Mail Chastity – Wanting to Learn About Male Chastity

The other day we were contacted by a gentleman very interested in male chastity. He had lots of great questions and I thought I would take some of them and answer them here! I know he has plenty more and perhaps there will be more Mail Chastity soon with those. Feel free to send us any questions you may have about chastity in general or about us personally. We do love sharing with you all.

BatBoy5 asks:

Do you have a preferred device?

Lady M: As a matter of fact, yes I do. My preference for everyday and long term use is our custom Mature Metal Jail Bird device. If I want to change things up short term we have the Steelworxx Revenge which is a more enclosed steel device. This creates a different sensation for cagedmonkey because it takes away his ability to see his penis as well as some of the feeling that he is able to have in the more open Jail Bird.

Plastic, metal, or silicone?

Lady M: At first I never thought I would like steel so we went with a silicone device CB style device. I never did get to plastic because it just seemed like it would be uncomfortable for cagedmonkey. After seeing what happened with the silicone device it just seemed like a plastic device would break at the pressure of his erection. So as I said we got the silicone and it didn’t even kind of fit. lol Hubby was way too big to fit in those types of devices. He was simply too long and too big around, even, flaccid, to squeeze in. So we ultimately went to steel and I’ll never go back, it’s beautiful, sexy, sleek and much better for the way we do chastity.

Do you build up from short term to long term to “permanent”?

Lady M: I think what you’re asking is did we jump right in to wearing the device all day, every day, right? And, that’s not really possible. You have to start slower with a device, check the fit, make sure there are no issues, and your body needs to get used to having something locked on it lol. There is a learning curve and it does take some building up in the beginning. For us, it only took a few days before hubby was wearing it for hours and full days.

Is there any such thing as permanent chastity?

Lady M: Sure there is, with the right device, fitted properly, a guy could wear one permanently and never have sex or orgasm again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do You find that chastity leads to other areas where you assume control of a boy’s life?

Lady M: I don’t think it has to at all. It certainly can and for us, our FLR/WLM (Female led relationship/Wife Led Marriage) is actually what led to chastity in a way. I’m already in control of everything and hubby asked me to be in control of his sexual pleasure as well. It just worked that way for us.

Do You ever use chastity devices that incorporate piercings or urethral inserts?

Lady M: We do not, I’m not into genital piercings on my own boy (they are very sexy on other people!) or urethral inserts (hubby’s anatomy won’t work with those anyway). I do know plenty of others who do use those types of devices and do actually enjoy Sounding. One of my other boys is actually into that and will play with it on his own.

I hope this helps answer your questions, thank you again for writing and asking. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any questions. If you’d like to ask cagedmonkey anything in particular just let us know!

I’m Bored and I Think They’re Sexy

I’m Bored and was going through some of the pics on my phone today. I found some that I find rather sexy and I want to share.

Not some profound post from me so far today though I do have a lot on my mind. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

This one


Really, is that not just the sexiest thing? Yummy!

And this


So excited it's time to be wearing boots again!

And another


These are some damn sexy hips! That's why I put his tattoo there.

And one more


My cum dripping of his chin, as it should be!

Ok enough sexy pictures hehe I’ll stop now. I’m sure there will be some actual words to be written later since last night was… well, it was pretty incredible. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Change in Play – Constantly Edging an Uncaged Cock

Since October 2013 I have had cagedmonkey locked in one cock cage or another. He mostly been in his Mature Metal Jail Bird because it is comfortable, easy to clean and easy to tease him in. When I say he’s been locked since October, I mean that, just about everyday he has had his dick wrapped in steel. There are a handful of days where I’ve given him some time out, to relax and once in a while even have an orgasm. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday, I unlocked my toy so I could have all day access. I wanted to be able to grab it whenever I got the chance, to stroke him and edge him and then walk away. I wanted to be able to instruct him to go “2 & 2” which is my new code for go in the bathroom and stroke 2 times for 2 mins each. Sometimes I change it up and do “1 & 3” or “3 & 30” even. It’s so fun to force him to go edge himself, no matter where we are. Like one time we were out and I specifically asked a woman where the bathroom was and said to cagedmonkey “there’s the bathroom, I know you need to use it so see you in 1&1” ๐Ÿ˜‰

I literally edged hubby yesterday every hour, sometimes it was a few times during the edging too. We even went downtown to watch the fireworks and I snuck an edging in then too. He did have to work last night as well and, since October, I don’t think he’s ever left the house without me without his cage on. I wanted to keep playing all night long so I told him “you will go to work tonight without your cage on. I trust that you will be my good boy and not touch my toy unless instructed to.” Through the night at work he was told to go use the bathroom and follow my edging instructions. He was also required to show me pics and he even sent me a bonus and I got a video of one of his edgings.

