Someone Restrain Me


Right now, I have cagedmonkey’s wrists and ankles cuffed and he’s restrained to the bed. I know he’s been craving a total loss of control and we didn’t get much if it on our weekend. I know he wants to feel controlled and used however I want. He is craving a bit of that subspace which I haven’t been able to take him to in awhile. So today I decided to show him just how not in control he is by restraining him to the bed, blindfolding him, plugging his ass, torturing his nipples and doing anything else I find entertaining at the time. Once he’s restrained like that he’s at my mercy. I decide if he will sleep, or be forced to stay awake with whatever I’m tormenting him with. There is nothing he can do about it.

He’s at a spot in his horny level where his parts are sensitive, which means his nipples are perfect for teasing and torturing. At the moment I’m not overloading him with things, I put the Arenos in his ass, pressing in his prostate, likely causing some major drippage from his overfilled aching balls. I plan to head back in shortly to attach the nipple clamps to his sensitive nipples. I’m not planning it out by time, just whatever feels right. I will likely unlock him as well so that while I have him in such a vulnerable position I can tease and torture his cock. I can ride his cock and face and enjoy myself during all of this too. So much fun using him to cum all over and forcing him to lay there covered in my juices and my scent, it must be heaven for him.

I love increasing my intensity levels as his horniness increases. It only makes his denial that much more fun. Having him this way in the bedroom, ready to use as my toy is such an arousing thing. I’m sitting here with wet panties knowing that he’s on his way to a deeper, more submissive place than he has been in awhile.

He has no idea when I’ll be back or what I’ll be doing. I left room simply saying, “enjoy darling, try to rest, I’ll be back soon.” I feel like the luckiest woman in the world that I have a man to love me and be mine in every way. A man that needs the intensity that I have to offer. A man that can handle what I give him.

***Update: I just had to come update and share this pic, damn he’s sexy and I love hearing him moan when I give that chain a pull or reclamp them!

Njoy Large Plug, Take 2

As our Twitter followers may already know, I’m currently writing this post with the large Njoy butt plug stuffed up my ass.

ML took the kids out for a few errands this afternoon, giving me some much appreciated alone time. She gave me an assignment before she left, though – get the large butt plug and fill my ass up with it. Our first try with the large plug didn’t go so well. This time, with an empty house and with me doing the inserting myself, I was hoping for a better outcome.

After everyone left, I fetched the plug and the lube and got on my knees in the center of the living room. I spread some (extra, EXTRA) lube on the plug and I reached back to slowly begin the process of opening up my ass to the plug. I had to take it slow, pushing the tip in millimeter by widening millimeter. It was somewhat humiliating, being on my knees stuffing my ass with a metal butt plug, bent over with my head down and ass up in order to help my ass accept the plug better, moaning as the steel pushed further into me. When ML texted me to see how it was going, she instructed me to tell her what I was doing and how it felt. Painting the picture for her only added to my humiliation.

Going slow, I was able to get the plug into my ass pretty deep without too much pain. Then, when the head of the plug passed through my asshole, my ass sucked the rest of the plug in. I was not prepared to be completely filled that fast, and I collapsed onto the floor moaning and rolling around as my ass accepted the hunk of metal that had invaded it.

As I sit here, about an hour later, my ass has still not stopped throbbing and twitching. My ass wants this plug out; it keeps trying to push it out, but without success. I’ve been trying to calm my muscles down, but I cannot control them. They are squeezing and quivering on their on accord. It feels strange to have my asshole twitch, not only involuntarily but completely against my will. Even stranger is the fact that no matter how badly my ass wants to push the plug out, that plug is going absolutely nowhere.

Oh yes, one other thing… precum. I am very well aware of the sensation of the plug sitting on my prostate, and every couple of minutes or so I feel my cock gush precum. It’s not just dripping but literally gushing out, almost pooling inside the Revenge before emptying into my underwear.

ML texted me quite a few times to tell me how excited she is that my “slutty ass” was able to take the plug. When I told her I could feel lube leaking in my undies, she texted me the following:

So what… you can be my ass plugged lube leaking slutty bitch ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll be wearing the plug for most of the night. My Lady wants to watch me when I remove the plug. She wants to rub her pussy while I “moan like a little bitch” when the plug comes out.

Stuffing His Ass – Njoy Pure Plug Large

As you have probably read, I’ve wanted to up cagedmonkey’s plug time. I’ve been doing that with our small njoy plug. I wanted more of a full feeling for him, wanted to stuff him a bit fuller so I recently ordered the njoy pure plug large (gotta love a good deal on Amazon!). The plug arrived last night so we didn’t get a chance to play until this morning.


The large plug is a bit larger than the small but I didn’t feel like it was too large! I thought he could just handle it. Maybe I had high hopes lol. These are the only plugs we own so we don’t have anything that gradually gets larger. It’s small and large and that’s it.


