A Scary Day For Us!

Just in case you haven’t seen, We had a bit of a scary day, cagedmonkey wrote about it on our Fetblogger site. You can read it here:

A Bad Morning Turns Into a Legit Medical Scare


Medical Intervention – My Cock Needs Urgent Care

My Lady has been taking just about every moment she possibly can to tease me over the past week or so. Some of these teases have been quite intense. Throughout most of this time – at least the times she is not actively using her “favorite toy” – I have been wearing the cage. My cock has been reacting very strongly to her teases, filling up the cage very quickly and bulging through the bars in a desperate attempt of a full erection. And my high level of horniness does me no favors when I am waiting for these attempts to subside.

Wednesday night, after a day of bearing witness to many strong orgasms that ML enjoyed, I was off to work… after licking ML’s pussy and bringing her to 3 more orgasms, which gets me more turned on than anything else in the world. During a potty break at work, I noticed there were some tiny red dots along the shaft of my cock. ML had just shaved me recently, so I figured it was some sort of rash or irritation. I sent her a message, asking if she would unlock me and we could check it out. She agreed.

At home that morning, she pulled the cage off, drawing the “release from the cage” moan that has pretty much become standard. 🙂 She held my slowly growing cock in her hands, inspecting the dots I saw. Just before I was able to start enjoying her touch, she snapped me out of my daze.

“These are bruises,” she said.


“These are tiny bruises! It must be from pressing up against the cage so often. You’re putting a lot of pressure on it, and you’re getting little tiny bleeds under your skin. Your poor cock!”

NOW she feels bad for my cock. Not after watching it struggle for freedom in the cage. Not after watching it drip copius amounts of precum after a particularly devious tease session. It takes cock bruising to draw sympathy from My Lady.

(Just kidding!! She is very loving, but she is also very strong in carrying out her wishes and doesn’t fall victim to feelings of pity)

So, yeah… my cock was reacting so strongly to being teased by ML while I was caged that I ended up hurting myself. The good news was that it wasn’t painful or anything. But just to be safe, ML imposed a 24 hour ban on teasing me while the cage was on. Silly me, I got excited thinking that I’d get some unlocked time… “I didn’t say no cage, I just said no teasing while the cage was on,” she replied. Figures.

Tonight before work, her appetite for teasing kicked in – I got my unlocked time, but with a healthy dose of sexual torment along with it. She teased my cock with a long, slow, sensuous blowjob; she even managed to bring me to the edge and hold me there for a few seconds using only her mouth… when the fuck did she learn to do that? And the good news was that, when it was time to lock me back up again, there was no sign of bruising or any lasting damage whatsoever. Now she can go back to teasing me whenever she wants, and I can go back to becoming more and more desperate for an orgasm as each day passes.

So basically, things are back to normal. 😉

Unexpected Out-Cums

There were plenty of surprises this weekend, both welcome and unwelcome. I’ll start at the beginning.

My Lady and I had a great time at the casino celebrating our wedding anniversary. We somehow managed NOT to lose all of our money, so I’m chalking that up as a win. On our way out of the casino, we stopped by the roulette table for “The Spin.”

My Lady chose the spin, and the ball was flung around the wheel, ready to randomly choose my fate. The ball bounced down to the number slots as I looked on, and I could see the ball beginning to settle. It was rolling between 0 and 32, back and forth… it seemed like it was torturing me!! Then…..

The roulette spinner picked the ball up and spun it again! I don’t know why a respin was called for – perhaps there was an improper bet or whatever, I don’t know all the rules to these games – but she flung the ball again for a new trip around the wheel. ML and I waited for the spin to stop…. and finally it landed on….


Another THIRTY days of denial for me!

But wait, that’s not the end of our story….

[Warning: possible graphic language and descriptions ahead, proceed with caution]

When we got home and dispatched of the babysitter, ML and I began to get intimate. She was gracious enough to give me an anniversary present and allowed me to make love to her and cum inside her. It didn’t take long in the slightest. It was WONDERFUL to finally get release after so long. We came together as she slowly rode on top of me. We ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms. It was so great. ML decided on giving me a short chastity honeymoon – most likely covering the holiday weekend, giving us Sunday night to enjoy ourselves and I would be locked back up for work Monday night.

Last night ML wanted to start things off by having me masturbate and shoot a nice big load all over my stomach – and, conveniently get a video of it to torture me with when I couldn’t masturbate later (she can be evil sometimes, I love it!). I stroked myself and was ready to cum pretty quickly, and in no time my cock was shooting warm pink cum all over my stomach…




I wasn’t even fully done with my orgasm before I started thinking, “Oh fuck, something is seriously wrong here.” I cleaned the blood-tinged cum off of me, as well as a “clot-like” thing that was on my hand…

[Hey, you come to this blog looking for honesty and no bullshit posts about male chastity, so you’re getting it. This is what happened. I’m sorry if it grosses, but real is real].

… and I promptly started freaking out. Why am I cumming blood? What is wrong with me? Do I need to go to the hospital? Am I going to explain to a doctor what ML and I have been up to? And why is the idea of confessing to a doctor scarier to me than the fact that there’s actually blood in my semen?

So yeah, the whole spirit of the honeymoon kinda died right there.

Since last night, ML and I have done some research (to come in an ML post, most likely later today), and the research has been comforting. There was no full on BLOOD in the semen, just a little tinge. We have found that it is quite normal (WTFHOWCOULDTHISBENORMAL?!?!?) and it’s nothing to be majorly concerned about unless I’m in pain, the problem continues or gets worse. We’ve decided to take a small break from chastity, possibly around a week or so. During this week, ML will most likely allow me to cum a few times, in part to see what happens, as well as to help “flush the pipes” so to speak.

I wish I didn’t have to go so far as cumming blood to get a week of free orgasms, but there you have it.