The Gift of Total Submission

This weekend, I will be giving My Lady the perfect present for Valentine’s Day – I will be giving her complete control over me.

ML and I have been finding our way back into our D/s lifestyle pretty well, but we both feel that a nice intense jolt will get us back into form.

This weekend, I will be submitting fully to My Lady in every way. Everything from my movements around the house to the sexual sensations I experience will be controlled by my wife. Here are the rules I will be expected to follow:

1. I will be required to ask permission for any of the following behaviors – waking up, going to sleep, eating and/or drinking, using the bathroom, or leaving the room (which will require a kiss as “payment”). I will also be required to ask ML if she has a preference as to where I sit or stand.

2. I will only touch My Lady when and if she allows me to.

3. I will be wearing my collar the entire weekend, it will be locked on 24/7 for the entire time of my total submission.

4. I must service ML sexually by any means she deems necessary, as well as enduring whatever sexual torments she desires to put me through.

I’m already excited about this weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing just how far she goes with the concept of total submission.

What type of Mistress (Dominant) Are You?

I just took this quiz called “What type of Mistress are you?” First of all I’m not a mistress at all. I am also not a Goddess, Princess or whatever other titles people may go by. I’m a dominant woman and I think there is a difference there. Before I go on with my post here are my results:

Congratulations, you are a very Sensual & Sexual Mistress.
You will use your submissive for your own enjoyment. If your submissive enjoys himself, that is OK, but you will use his body for your own pleasure. You pleasure comes first. You are not out to cause undue pain in your submissive but you realize that some is required for him to stay in line.
You enjoy being in control and you enjoy the pleasure you can take from your submissive. His body is for your use first and foremost.You have a healthy attituded toward sex. You enjoy men, but when you are in control, you will enjoy yourself first and then let him enjoy himself. You would not be a Mistress if your submissive did not also enjoy it. You are a Mistress because both of you enjoy the feelings of letting go and exploring each other.

So, let me start off by telling you I changed the wording in there to read “submissive” because I, in no way, have a slave for a subby hubby, which it suggested. With that said, most of that is pretty accurate about yours truly. I very much use my hubby to satisfy me first and then maybe, just maybe, he gets some, though that’s few and far between these days. I would say I actually do enjoy inflicting some pain because of the reaction it causes. I would also strongly argue that I would, in fact, be a “mistress” or Dominant woman because that’s just who I am. I may not be to the extent that I am if he didn’t enjoy it but that’s why we’re together. We are each other’s perfect compliment.

If you read the earlier posts here you’ll know that way back 15 years ago we had a Tease & Denial Yahoo group. Our little group had over 600 members and each and every one of them called me Ms. Aggressive. Even back then I knew I was not a mistress. Looking back I realize, 15yrs so, I was a very involved and very attentive Dom. We had chats, emails, tasks, pics, video and even audio. Not nearly as easy as we do now with smartphones and cameras at the touch of a finger, but we had it. I will say, I was much younger and inexperienced and didn’t have loads of information available in an instant like we do now. Being so young and naive cagedmonkey and I didn’t have a sense of priority or realize a contract between us may have been a good thing. As I mentioned I was very attentive and involved which meant a lot of time was consumed teasing other men and denying them when in reality the focus should have been on my monkey boy. Eventually we’d gotten married, moved, started fertility treatments to have kids and away went the Yahoo group.

What is my point in all that? I guess my point is that I’ve always been a very involved, attentive and playful Dom. I’m still that way now with my hubby and any other subby boys I may take on. I get to know them deep down, I create personalized goals and tasks for them, I keep track of them individually and build a meaningful relationship with them. It is not the same relationship I have with my husband but it definitely has depth and meaning, support and caring, rewards and punishments similar to my marriage. I do genuinely begin to care for them and what goes on in their lives.