This morning I decided I would give it a try with no lead up, with no ass play, with nothing but lubing up the Large njoy and stuffing it in his ass. Well, in looking back, that may not have been the best choice. He was a super subby hubby and he did try but it hurt. I realize we will need to have some of that lead in. He will have to graduate to wearing that plug by starting with the small or by having some ass play with the probes first to loosen up that tight little sexy asshole. ๐Ÿ™‚


I am excited about getting him there because the plug is so sleek and sexy. It’s very solid and heavy. I know it will make him feel full and controlled by me, not to mention causing his caged cock to drip loads of precum. Even with just getting the plug in there this morning, his prostate is so full he had a small puddle of precum left on the bed that he’s currently sleeping in.

Ass Play – Sometimes Shit Happens

Last night hubby and I got a chance for some playtime since he was off work. The past couple days have found me feeling awfully dominant. I have also been eyeing his sexy little butt and wanting to have a little ass play. It certainly does get my pussy extremely wet and drippy to 1. Be so dominant 2. Hear his noises, moans and whimpers during ass play & 3. Bend him over and spank his sexy little ass.


Seriously is so damn cute, sexy and squeezable!

Like I said, last night was the first night cagedmonkey was off work. We got the kids to bed, watched an episode of Doctor Who and then took a shower together. I do have to say I love him on his knees in the shower soaping me up and washing my entire body. Such a wonderful feeling to have him look up at me so lovingly because he is in heaven getting to service me. After our shower we went in the bedroom (& closed AND locked the door – still love that we can finally do that!) for some playtime.

I knew I wanted to play with his ass and I was really in the mood to use the RodeOh underwear harness but I couldn’t find it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Instead of using a harness I just grabbed a few toys I wanted to play with and the lube. I also got my wand because… well, it’s so much fun for so many reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚ I had hubby on his back and I crawled up between his legs and licked from the base of his caged cock all the way up his belly to his neck. Oh the sounds he made just drove me crazy!

I started out so loving and gentle with Pearl, which is our regular probe for his ass play. Not too big, not too small, just the right size. I was really enjoying myself and loving the moans from him as I penetrated his ass and at the same time pushed my wand under his ball sack. He was pressing so hard against the sides of his Revenge while attempting to get an erection. His balls were pulled tight as his caged was thrust forward. I was enjoying his moans so much that I wanted more so I felt it was time to get a little more into it. This is where I would have used the harness if I knew where it was.

I instructed hubby to get on his hands and knees and present his ass to me properly. While he got into position I grabbed a couple of other toys. I found our Aeronos and Blue and got a little excited that I could get some milking out of him AND push his ass play a little further than normal with a bit bigger probe. I started with the Aeronos which his ass loved and practically took in without me trying. I used it for a bit to rub his prostate internally and I could tell he was absolutely loving it. His cock was dripping from the internal massage. That’s about when I decided to push him. I took Blue and didn’t even give him a chance to slowly take my violation. I shoved Blue into his tight asshole which caused him to yelp. It’s so fucking hot to make him react the way I can. I started fucking him hard, ramming his ass with Blue. Since Blue had such a bulbous tip to it I was sure to pull it all the way back out each time to get extra stretching of his asshole.

Well… things can’t possibly go as planned and while I was slamming his ass hard and fast with Blue, we had a bit of an accident lol and like the title says, sometimes shit happens… literally! That put a stop to that play, we got cleaned up and it was time for some major Aftercare. Hubby was so incredibly upset and ashamed and embarrassed. Ya know, whatever, shit does happen. It wasn’t a big deal and there have been plenty of times he’s had to wipe shit off his dick from fucking my ass. Haha It really was no big deal and after some good old fashioned hugs and kisses and lovey time we got back to some face riding pussy eating and full on body worship. After he gave me about 7 orgasms with his mouth we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Mmmmm my favorite.

Getting My Revenge

At the beginning of this year we had ordered a Revenge from Steelworxx in Germany. We got it back in March and tried it out for awhile. We realized after using it a few times that there were some things we wanted to add/change. We made sure we measured over and over and thought long and hard about what we wanted since, to make changes, we would have to send the device back to Germany. In August, we did just that. Btw, sending the device we spent a ton on to begin with, half way around the world was nerve racking! When a month went by without him getting it, I was nervous. Then when 6 weeks came along and he still hadn’t gotten it I was getting a bit freaked out and thought we lost our money and the device was just gone… but just over 7 weeks later Steelworxx emailed to say they have finally received the device and could start making the adjustments.

