Fantasizing – Bondage Equipment for Immobilization

Cagedmonkey and I have a written agreement that covers all parts of our sexual relationship, not just the Male Chastity. In this agreement, I made it quite clear that cagedmonkey was to tell me about any and all fantasies he has. I told him that I would be nonjudgemental and listen to them no matter their content. I think this is an important thing in a relationship, especially a relationship like this. He may have dreams or fantasies about something that he thinks he’s into or even something he’s not really into actually doing but the thought is hot. I’m sure we all know how that goes. 🙂

Knowing those fantasies helps me in a number of ways. 1. I know what things are going on in his head so I can better mindfuck him later with it. 2. I never know if it’s something *I* might be into if he’s not mentioning things. 3. Even if it’s something he’s mentioned and I wasn’t totally into it… hearing his fantasies about it or his thoughts about it, could start to peak my interest in such a thing. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways knowing his fantasies helps me but those are some important ones for now.

Recently, cagedmonkey has been reading a blog that sort of reviews all types of bondage things. They have talked about things from simple cuffs to full body restraints, furniture and other things. Well, that got hubby off on a “window shopping” spree lol. He found lots of different interesting things, some he was just like “wow look at this” and a few others were like “oh fuck I could see her doing this that and other things to me in that.” 🙂 Needless to say this post is going to cover the latter.

A couple weeks ago cagedmonkey sent me an email with a link to a certain type of bondage device. It pretty much renders him immobile and positions him in a way that I could do anything I want to him, over a long period of time. It’s also quite versatile as it can be taken apart and assembled in other ways. I think the thing I like most is that it can be disassembled and put away… So it’s not seen by some little eyes that don’t need to be exposed to such things.

At first when he showed me a couple of other things like this, I was like “no, how the hell would we explain a contraption like that to the kids!” Then when he found this one and that it can be totally hidden and put away, I started thinking. He and I have talked about a lot of different ways to use this as well as different things I could do to him while he’s locked in it. Btw, the dildo part does not need to be used – though, we’ve talked about how much control there is if he were forced to stay that way, ass penetrated, for a long period.

Cagedmonkey has a fantasy – I don’t know how sure he is about the real life part of it – where he is kept immobile for a long time and periodically I would come in and do whatever I wanted to him and there would be nothing he could do about it. I could shove my wet, dripping pussy in his face, I could get on all fours in front of him and shove my nice big juicy ass in his face. Obviously I could have my way with his ass, spanking him, violating him with whatever size toy I wanted because, locked in that, what could he do about it? I’ve thought about leaving him caged and leaving his cock to struggle against the bars trying to get hard while I use and abuse his body sexually. I’ve also thought about having him uncaged, hard and dripping precum. There really are so many possibilities with a device like this.

I’m kind of curious if this has sparked any fantasies or just thoughts in our readers. I would love to hear your ideas or fantasies about what could be done in something like this!