There are some Doms or mistresses that require money for such services – probably a lot for something similar to the attention I give – but that isn’t what I do. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, by any means, it’s just not what I do. I like to be the dominant, attentive, involved, cocktease that I am for them. If I receive something for it, gift cards or homemade gifts or anything, I want it to be because I’m awesome at what I do. I want it to be because they appreciate me and not because I require it. I want them to want to show me they care about me, appreciate me and are devoted to me. It pleases me ever so much.

I think it’s important that a submissive know what they need as a submissive. It’s important that a Dom know what they need. I always say how communication it’s important because, IT IS! If you are looking for a generic D/s or M/s relationship where you get the same tasks and goals as any other person who buys them, awesome, that’s easy. If you are looking for an actual relationship, you can’t just sign into Fetlife and meet someone who calls themselves a mistress and expect them to know how to handle you.

The few boys I currently dominate, besides my number one subby hubby, I’ve gotten to know. A couple are in chastity and I hold their keys, those boys are also long distance subs so our interaction is limited to online, email, text messages, etc. All of my boys are required to follow my rules, complete my tasks and accept and complete my punishments. I get to know my boys and I take the time to make their experience very personal. I give them time with me, I support them and encourage them to become better men for their wives or partners or future ones. I strive to keep them healthy and functioning at their best in all they do. I will say that I have some very good subs and, most of the time, they keep me very pleased. I do hope that I do the same for them. I’m actually, publicly going to require that my boys take a minute to reply to this post and write a “review” or testimonial of sorts. I want you boys to really think about what it is I do for you and how it makes you feel. If you’d rather do it anonymously let me know and I’ll post it.

I do have a certain someone who’s a different case, not in chastity and who is local. That’s an entirely different dynamic altogether. Hubby and I pretty much Dom him together, though I am dominant to them all. I love it, it boosts my self esteem knowing how I help them, support them and give them that piece in their lives they may feel is missing.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m the Domme that I am, I’m blessed with a hubby who understands and supports me having these boys. It’s work, but I always prioritize my family and my number one locked up subby boy but I love every minute of it. Thank you to hubby and all my boys for fulfilling me and keeping me pleased like the good boys you are.

Restrained, Unlocked, Plugged, Teased & Denied

This morning is the first morning since vacation that we’ve had to get back to playing. We spent a week in Disney World, got sick once we got back which always slows play a bit and then, of course, mother nature steps in and throws a wrench into things. Though being on my period doesn’t mean I can’t treat cagedmonkey like a sex toy and use him for my entertainment and pleasure.

I realized, this morning, after tying him to the bed that I’m missing that intense Domme feeling. Honestly, since I usually get such bad Drop after an intense D/s session, I’ve probably been avoiding a play scene like that. I did get that feeling this morning though once I tied him up and started talking to him about what he would do and what I would or could do to him. Telling him he would deal with it because it was what I wanted and desired. Telling him that because he was my good boy of course he would gladly take whatever I had to give.

This morning has been fun and it’s not over yet. So far I’ve restrained him to the bed, teased his cock and edged him over and over again, used the Aneros to get him to the point of almost being milked and then plugged him with the nJoy butt plug. I even made him turn over on his belly, pushed the Aneros in all the way, positioned myself as if I was going to give him a good pegging and basically humped his ass while I stroked his cock underneath him. He was getting so loud I had to shush him so our daughter didn’t hear. I also put my hand on top of his head so his head didn’t bump into the wall at the top of the bed. Hehe 🙂 I’m such a nice caring Keyholder.

I decided when I went up that I would use the peppermint lube because then it would still be tingling his cock and asshole  while I gave him a little break. I will go up one more time this morning to bring him to the edge about 5 more times. I’m trying to decide if I should give him a horribly ruined orgasm today or wait until his birthday and decide if he will have one then. His birthday, in early June, is supposed to his next Maybe Day… it’s not like that’s so far away now.

