My locked up, teased, denied, obedient, amazing good boy and I love him with everything I am.

Needing an Intense Femdom Session

Cagedmonkey has been denied almost 100 days (98 if you’re keeping track) now and he won’t be getting a release until Sunday… night most likely. He will have been locked up tight 24/7 for almost 2 weeks by that point. Yes we have done longer 24/7 periods but it’s been pretty intense this time around. I’ve been especially horny and doing such dirty, naughty things to him.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit frustrated and horny myself. I find this happens when I’ve got hubby locked in the Revenge (or the Jail Bird too) for a significant amount of time without using my toy. Since mother nature decided it was time for my period early this month, thank you for that because I’d hate to have it while in a cruise, I figured it was a good time as any to lock him in the Revenge. I certainly wouldn’t be taking it out to play with it. I really think it’s going to be so crazy to feel him after not having him for almost 2 weeks. I’ve been cumming and cumming and I can just imagine how tight my pussy is going to be. I bet it’s going to hurt when he slides it in the first time. Not a bad hurt but a stretchy, omfg this feels so good, hurt.

So, like I said, I woke up very horny and growly frustrated because I fucking want him but I made myself a promise – not until Sunday. It’s messing with my brain and I’ve been having awfully naughty, dirty, much more intense fantasies about femdom sessions with him. I couldn’t tell him out loud because of innocent ears so I texted him today to tell him how I was feeling. To tell him how my pussy was so wet thinking about what I wanted to do to him.

I have a problem because I just had a thought/fantasy run through my head about how I want to see you on your knees in front of me, eyes watering, mouth drooling, whimpering and begging me to stop because I’m forcing you to choke and gag on my strap on while fucking your face. Fuck I’m fucking God Damn horny!

Yeah, that’s about the spot I’m in right now and I’m wishing we could get a babysitter on Sunday night so we could have a real femdom type night with my thigh highs, boots, his collar and everything. I’m feeling like I want or need a very good intense Domme session. The other day, having more control over him, really boosted me. And fuck, spanking him was absolutely fantastic!. It’s been since August that I spanked him and I used the strap-on on him then too. It was incredible, I want that again. I want to use my new harness and probe because it seems like it’s going to be the most amazing thing.

Looking back at older posts just now I ran into this Femdom session from almost a year ago. It’s funny how these feelings seem to cycle around. When I read that I was like “yes, yes, I want to do THAT!” Anyway, I really have no idea when I can have a moment like that but I sure am craving it.

Tongue Fucking My Lady’s Asshole: A Guide to Analingus

Damn, I love tongue fucking My Lady’s ass.

Last night before we went to sleep, I asked ML if I could give her some oral pleasure. She said okay and removed her covers, but she did not roll over and stayed laying on her belly. I waited a moment, but then I got the message when she lifted her butt off the mattress and gave it a sexy wiggle.

I slid down to the end of the bed and between her legs. I could smell her horny pussy as I got closer. As I began softly kissing her pussy, ML pushed back against me. She has been really enjoying any type of “from behind” action lately, but she particularly likes it when I eat her pussy like that. From that position, my nose nuzzles in between her pussy lips as I suck her clit. It also gives me clear access to another hole she loves me to tongue.

I spread her ass cheeks a little wider and pushed the tip of my tongue into her tight asshole, and I heard her moan loudly into the pillow. I pushed deeper and she moaned louder, and she began to grunt as I tongue fucked her deeper. I wiggled the tip of my tongue inside her ass, and she squealed as her asshole quivered around my tongue. I love the way she reacts so quickly and forcefully. I pulled back a little bit and licked around her asshole, and I could hear her muffled moans getting louder. Without warning, I spread her ass wide and plunged my tongue into her asshole as deep as I could. She screamed into the pillow and her whole body began to shake

After that, I’m not quite sure what happened exactly, I really was lost in the moment. I know that at one point I started fucking her pussy with two fingers while tongue fucking her ass, and her entire body was shaking throughout. Everything clenched as she came, and her body fell limp to the mattress afterwards.