For a good 24 hours cagedmonkey was teased and edged whether he was with me or not. Although, don’t think that just because he got home from work that he is able to sleep uninterrupted. I’ve already been up edging him still and I’ll be up often today to stroke him and edge him and then walk away. It is so much fun to keep him frustrated and on edge. He’s such a good obedient boy for me. It pleases me so very much to be able to play with him like this. I’m so in love with my subby hubby!

Adjusting the Jail Bird

What do you do when that custom chastity device isn’t just right? Well you send it in and have those little tweeks taken care of so it fits absolutely perfect. Mature Metal is wonderful about talking about what seems to be wrong and will work out any issues with length, ring size and gap adjustment. It’s as simple as sending an email and then if there is a cost (ex. ring sizing is $10) you can request an invoice, pay it and mail your device to MM for adjustment. Be sure include a note in the box explaining what adjustments are needed. Once MM receives your device back it usually takes about a week for the adjustment and then another 2-3 days back in the mail (in the US). Very simple, very quick and stupendous customer service! I couldn’t be happier with William and Mistress MM, they both work so very hard to make sure their customers are extremely happy with their device!

This is the second time we are sending our device back for adjustment. The first time we sent it back we merely had William shorten the length of the tube itself. When we first ordered our device we made the mistake of ordering the tube exactly the length of hubby flaccid. When in reality, you should order at least a half an inch shorter. We chose to go about an inch or so shorter since he’s got length to begin with.

This time we’ve sent the Jail Bird back for other reasons. We were having some issues with the device twisting and think that the gap may not have been as small on top as it should have been or something. Whatever the reason we sent it back to Mature Metal so William could investigate the issue. We also made a few changes since the device would be there. We are having them add the security screw option so that we no longer have to deal with the pad lock jingling our scratching his legs or mine! The other thing we’re adjusting is the base ring. At first cagedmonkey was fine in the 1.75″ ring but for some reason winter and fridged temperatures came along and he could barely pop a testicle through! It was actually becoming painful to get the ring on. So to solve this we have asked that Mature Metal stretch his base ring to 1 7/8″ just to give that little bit more room for his testicles and to allow a little more blood flow from the base of his penis. My hope is that this will ease some of the major discomfort from attempted erections. I mean some discomfort is desirable but pain isn’t all that sexy!

So now that our device has been received by MM we just have to wait. I’m dying to get it back because our back up (the Bird Cage) is really started to show it’s wear. I hate that I’m stuck putting him in it while we’re wait for our Jail Birds return.

My Revenge – Steelworxx

Just a short note to say that I placed an order to Steelworxx for the Revenge. We want a second device with less access so this one looks good for us.

He is based in Germany but his website says turn around time is 4 weeks… hopefully the device is done within the 4 weeks and then shipping doesn’t take too long!

So I ordered it on Saturday and got an email that the order was sent & received by the system. Dietmar (the owner) then contacted me by email today (usually within one business day) once he got the order and agreed that he can make our custom device. He then sent me an invoice for either a bank transfer or PayPal payment. I sent ours through PayPal. It was pretty simple, when sending the money I just chose EUR so he was paid in Euros.

The Revenge was actually cheaper, including shipping, than the Mature Metal Jail Bird. I just hope the quality is the same or better.

Well, I’ll keep you posted once we get the device! ๐Ÿ™‚ Should be very interesting!

Device Review: Jailbird

I admit, I do not have extensive experience with chastity devices. The only device I’ve ever worn besides theย one I am currently wearing was an “off the shelf” Birdcage. I did want to give my impressions on my newest device, a custom made Jailbird from Mature Metal. Most of my comparisons will be against the Birdcage, but some of my comments will just be what they are, not a comparison to anything.

For starters, the device is very cool looking. After My Lady and I initially settled on the Birdcage, we really started to enjoy the look of a steel cage. The Jailbird is very stylish and also very sturdy. The cage is well put together, with no spurs or pinch points that I have found so far. There have been a few occasions where pubic hair has gotten caught in various places, but I think that’s more of a result of me needing a trim than the device itself. The device is slightly wider than the Birdcage. It feels like it should be heavier as well, but it is actually lighter due to the material it is made out of (surgical steel vs. chrome plated steel).

