Teased and Tormented Cock

You all should know well enough by now that I enjoy making things very frustrating for cagedmonkey. I also like to keep those frustrating things fresh and interesting, who wants a bored sub?

I’m pretty sure you’ve all been following along and know that cagedmonkey is in a 3 month denial period. His last orgasm was on March 10 and his “Maybe Day” is his birthday in June. I may or may not allow him to cum. I’m definitely deciding once we get there because I may just want to keep him in this lovely constantly horny for me state. I may want to leave his cock in this hair trigger way where any little touch has him instantly hard – if I allow him out of his cage that is – and aching to cum. I may want to leave him in this state of constant arousal for a bit longer.

So let me tell you all about the torment that cagedmonkey will endure over the next two weeks. I began this yesterday but what happens is when hubby gets home from work I take him upstairs for bed and restrain him to the bed. Then I roll him onto his side a bit, put a little of the peppermint lube on the njoy plug and use it to tease his asshole just a little bit before inserting the plug. After him being plugged all day yesterday and having that pressure on his prostate he was leaking precum like crazy. I mean literally dripping huge drips, practically on the verge of milking. Once his sexy little ass has accepted the plug I roll him on his back, remove his Jail Bird and this is where the progression comes in. You see, he will be tied to the bed and plugged every morning before he goes to sleep and each day he will get stroked and edged. The difference is that each day the amount of time I edge him increases by one minute.

So yesterday morning he got stroked and edged for one minute straight and this morning it was two. I realize after a few days here I’m going to have to really resort to using the “Up Only” trick so he doesn’t accidentally spill cum when he isn’t allowed to. 🙂

So far it is great fun watching him squirm and moan and breathe all heavy every morning. I’m really just loving it and by the time I’m done my pussy is dripping, sloppy, wet and oh so horny. That’s when I take advantage of the situation and I go up for a visit a few times and sit on his face, cum all over him and walk away.

Though the first time I went up for a visit yesterday I was overly wet and horny. After cumming all over his face once I grabbed the face dildo gag from the bedside table and used it to fuck myself with his face while he was forced to watch just inches away. He was moaning and cursing as best he could with the gag in his mouth. I’m sure it must have been crazy to watch my pussy being filled up with a dildo so close even to the point of his nose being right in it. I came nice and hard on the dildo gag as he lay there restrained, used and denied.

What fun it is to torment him with such pleasure. I’m super horny again today and I’ll definitely be needing to go up for some facesitting soon!

On a side note: I have some new books and a new hood coming in the mail today… can’t wait to maybe incorporate the hood into this progression play! It’s got a zipper mouth! Eeeeeeeeee! I’m such an eager little beaver! 🙂

Taking Out My Aggression – A Nice Hard Fucking

This morning when cagedmonkey got home from work I sent him right up to bed. We have places to be today so he has to wake up earlier than usual. I did, of course, tuck him in and decided to unlock his Jail Bird and use my toy for some pleasure. I started out by straddling him from above on my knees. I put his rock hard cock between my extremely wet pussy lips. You could hear the wetness as I moved my hips in a circular motion just teasing the head of his cock. I even made him put his hands on my hips so he could feel me moving above him.

Just as I had him moaning really good I slid down the rest of the way on his cock and instantly that aggressive feeling came over me. I really want to fuck him so hard. I want to ride him hard and fast but I also don’t want to ruin the denial. He started doing math equations out loud and I giggled at him as I held him inside me and squeezed my muscles over and over around his cock. The feeling was overwhelming me and I started to ride his cock, pounding my pussy down on him hard and fast but only a few times because I didn’t want him to explode.

I quickly had to get myself off of him to make sure I wouldn’t accidentally push him over. I told him to get himself in the Rode-Oh boxer brief strap on harness and to get Blue situated in it. I told him I want him ready for me any time I feel like coming up and fucking him but that I don’t want him to cum so I was going to ride Blue.

He’s up there sleeping right now but I’m about to head up to visit and wake him up with my pussy in his face. Then I’m going to slide that dildo in my pussy and ride him so hard. I’m going to give my pussy the good hard fucking that it needs. My pussy is so sloppy and wet today and just waiting to be pleased in every way.

Three Days to Tease, Please & Deny pt 1

Today was just the beginning of three days with the kids at day camp. Hopefully you’ve read what happened first thing this morning, if not, you’ll just have to click here.

So we laid down together to nap and I really did try to nap, I promise. However, laying there in cagedmonkey’s arms was quite literally maddening. You see, we don’t often get to lay together sleeping in each other’s arms. Before I could even fall asleep I ended up having two spontaneous (is that what they are?) orgasms. I just laid there shaking, cumming in his arms. Omg, the feelings of love flowing through me were making it that much worse. I felt so connected to hubby, so safe, so wanted and desired.

