Good Morning Pussy

I’ve gotta say, being woken up by my handsome guy spreading my legs and feeling his warm wet tongue slide between my pussy lips really is amazing. To feel so wanted that he has to just taste me and please me even if I’m sleeping.

Ya know, up until about a year ago I would have gotten so pissed and/or pushed cagedmonkey away had he ever tried doing something like that. As a matter of fact it’s something he does a couple mornings a week or in the middle of the night when he’s home from work… again, up until last summer this would have really irritated me.

It’s little blessings like these that make me incredibly grateful that we worked so hard at repairing our marriage and our intimate relationship. We work everyday at continuing to repair and renew our emotional and physical relationship. I really believe that because we have done the work to have what we now have is why chastity and our WLM work so well.

A Day in the Life of our Wife Led Marriage

Ok so maybe not one single day but I thought I’d show the world that not every single minute of our lives is consumed by sex and playtime. To be honest it’s really only a small portion but because those are the parts we write about most, it may seem like our days revolve around sex, teasing and denying. Really my days look a bit like this:
My couch is usually covered in whatever I’m working on that day. I’m menu planning, couponing, managing the house, doing laundry, cooking, dishes, running the kids here or there, etc. I’m not saying cagedmonkey doesn’t help with that but he will look to me if he’s not sure what needs to be done when. I’m constantly writing lists and sometimes have lists for my lists. I even have a list off sexual stuff in interested in doing, doing again or trying. Lol it keeps me organized and keeps my life less chaotic. I keep a schedule of what is happening most days (doctor appts, lessons) on our Google calendar so that both of us get the notification. I also use the calendar to remind hubby when something needs to be done. It’s a great tool. 🙂


Looking for ideas to spice things up?

Today really isn’t an errand filled day, laundry is mostly done and the kids are playing outside with the neighbors. So that gives me time during my menu planning and shopping list making to go upstairs and give cagedmonkey a little attention. This morning I have him restrained to the bed because, while he’s sleeping, I plan to surprise violate him… I’m going to quietly go up the stairs and slide the lubricated dildo in his ass which is how he will wake up. Normally he’s waking up to my wet pussy practically dripping in his face and he’ll immediately lick it up… Today I’m feeling he needs to feel Dominated, taken, used – however you want to put it. I know that he’s craving a real bondage session where he is taken advantage of and I plan to show him a small bit of that today inbetween the normal things I do all day.

I know we’re going to have a fun day. 🙂

Books I Would Recommend to Keyholders & Couples in Chastity

If you’ve been reading our blog you’re already familiar with the fact that I am a huge researcher. When I’m interested in something I search the hell out of it on the internet and I love physical (& ebooks) books. As a new Keyholder I was happy to find that there were actually a few books out there for Keyholders and about male chastity. I have been into tease & denial since cagedmonkey and I got together but it is always great to find a book to give some ideas for that as well.

Below are just some of the books I’ve read on these subjects; well the ones I care to review and recommend to other Keyholders.

In all my research I was extremely happy when I found those certain key words to search that brought me to the websites with real life male chastity information. People who are married, love each other and live the lifestyle how they want it to be. Btw, those magic key words? Yeah, I finally got around to using “male chastity and/in marriage.” What a huge difference that made in weeding out the fantasy world.

That’s when I found Thumper’s blog as well as Sarah Jameson’s blog.I found that Sarah had written books that were available on her site and that is what got me started on hunting down books.
Sarah’s book main book (if she’s still selling it) is a bit pricey however she does have a couple free ebooks. Her tease & denial guide and guide to male chastity & orgasm denial (no I don’t feel it’s a “complete guide” but it’s a good read anyway) are pretty good for a Keyholder who might also be new at tease and denial. You can also sign up for free emails from her that do offer some good advice.
I can tell you that Sarah’s book is a pretty good book. It’s a very gentle, easy read and focuses on male chastity in a marriage. It really would be great for a very vanilla wife looking for information on this lifestyle. Though with all the other books out there, now, it’s hard to justify the cost of her book (which was an ebook/pdf when I got it). 🙂 I think it could be a great resource if she lowered the price and possibly offered it in print format.

A couple of cheaper books are available on Georgia Ivey Green has a book “A Keyholder’s Handbook: A Womans guide to male chastity”
This book has some good advice for a keyholder on chastity but be aware she also talks about some other fetishes such as feminization, humiliation and others. This book is less than $10.00 and well worth it in my opinion. As with any self help type book, you take what applies to you and leave the rest. Nothing is the end all authority on how to live your FLR or chastity lifestyle.

Mistress Ivey also has another book “How to setup an FLR” which is a great read if you are also looking to expand your chastity lifestyle to include a Female Led aspect.
This book gives a couple a lot to think about in regards to what they each want from their relationship. It has questions for both partners to see where they are in terms of flr. We used this book to help write our chastity agreement.

