“I Need This Damn Cage Off My Cock!”


It’s been about a week straight that I’ve spent locked in the Revenge now. Yes that means 24/7, one whole week of not even being able to see, let alone touch my cock. It’s starting to drive me a little mad, to the point of I have to say “about a week” because I can’t remember the exact day this started because it feels like such a long fucking time.

Making things worse is the timing of ML’s cycle denying me of my other avenue of release of sexual tension – pleasing My Lady’s horny pussy. Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s had her share of orgasms. She has managed to get along just fine without me touching her pussy, which kinda rubs it in my face even more. It makes me wish I could cum without touching myself, because I really fucking need to right now.

Yesterday, ML spent the whole day incredibly turned on. We were doing what we call an “extra control” day, in which I need to ask her permission for a lot more things than normal. She also has a tendency to either say no or delay giving me what I want for just a little bit, just because she can (hot as fuck). For example, she gave me a stern look when I forgot to ask her if I could play a game on my cell phone, instructing me to do the dishes instead before I was allowed to play. Holding this type of control over me keeps her horny brewing all day long, and she unleashed it on me after the kids went to bed.

The extra control day was the result of me disclosing a couple of switch fantasies I’ve been having lately (that’s a whole other post, altogether). They were some pretty intense thoughts, and ML felt that she needed to keep her “naughty boy and his naughty thoughts” in line.

(Note: I fucking absolutely LOVE My Lady, because she made sure to let me know out-of-role beforehand that I she wasn’t really upset, and she was using the term “naughty” in a playful way. She loves hearing my fantasies, and actually requires that I share them with her. She also knew that I needed to know this in order to avoid a debilitating shame spiral. She really is the fucking best thing ever, I swear!)

After the entire day of controlling me exactly the way she wanted to, she decided she needed to complete my lesson and give her naughty boy a good spanking. She ordered me to lay bare assed over her knee and began spanking me pretty hard. The sting of the smacks built up until I was squirming on her lap after each sway. She continued spanking my ass as she worked the butt plug in and out of my ass at the same time (yes, that too… I am required to ask permission to use the bathroom during extra control days). I was moaning and writhing on the couch as the pain of being spanked mixed with the sensation of being repeatedly penetrated by the plug.

My Lady continued to spank my ass, not even saying a word. Soon, it really began to hurt and I needed her to stop. I asked…. begged her to stop, but she continued. Then I realized what I needed to do.

I apologized. I said I was sorry for being a naughty boy. These were the magic words My Lady was waiting for; she began telling me how naughty I was for fantasizing about her in the ways I did. She spanked me hard as she told me to admit that I’m a dirty little boy with a dirty little mind, and I said so without any hesitation.

Finally, the spankings stopped. She didn’t let me off her lap for just a few more moments, and it occurred to me that she was taking pictures of my nicely reddened ass for her enjoyment later.


She certainly did enjoy them later, as she had three more orgasms as she laid back on the couch and I rubbed her pussy and kissed her, the last of which ended up being a HUGE one triggered by me shoving my finger into her pussy with perfect timing. She came hard, her entire body tensing up as she looked directly into my eyes. Her pleasure was so intense, I could feel it taking her over and flowing right from her eyes into mine. It was an incredible feeling!

We both woke up incredibly horny this morning, which prompted the title of this post being my first thought of the day. I may be getting my wish later today, as I need a shave badly… but ML has told me that I still won’t be able to see or touch my cock until our anniversary. Is she planning a “no look, no touch” grooming session?

Fantasizing – Bondage Equipment for Immobilization

Cagedmonkey and I have a written agreement that covers all parts of our sexual relationship, not just the Male Chastity. In this agreement, I made it quite clear that cagedmonkey was to tell me about any and all fantasies he has. I told him that I would be nonjudgemental and listen to them no matter their content. I think this is an important thing in a relationship, especially a relationship like this. He may have dreams or fantasies about something that he thinks he’s into or even something he’s not really into actually doing but the thought is hot. I’m sure we all know how that goes. 🙂

Knowing those fantasies helps me in a number of ways. 1. I know what things are going on in his head so I can better mindfuck him later with it. 2. I never know if it’s something *I* might be into if he’s not mentioning things. 3. Even if it’s something he’s mentioned and I wasn’t totally into it… hearing his fantasies about it or his thoughts about it, could start to peak my interest in such a thing. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways knowing his fantasies helps me but those are some important ones for now.

Recently, cagedmonkey has been reading a blog that sort of reviews all types of bondage things. They have talked about things from simple cuffs to full body restraints, furniture and other things. Well, that got hubby off on a “window shopping” spree lol. He found lots of different interesting things, some he was just like “wow look at this” and a few others were like “oh fuck I could see her doing this that and other things to me in that.” 🙂 Needless to say this post is going to cover the latter.

A couple weeks ago cagedmonkey sent me an email with a link to a certain type of bondage device. It pretty much renders him immobile and positions him in a way that I could do anything I want to him, over a long period of time. It’s also quite versatile as it can be taken apart and assembled in other ways. I think the thing I like most is that it can be disassembled and put away… So it’s not seen by some little eyes that don’t need to be exposed to such things.

At first when he showed me a couple of other things like this, I was like “no, how the hell would we explain a contraption like that to the kids!” Then when he found this one and that it can be totally hidden and put away, I started thinking. He and I have talked about a lot of different ways to use this as well as different things I could do to him while he’s locked in it. Btw, the dildo part does not need to be used – though, we’ve talked about how much control there is if he were forced to stay that way, ass penetrated, for a long period.