As you can see in the previous post (linked above) we had ordered the regular pad lock post and a 50mm ring and did the device kinda as is. You can see below how we added the steel ring around the start of the tube and we also got the anatomic ring which curves a bit back at the bottom.
We also added the integrated lock and the base ring size is smaller as well. It is now about 47mm I believe.
I do think we nailed the sizing and stuff on this one. After the past couple days, while hubby was off work, I made him get dressed in the Revenge. Especially when I woke up yesterday sore as hell because I made him fuck every hole I have nice and hard and deep. He fucked me over and over, as I requested, while he himself was denied any sort of pleasure or orgasm. I’ve been so horny and hard to satisfy sexually recently and I made sure I was fucked SO good that I was walking funny the next morning. God it felt good and I was wet and horny all day because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the constant fucking. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had cagedmonkey get dressed in the Revenge last night and so far he says he’s had no issues and is comfortable. That’s good because I have no plans of removing his device for a bit. I just love that he can’t touch or see his own cock and when he does attempt an erection he’s gets an all over squeeze around his cock.
It’s so shiny and sexy, don’t you think? I do have to comment on how much I love the integrated lock! It’s very easy to lock and unlock and, oh man, is it ever perfect for rubbing my pussy on hubby cage without hurting my lady parts! Even with the security screw on other devices the post still sticks out a bit and can hurt a little if in not careful. This lock is rounded and I couldn’t feel it at all when I was teasing hubby this morning.

I’m already enjoying cagedmonkey being locked in the Revenge again. Today I’ve been teasing him quite intensely, I’ve done my morning facesitting and also covered his chest with my pussy juices. I did a little breath play with him this morning and it got me turned right the hell on so I ended up cumming right there on his chest while smothering him with my big titties. I left his face and chest covered in my juices and went out to do errands.

When I got back from running around I went in for a little visit. While he was sleeping I lubed up my fingers and woke his ass up… quite literally. ๐Ÿ™‚ I gave him a good ass fingering with a couple of my fingers and, damn, did I love hearing his moaning and whimpering from being violated and used for my pleasure. I’m really going to enjoy using and abusing him and giving him a taste of what it is to have sore holes from being overused. In sure the rest of the week is going to be just lovely and frustrating for him. I can’t wait!

I njoy His Ass – Pure Plug Review

Next weekend is our wedding anniversary and I wanted to get us a new toy to play with. I know you all have read in the past about how my obsession with cagedmonkey’s ass has grown. It’s not at all about pegging him that gets me, it’s the way his butt looks, the shape, the feel, and even the springy bounce when I spank him lovingly. I just love how his sexy little ass cheek fits right in my hand so perfectly. So I decided to go for it and I ordered a small njoy Pure Plug butt plug for cagedmonkey. I was so excited when it was delivered yesterday. It’s a cute, tiny little thing but very efficient and effective!

According to their site: ” Equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear all day for some naughty secret stimulation, njoyโ€™s Pure Plugs truly shine where the sun donโ€™t! The Pure Plugs combine a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration, with a tapered stem for easy retention and long-term comfort. The weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness and presence to remind you just how sensitive you really are โ€˜back thereโ€™โ€ฆ”

I fully agree with everything written there. The description couldn’t be anymore spot on! I really had some issues with butt plugs because of what I always imagined or saw them used for and I’m not really into those things. I wanted something that I could use once in awhile for an overall pleasurable experience for cagedmonkey. It seems that this little plug is perfect and does the job well. Seeing is I got a message from cagedmonkey after I’d made him try it out for about an hour or so last night. I had him wear the plug while he got some teasing and while he pleasured me a few times.

He said he definitely feels that it was in but his asshole doesn’t hurt like the other plug we’ve used. He says the plug made him have the twitchy leftover sensitive feelings inside like when we used the other but that his actual asshole isn’t sore. He says it’s a very good thing so I’m excited that this is so small yet so effective, like I said. I’m glad that he can gently be reminded of me all night now even when he’s not wearing the plug. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure he can comment more on that.

The whole idea for me wasn’t to use a butt plug as punishment, to cause discomfort or pain or even to assert my Dominance. I’ve read and seen so many times where a Mistress will use huge butt plugs for those reasons and, honestly, that just grossed me out. There can be so much more to using one, so much pleasure. I love that the njoy is perfectly made and weighted so that once inserted it puts the right amount of pressure on the prostate. Last night while working on my orgasms, cagedmonkey just started pouring precum almost as if I was milking him! It really was a beautiful thing.

So far I really like this plug. At first I wasn’t into the steel thing but then I thought about what we went through with the chastity device and decided to just go for it! It looks like we will have lots of things to try out and ways to experiment with our new njoy Pure Plug. It should be loads of fun!

Good Morning Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Lately, I’ve taken a liking to waking cagedmonkey up in a unique way. I love going up, spooning him and whispering in his ear telling him good morning. I slide my hands under the covers, down his side, over his hip and around to his ass. His skin feels so good under my fingertips! His morning pleasure, instead of a hand job like some guys might get, is me gently sliding a finger in his ass and rubbing his prostate and making him moan. I can’t even begin to explain how much I’m in love with the reactions I get and the way his body responds to my soft, gentle penetration.

The other thing I’ve been researching lately is butt plugs. You all know me and when I start researching stuff! Hehe I’m starting to be ok with the idea of using a butt plug for pleasure occasionally. I’d love to hear your opinions on these, types you use, how you use them. Male and Female points of view are welcome!