I do know that when I finally do make him cum again it’s going to be on my chest. I want to make him video it so that he can watch it over and over and remember it when I keep him denied for longer and longer periods. I want him to see it when it happens, see it all over my big beautiful tits. I thought about making him cum on my mouth and making him watch it drip down my chin onto my breasts. I’m not so positive on the how but it will definitely be where he can video.

Ok time to work on lunch so I can go up and get in some good edging while the girl has her lunch and watches some cartoons.

Mothering vs. Age Play

There are a lot of different kinks and scenes that can be played out in the D/s or bdsm lifestyle. Age play seems to be a big interest to some. So what is Age Play? Age play would be where two or more consenting adults act as if they are a different age. This can be a sexual or non-sexual scene. The actual activities and the age can vary from a little baby to an older adult. Feeding, bathing, diapering, caressing, putting to bed, telling a bed-time story, defending against other adults, and just cuddling and petting are some of the activities enjoyed. 

Age play is not something that cagedmonkey and I are into. I’m not at all turned on by seeing my hubby in a diaper or even taking care of him as if he were an infant. I have two kids and I’m a stay at home mom so I get my fill of the Mommy/child thing and really don’t need to recreate it with my hubby. 🙂 we are totally about encouraging what feels good to others so please don’t think I’m saying it’s a bad thing. To each their own and it’s great to explore and see what gives you that tingle!

One thing we are noticing about me during all of our exploring is that I really do enjoy “mothering.” To me this is different than age play because there is no acting as if someone is a different age, rather it is the feeling of taking care of my man. I love cuddling him, I love him laying his head on my chest and me just holding him. I love feeling like he needs me.

I know how my subby hubby is and he’s a guy who needs love, respect, assurance, encouragement, praise, stability, guidance and discipline. I love being the one to give him that. It truly turns me on sexually to be the one he wants to give him those things. I get extremely turned on being the one to hold and comfort him. I get extremely turned on when I spank him. I get extremely turned on when he depends on me.

Is this merely D/s stuff? FLR stuff? Maybe, but to me I call it mothering. There is a lot more, in my opinion, to D/s so maybe this mothering thing fits more in with the Female Led or Wife Led stuff. Whatever it is, it is something that I’m accepting of myself. It is something that cagedmonkey and I both realize we BOTH feel good about.

It really is a wonderful thing to be open to experimenting. It’s great and healthy to listen (without judgement) to each others fantasies, no matter how odd they may seem. They do not have to be fulfilled in part or in whole but knowing what they are can really help grow a relationship. We’ve found that exploring ourselves and being more comfortable with each other and ourselves has helped us to be a lot more accepting. We accept the things that make us both feel good sexually and non-sexually. Knowing these things about each other makes it that much easier to please one another.

Just something to think about. 🙂

When the Kids Are Away – Mommy & Daddy Will D/s Play

Cagedmonkey and I have two wonderful kids. We love them to the ends of the earth, just like any other parent. Here we have it a little different than most because only our youngest attends traditional public school. We homeschool our older child which means even during school time we always have at least one child home with us. This week is winter break for the public school so both kids are home and going nuts because they really can’t get out of the house like they need to. They’ve been cooped up playing (fighting!) with each other and video games.

What this means is, mommy and daddy have had no time to themselves either. So today I made a few calls and found a local kids gymnastics place that is offering day camps this week. You better believe I signed them up for a class tomorrow. I know they will love it because they both love to run, jump and bounce around. It will be the perfect thing for the kids while giving cagedmonkey and I few hours to enjoy each other.

I’ve been craving a D/s scene, been craving that powerful feeling. I feel a desire to play with a helpless, vulnerable, desperate man. I feel like dominating him, using him, and in a way abusing him. I want to be able to use him in any room in the house that I want and I want to be able to speak and not have to worry the kids might wake up or hear. I want to be able to spank his sexy ass with my paddle and hear him yelp. I want to be able to use my strap-on on him bent over the side of the bed with his face smashed into the mattress. I want to hear his loud moans and hear him begging me to stop when I get caught up in the moment. I just want to be able to do whatever I want, however I want.