I laid next to her as she went from laying completely still and spent to having aftershocks of such incredible pleasure. She trembled as I held her tight. I could feel the pleasure coursing through her long after I was done. It felt wonderful to do that for her.

This morning, after we woke up, I couldn’t help but do it some more. This time, I gave her a nice mellow morning tongue fuck, slowly penetrating her asshole and softly thrusting. Her moans were less pronounced, but I could tell the pleasure was just as intense. She didn’t have an orgasm this time around, she just enjoyed the sensations of having her subby hubby’s tongue inside her tight asshole.

Receiving the Gift of Post Orgasm Cock Torture

Now, don’t get all excited; no, I did not get to cum on Christmas. I just figured using POCT in the title was easier than using PEABNQSOROCT (post edging, almost-but-not-quite, sort of ruinedĀ orgasm cock torture). Let me explain.

After doing the Christmas morning thing with the family,Ā I went to go get some sleep before work while the kids were hypnotized by their video games. I got into bed and just before I drifted off to sleep, the door creaked open and My Lady sneaked inside the beroom with a smile.

My Lady slid underneath the covers with me, and my uncaged cock immediately began to harden (she couldn’t wait and had “unwrapped her gift package” on Christmas Eve). After a few moments of kissing and cuddling, she climbed on top of me facing my feet and promptly sat right down on my face. I immediately started licking her sopping wet pussy as I felt her hands run down my chest, across my stomach, and right to my throbbing cock. I moaned into her pussy, and she began rubbing herself all over my face. Her juices coated me from nose to chin as she moved her hips, alternating between placing her clit betwen my lips and forcing my tongue into her tight asshole.

Now, if having ML fuck my face with her horny holes wasn’t exciting enough for me (and it was!), she began stroking my cock at the same time. She was stroking it fast, as if she were on a mission, and I was very well aware of what that mission was: she was going to edge my desperate cock as she enjoyed her own orgasm while queening me. As frustrated as I knew I would be afterwards, I couldn’t resist. After nearly three months of being denied an orgasm, I was needy enough to be happy with getting as close as ML would allow me to.

ML is getting incredibly good at edging me. She is able to take me closer to orgasm than I ever thought possible. This time, she showed an ever greater talent. ML pushed her hips down on my face, and I felt her pussy quiver as she came. She didn’t stop stroking me as her orgasm hit her, and I thought maybe she might break her concentration enough to make me cum. I felt it approaching fast, my body preparing for a mind melting orgasm,Ā I was heading for the cliff and there was no way to stop it from happeni-

She stopped one stroke short of making me cum, even as she shuddered through the final waves of her own orgasm.

My body screamed and ached, trying desperately to reach orgasm. It needed just one more touch to get there… but that touch wasn’t there. ML dismounted my face and laid down next to me and watched as my body trickled down from the edge. Just when I felt my potential orgasm fading away, she began teasing my cock again with her fingertips. She always seems to know the perfect time to start touching me again after an edge.

Another thing she knows about edging my cock – she knows that when she pushes my cock close enough to the edge of orgasm, it almost behaves as if it had an actual orgasm. It’s not quite a ruined orgasm because I don’t acutally ejaculate; it seems to be something else all by itself. All of the frustration is still there, but my cock will get soft if not stimulated for a while, and it’s difficult for me to be edged/reach orgasm if I am stimulated. Other than the need to cum still being present, everything elseĀ feels as though I had an orgasm… including the hypersensitvity afterwards. ML demonstrated this perfectly as she began to rub the palm of her hand on the head of my cock.

I quickly went through the phases of post-orgasm cock torture (if that’s a thing, and if it’s not a thing, I’m totally making it a thing now):

Phase 1: “Oh fuck, that’s so intense! Ok, ok, you can stop now.”

Phase 2: “Okay, you can fucking stop now!!”