Cagedmonkey has a fantasy – I don’t know how sure he is about the real life part of it – where he is kept immobile for a long time and periodically I would come in and do whatever I wanted to him and there would be nothing he could do about it. I could shove my wet, dripping pussy in his face, I could get on all fours in front of him and shove my nice big juicy ass in his face. Obviously I could have my way with his ass, spanking him, violating him with whatever size toy I wanted because, locked in that, what could he do about it? I’ve thought about leaving him caged and leaving his cock to struggle against the bars trying to get hard while I use and abuse his body sexually. I’ve also thought about having him uncaged, hard and dripping precum. There really are so many possibilities with a device like this.

I’m kind of curious if this has sparked any fantasies or just thoughts in our readers. I would love to hear your ideas or fantasies about what could be done in something like this!

Not Caring For Sharing: Setting Boundaries

This journey we are on is a lot about experimenting and trying new things. Some things we find we love, some things are like eh it’s ok and still others we find are hell no’s. In all of the things we explore and try we ALWAYS have this “if anything isn’t working or feels uncomfortable,” thing where we are to say, right away, so that no one gets hurt, our play doesn’t get spoiled and we don’t have any chance for resentment.

I have very much enjoyed our play time with friends, other couples, subby boys, chaste boys etc. These play times include things like email, texting, pics and video. I’ve loved every minute of arousing other people and getting aroused and then taking it out on cagedmonkey hehe. 🙂

I suppose there comes a time when you unexpectedly run into something you had no idea was a “hell no.” Recently, over the course of about a week, we were enjoying some play time with friends and this happened to me. I started to feel off and had absolutely no idea what it was. I started to withdraw, get depressed and certainly wasn’t feeling all that horny. To make matters worse, when I get stressed, depressed or have emotional issues the first thing to happen is an extreme physical reaction. I was in some intense body pain and cried because I hurt so bad. I was having trouble walking and getting up and down the stairs and just trouble trying to function. But, here I was, dumbfounded as to why the hell this was happening to me.

Cagedmonkey knows me so well that he could tell something was wrong. He’d asked me over and over multiple times a day for a few days how I was feeling. I just answered “I’m fine.” I wasn’t lying, I thought I was fine. I mean, we were having so much fun playing with friends and enjoying some sexy sex time and all that… hell I’m the one who initiated most of the play and asked for it. It was stuff to help me tease the hell out of my locked up, denied boy. Apparently, something underneath it all was eating away at me. It’s times like those that I’m so blessed with an amazing attentive boy who is so in tune with me. He makes me so happy and I just dearly love him.

Now that I can think back to when I started to physically feel like crap, I realized it was about the time cagedmonkey had gotten into a role play situation with one of our friends. It wasn’t until last night when I had a break down and talked it out with hubby that we were able to get to the root of it. Basically we found that role play that involves cagedmonkey and a woman other than myself is something that I am not ok with. We found a “hard no” for me.

Over all this was a good thing, a learning experience. Basically with experimenting comes trial and error and I thought I was ok with anything. But, Oh boy, did I find out that, even imagining, my man with another woman was NOT something I could handle. It is something that I have now learned I need a boundary for.

See, with play stuff between cagedmonkey and I, we have boundaries and now I need to make sure that play stuff with others has boundaries as well. This whole situation is the perfect example of why communication is so important in a relationship. Not only a chastity relationship or BDSM or D/s but any relationship.

Have you asked your partner how they’re feeling today?

The Sharing Submissive: How To Avoid Topping From the Bottom

My mind is ultra-creative. I get TONS of ideas. And, being the incredibly horny guy that I am, I have lots of sexual fantasies.

Part of the chastity agreement that My Lady and I developed involves the requirement that I share all of my sexual fantasies with her. A problem arises, however, because a lot of my current fantasies involve ways that ML would dominate/tease/deny me. How am I supposed to explain these desires of mine without making ML feel obligated to fulfill them?

The dreaded “Topping From the Bottom” dilemma.

I used to be very concerned that my fantasies and ideas would influence ML’s dominating behaviors. And with good reason, apparently: ML has confessed to me that early in our chastity adventures, she would sometimes alter her plans for me based on what she thought I wanted or what she thought I could handle. This is the opposite of what makes chastity so exciting for me. Although I would like her to tease me in certain ways, the best thing would be for her to do what she wishes, without concern for my desires.

But still… those ideas…   🙂

We’ve since figured it a way for me to share my fantasies without me influencing what ML does. Now I tell her about my fantasies with absolutely no expectations of them being fulfilled, and she sees these fantasies as options she can choose from or ignore as she chooses. It’s just like a menu at a restaurant: the menu gives you a list of the dishes available, but you don’t have to eat them all. You can choose the one that suits your appetite the most.

Earlier today, ML and I were discussing possible plans for the next year and a half or so of our chastity play, even tossing around ideas as to which devices I would wear at which times, etc. I could tell ML was enjoying the ideas – her pussy was SOPPING wet afterwards – but I also know that none of it is set in stone. My Lady’s appetite can change daily and she is totally in charge of my chastity. My ideas could make it more exciting for the both of us, but she is always in complete control.

Neither of us would have it any other way.