Yes, we did just go away for the weekend but that turned out to be rather vanilla. Which was outstanding and wonderful and amazing, don’t get me wrong. There is just something about being in our own home, with our toys and our bedroom. I want to be able to be comfortable using my things, especially my bed restraints! 🙂

I can imagine tomorrow after work is going to be something else for my locked up sexy boy. He’ll be made to please me in anyway I want him to. He will be treated like nothing more than my favorite overused sex toy. I simply cannot wait, I’m getting extremely wet thinking about it. My pussy is quivering thinking about getting him to a point of a moaning, whimpering, begging, crying mess.

Oh that’s so fucking hot!

Facetime – The Dildo Gag

So I recently got a ball gag with a nice sized dildo on the opposite side. If your curious which one it is exactly, it’s the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Ball Gag With Dildo.
At first, I was a little worried the dildo itself would be very hard and might be uncomfortable. Ya see, I’m not very fond of dildos, vibrators or sex toys in general. However, if I’m to keep hubby locked up and denied for longer periods, I’m really going to have to find a way to keep myself satisfied. So, we’ve been testing out lots of different types and sizes of dildos and other toys (that will likely be the subject of another post lol).

So to get on with this post… Holy shit! Haha Last night I decided to strap the dildo gag on cagedmonkey’s face and try it out. We started out first with hubby laying on his back and me on top riding his face, bumping my clit against his nose. It was pretty fantastic, I must say. I was bouncing up and down on his face while he could do nothing but stare at the dildo sliding in and out of my wet pussy and feeling the warm wetness drip down his chin and neck as I squirted my cum. After that we switched positions to see how many different ways I might enjoy using it. We tried a more traditional missionary position and I came nice and hard that way. So that works! I also got up on all fours and rocked my ass back and forth into his face, shoving his nose right in my asshole. All he could do was look right at my quivering asshole desperately wanting to be licking it. Oh man, it was so awesome to just use his face the way I did. Getting off so many times while he could do nothing but take my face fucking. Yummy!

It really turned out way better than I expected and I am very excited about giving it another go. Hopefully with some nice pics and video! I’m pretty positive that this is one toy that will stay in the nightstand next to the bed and get lots and lots of use! 🙂

I Can Do It One Handed

I may have had shoulder surgery but that’s not exactly stopping me from A. Cumming or B. My WLM/Dominating. I will say that cagedmonkey is doing a fantastic job picking up my slack and doing the things I can’t. It started off rough and he didn’t think he could do it but I think he relaxed a bit and found that things don’t have to be perfect or exactly my way. When I ask that things get done, I just want them done. He’s been great about taking care of the kids and getting them to their activities. He’s been cooking most of the meals and even helps me bathe and get dressed. Like I said, he’s basically being my Super subby hubby! 🙂 I couldn’t be more proud of him, pleased with his service, his dedication and how hard he is working! Love this guy!

With all that said, I did mention that it sure isn’t stopping me from getting my orgasms and certainly isn’t getting him any. He had a little “free” time last week but has been back in his jail Bird and his next unlocking won’t be until January 18th. It’s not a definite orgasm day for him but I might give him a chance to cum at least. 😉

Today has been quite the subby day for him. He’s begging to do anything I ask of him. He is craving my direction and awaiting my orders. Aside from his chores, he was required to wear the njoy for a few hours today as well as service me right when I ask. I went upstairs to put away some clothes and had to call him up to help… he asked what I needed help with and I simply said “my pussy needs to be licked.” He immediately got on his knees and made me cum twice – and, to praise him, he even dealt with our daughters homeschool questions while doing it! 🙂 Awesome!

Is that service or what?

Tonight we have some celebrating to do in the midst of a very Dom/sub kinda day. We will be having some drinks tonight and having a while lot of kinky fun! 🙂