Phase 5: [Mentally checking out, because you just can’t handle it any more]

For two whole minutes, my body flailed and writhed all over the bed as my cock was put thtough pure sexual hell. ML hadn’t tied me up, so she wrestled my left hand away from protecting my cock; my right hand was busy covering my mouth as I tried as hard as I could not to scream so the kids wouldn’t hear my suffering.

After My Lady finally released my cock, I collapsed on the bed in exhaustion. I couldn’t even roll over to watch her leave, I was entirely spent. As she exited, I heard her say, “That should help you sleep real good, darling.” And it did, too. I feel asleep quickly and thoroughly… and I didn’t wake up until ML was back, with a horny pussy that needed attention once again…

Lounging on the Couch Leads to Some Hot Pussy Licking

After the not-so-sexy events of this afternoon, ML and I were more than content to spend the night relaxing on the couch and watching tv. We figured a nice quiet night before I headed to work would be perfectly enjoyable… but, as always, any time My Lady and I are in a room together there is a potential for some hot and horny sex.

After spending about ten minutes nestled in each other’s arms, ML requested that I get her a drink from the kitchen. Being the good subby hubby that I am, I dutifully obeyed. When I returned, I nearly dropped the drink on the floor when I saw her laying back on the couch, naked from the waist down with her legs spread, displaying her wet pussy for me.

I got the message loud and clear what my next assignment was. šŸ˜›

Within moments, I was on the couch with my face buried in her pussy. She tasted delicious as usual. I was very eager to give My Lady an orgasm, but I decided to take it slow and make sure she was completely pleased before doing so. I gave her pussy soft kisses all over, from her clit all the way down her lips. I felt her pussy quiver as I brushed my lips against her sensitive flesh.

I sucked her clit gently into my mouth, and she moaned in response. She pushed her hips upward,Ā yearning for moreĀ as I eased her higher and higher in pleasure. As I gave her pussy slow, lingering licks from bottom to top, she began to whimper and even accused me of “being a tease.” Guilty as charged. šŸ™‚

ML couldn’t wait any longer; she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her sex. “Make my pussy cum good,” she demanded. I moved my hand up so I could reach her pussy, and I slid two fingers deep inside her. She gasped as I massaged her g-spot while swirling my tongue over her clit. It didn’t take very long until she was ready to cum.

I pushed her closer and closer, her body tightening and rising off the couch as she willed herself to orgasm. Just as she hit her peak, I pushed my fingers deep inside her pussy and strummed her clit furiously with my tongue. Her entire body jerked and she cried out as she came hard, shooting much higher over her peak than she expected. My fingers and tongue continued their assault, driving her right through her first cum and right into the second. Now her hands were on my neck, pulling as hard as she could, nails digging slightly into my skin. The twinge of pain urged me on more, and her body spasmed as she came once again.

Easing her down from her orgasmic rush, I began kissing her softly again. She was completely spent; she looked so sexy laying back on the couch, completely limp and exhausted from cumming so hard. I laid down with ML, my cock throbbing in frustrationĀ in the cage next to her thigh.

My hunger for ML was apparently not satisfied either, as I would soon find out. I exited the room to get ready for work, and when I came back in the room (always when I come back into the room!), she was bent over the couch fixing the cushions. Her beautiful round naked ass stopped me dead in my tracks. Without a word, I rushed over to her, dropped to my knees behind her, and shoved my tongue right up her asshole.

ML immediately made that sexy squeal sound that she always does when I tongue fuck her ass. It drives me insane! I spread her cheeks wide and pushed my tongue even deeper. Her asshole quivered aroung my tongue. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford much time ass-fucking ML with my tongue, or else I’d be late for work. Damn, I’d seriously do that all fucking day long!

It was incredible how our night went from a peaceful snuggle on the couch to thrusting my tongue into ML’s asshole in pretty short order! But that’s how things go with us now – we go with the flow. And very often, that flow between us is one fucking sexy flow of desire and need!