I did last there for a little while trying hard to sleep. Cagedmonkey fell asleep right away since the poor man had been at work all night and still hadn’t been to bed yet this morning. I knew he had to get some sleep but, still I laid there, with thoughts of sex running through my head. I really couldn’t stop thinking of wanting to do things to cagedmonkey. Finally after spending time writing my earlier post, playing some games on my phone and wasting as much time as I could, I just needed to attack him.

I lifted the blanket to expose that gorgeous ass of his, I rubbed his cheeks, kissed it and then took my wand to his asshole. Haha I’m sure that was an interesting way to be woken up! Then I rolled him on to his back and sat right on his face. While he was busy licking my pussy, I played with his caged cock. I licked that sweet spot on the bottom side and felt him moan into my pussy. Btw, that is something that completely makes me gush. I kept teasing, licking and kissing his straining cock while he could do nothing but slurp up my sopping wet juices.

He continued to lick me as I got lost in the pleasure. It made me want to milk him for some reason. So I grabbed Pearl and gently pressed it into him. I took my wand and put it on the base of it and turned it in to a sort of vibrating dildo. The moaning in my crotch got much more intense and my pussy got that much wetter. I held it there, licking him through the bars of his cage while sending vibrations through him to his prostate. I, then, told him to get up on his knees (which we found was THE position) and continued to vibrate him and massage his balls in a 69 position while he was still licking my clit. It didn’t take long in that position to get that precum pouring out of him. I milked him a nice puddle on the bed… which also meant we had to strip the bed and wash the sheets. 🙂

After all that I was well cummed out and he was emptied but extremely desperate for an orgasm, we came downstairs and took a shower together… then I made lunch!

Bondage Rope & Forced Masturbation

Last night was a pretty interesting night! I finally unlocked cagedmonkey and made him touch his own penis. It’s been almost a month since he’s put his own hands on his penis. I have unlocked him for various things in the past month but he has been restrained when out of his cage.

I decided since he hasn’t touched or stroked himself that I would force him to masturbate and use his own hand to edge and tease him. His hand touches all those spots he’s used to feeling while spending a good portion of his life masturbating (as you boys know you do!). So I tied our bondage rope around cagedmonkey’s wrist and hand while his cock was in hand. I left myself a piece of rope as a handle and used it to pull his hand up and down the shaft of his hard aching cock.


I loved listening to him moan and squirm and wiggle was I forced his hand up and down stroking himself to the edge over and over. I forced him to do this for probably a half an hour, on top of the half an hour or so I spent rubbing, licking, sucking, tickling and even smacking his cock. 🙂 Of course he was squirming so much that I had to make sure he was secured so I got a bit creative with the rope. My pussy just kept getting more and more soaked as I listened to him grunt and moan and groan.

I untied his hand from his cock and instead I secured both hands to his thighs with the rope. It worked like a charm so that I could spend a good amount of time teasing him and he couldn’t move.


Not only did I tease his denied cock, I also sat on his face and rubbed my pussy all over it making him lick me until I came. Then I really did a number on him by sliding down, facing his feet, and sitting on his very sensitive cock. I teased him, sliding very slowly up and down on him as he watched from behind. I reached back and spread myself wide so he could see every bit of himself being grabbed and gobbled up by my hungry pussy. He just moaned so loud cussing over and over, pushing his head back and clenching his eyes closed so he didn’t go over the edge.

I do believe that last night’s tease was quite intense but I suppose you’d need to hear from him how it made him feel. It certainly was a wonderful birthday for me because it ended in my making him eat my pussy for a good hour while I had extremely intense orgasms… over and over. My thighs were shaking, I squeezed his head between my legs and bucked like a wild horse.

It really was an extremely fantastic night. Especially falling asleep together naked which, with kids, is something we rarely do.

Cagedmonkey is back in his Jail Bird where he will stay with zero release until May 4th. I have plans for him on May 4th as we travel. 🙂 You’ll just have to wait to hear all about that, though!

Emotionally Sensitive

I’m really tired of being sick, how is it possible that I feel worse this morning?!

That doesn’t really stop me for the most part. When I woke up this morning I wasn’t feeling particularly horny or anything because I felt like shit. However, cagedmonkey and I have a communication notebook and I was writing in it and got myself worked up anyway. I decided to pay him a visit upstairs while he was sleeping. I did just snuggle with him for a bit, until he put his knee between my legs and I started grinding on his thigh. I rubbed myself to a soft orgasm, it was nice, but it only made matters worse. I ended up sitting on his face and getting myself a good pussy licking. I love him being in the Jail Bird because I get to lick him and play with him while his face is shoved in my pussy. I came a few times and then another by my own hand before I headed back downstairs.

I don’t know if it’s me being sick, going to start my cycle or what but I’m emotionally sensitive today too. I feel like everything is a criticism. Maybe its just me because I’m sick, haven’t cleaned my house, folded the laundry or anything all week and I feel bad about it. Maybe I’m the one being over critical about myself so I’m putting it on others as them thinking that. I feel like I’ll never live up to expectations today. Like I’m not good enough for anything.

What a fantastic way for a Dominant woman & Keyholder to be, huh? Ugh!