I was surprised by how freaking comfortable this thing is! The Birdcage was very comfortable, but this Jailbird is seriously amazing. It might have to do with the fact that we ordered the oval base ring. I happen to be blessed (cursed?) with rather large testicles, and the oval ring gives them more room to breathe without allowing them to slip backwards. I think the better fitting oval ring also prevents the cage from pushing upwards when the cock attempts an erection. This was a MAJOR issue with the Birdcage, to the point where it would cause near- debilitating pain. Sure, the Jailbird is not exactly comfortable when it squeezes my balls upward as the cock tries in vain to get hard, but it’s not nearly as bad as the Birdcage.

Speaking of trying to get hard… the bars of the Jailbird are just a tiny bit thicker than the bars of the Birdcage. It’s almost hard to tell – ML insisted that I was wrong, but trust me, I’m the one wearing it and I can tell.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ย  This comes into play when the cock gets hard and tries to press through the cage. The bars of the Birdcage sometimes felt as though they could dig into my skin. They didn’t, but I swear sometimes I got so hard in the cage it felt like it was possible! This is not a problem with the Jailbird. The bars are wide enough to distribute the and reduce the pressure. The bars are also wider apart which reduces the amount of protrusion that happens when the cock presses against the cage (when the cock would bulge out between the bars and rub on my clothing, it would cause an oversensitive pain-ish sensation… not good). The wider arrangement of the bars also allows ML better access to torture her desperate prisoner.

Overall, the comfort of the custom measurements is just one feature that makes the Jailbird a great chastity device. My cage needs to be tweaked just a bit; ML and I have decided that her cock has too much room in the cage and we must shorten the length of the shaft by about an inch. This adjustment will cost a little bit, but it is important to invest in quality when using a device for extended periods of time. For anyone participating in prolonged 24/7 chastity and are looking at this style of device (steel, open shaft), I would highly recommend the Jailbird. Evenย with a price tag upwards of $300, it is definitely worth the cost.

Ordering Our Custom Chastity Device

On October 25th I placed my order to Mature Metal for my cagedmonkey’s (cm) custom chastity device. I decided on the Jail Bird style because it is very similar to what we have now and I really love seeing how the penis squishes through the bars!

I will tell you that it took a few days to a week of measuring several times at several times of day to make sure what we were measuring was correct. I even snuck in while cm was sleeping and measured him then! Hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ when measuring it is important to get the true flaccid length and its best to order the sizing rings from Mature Metal. For $20 it’s well worth it if you want to order the correct size for your device. The sizing rings are usually sent out very quickly (ours were sent out the next business day). The sizes you need to know when ordering are flaccid length, circumference or more importantly the diameter of the penis shaft for the cage and diameter of the base ring.

***edited to add: I wanted to come and make sure to note that since receiving the JB and having cagedmonkey wearing it I notice that the curved length of his flaccid penis is not quite the same as the straight length. I’ll suggest using a piece of string to measure it with a bit of a curve (at least for someone with a longer flaccid penis) or quite simply you could measure straight hanging down but subtract a half an inch at least. That might save you the need to have an adjustment made.

Today our Jail Bird got delivered! It is usually a 6-8 week wait for William at Mature Metal to custom make your device and get it sent out. I was pleasantly surprised to find out last Friday from Mistress MM that our device was being mailed out already! So very exciting! When our package arrived it was in a USPS Priority Mail box which meant it had a tracking number. So fantastic when you’re a bit addicted to the postal mail as I am! I just love getting mail! Once I opened the box I was very pleased to see such care taken in packaging & shipping. The cage itself comes in a pretty red velvet bag and the ring along side in a little plastic zipper bag. It’s padded in the box by some sexy black tissue paper too.
The cage itself seems to be an amazing piece of work! At first inspection it looks to be extremely well constructed, free from any metal dust and feels smooth to the touch with no sharp or uneven edges.


Of course once my cagedmonkey is locked in it he will have to review the whole wearing part of this device. This order process and wait time have been nothing short of awesome. I look forward to doing business with Mistress MM and William in the future. I already know, for variety, we plan to order another type of device. I’m not sure which I’ll choose but I’ll be sure to let you all know when I do!

I’m so excited right now and can’t wait for hubby too wake up so I can switch him out of the Bird Cage and get him in his custom cage. There he will be staying until at least Christmas! ๐Ÿ˜€