Another book available from Amazon and is more vanilla than Mistress Ivey’s book but is an excellent starters guide is “Male Chastity: A Guide for Keyholders” by Lucy Fairbourne.
This book is in both paperback and ebook format which is also around $10.00. It’s well worth it again in my opinion. If you are looking for a book to start with or to introduce your wife/partner to chastity and being your Keyholder, this would be it. As the book states it is a very “non-threatening, female-friendly introduction to the topic of male chastity, ideal for nervous keyholders or as a love-offering from a would-be-chastened male.” This book is a gentle approach to the subject and written in a very matter-of-fact style. It really is the perfect way to introduce this kink.

I try to give my honest opinions on the things I use or read. I hope that they are helpful to those who check out our blog and those looking to get started in this wonderful lifestyle. We love and embrace both the chastity and flr/wlm parts of our relationship.

Please feel free to add your own opinions of these books in the comments. If others are anything like me they would love to hear more than just one point of view.

Mothering vs. Age Play

There are a lot of different kinks and scenes that can be played out in the D/s or bdsm lifestyle. Age play seems to be a big interest to some. So what is Age Play? Age play would be where two or more consenting adults act as if they are a different age. This can be a sexual or non-sexual scene. The actual activities and the age can vary from a little baby to an older adult. Feeding, bathing, diapering, caressing, putting to bed, telling a bed-time story, defending against other adults, and just cuddling and petting are some of the activities enjoyed. 

Age play is not something that cagedmonkey and I are into. I’m not at all turned on by seeing my hubby in a diaper or even taking care of him as if he were an infant. I have two kids and I’m a stay at home mom so I get my fill of the Mommy/child thing and really don’t need to recreate it with my hubby. 🙂 we are totally about encouraging what feels good to others so please don’t think I’m saying it’s a bad thing. To each their own and it’s great to explore and see what gives you that tingle!

One thing we are noticing about me during all of our exploring is that I really do enjoy “mothering.” To me this is different than age play because there is no acting as if someone is a different age, rather it is the feeling of taking care of my man. I love cuddling him, I love him laying his head on my chest and me just holding him. I love feeling like he needs me.

I know how my subby hubby is and he’s a guy who needs love, respect, assurance, encouragement, praise, stability, guidance and discipline. I love being the one to give him that. It truly turns me on sexually to be the one he wants to give him those things. I get extremely turned on being the one to hold and comfort him. I get extremely turned on when I spank him. I get extremely turned on when he depends on me.

Is this merely D/s stuff? FLR stuff? Maybe, but to me I call it mothering. There is a lot more, in my opinion, to D/s so maybe this mothering thing fits more in with the Female Led or Wife Led stuff. Whatever it is, it is something that I’m accepting of myself. It is something that cagedmonkey and I both realize we BOTH feel good about.

It really is a wonderful thing to be open to experimenting. It’s great and healthy to listen (without judgement) to each others fantasies, no matter how odd they may seem. They do not have to be fulfilled in part or in whole but knowing what they are can really help grow a relationship. We’ve found that exploring ourselves and being more comfortable with each other and ourselves has helped us to be a lot more accepting. We accept the things that make us both feel good sexually and non-sexually. Knowing these things about each other makes it that much easier to please one another.

Just something to think about. 🙂

Mail Chastity – Questions from our inbox

A gentlemen contacted us to ask some questions about our WLM & chastity and I thought I’d share incase others had similar questions.

“Is it just an at home lifestyle? Did is happen right away or did it build to a FLM?”
Our WLM is an everyday, all day thing… our relationship has always been one where I took care of everything – financially, phone calls, Dr appts, anything with the kids, etc. We do make big decisions together, where to live, buying a car and that kind of thing. Usually I have the final say in most things though.

“Is it D/s?”
Just so you know wlm & D/s don’t need to go together but yes part of our relationship is D/s. Our sexual relationship is fully D/s and it will only trickle into daily life if we talked about it specifically where my Dominance will be an entire day thing. Hope that makes sense.

“Did chastity come first? and did it contribute to this decision?”
Chastity most definitely didn’t come first. We’ve been flr since we met – I’m a control freak hehe. We had gotten to a bad place in our relationship, we worked hard to repair it and in the repairing made a promise to be honest and share every fantasy. Hubby brought up the chastity thing and, at first, I wasn’t into it. Part of our promise was to be open minded about fantasies so I started to research and found, after about 4 months, that I really loved the idea and that’s how the whole chastity thing began. 

“How did you get it to work?….. We tried it before and it only lasted a month. It seemed rushed and not natural”
Some people are not naturally dominant so to have a wlm they do need to work at it, take it slow, step by step. Once we realized what our relationship was and that chastity was to be a part of it we created an agreement. That’s been a huge help in getting things to go smoother and “work.” It’s still a work in progress and probably always will be. We will continue to go over our agreement to change things. We have added things, adjusted things and taken things out. It’s not a perfect science, there is no one way to do things… it’s what works for a particular couple and no two relationships will look the same.

Thanks for your questions and please feel free to email and ask anything you like. Most things are not too personal and we love the interaction.

How to hear from you!