Someone Restrain Me


Right now, I have cagedmonkey’s wrists and ankles cuffed and he’s restrained to the bed. I know he’s been craving a total loss of control and we didn’t get much if it on our weekend. I know he wants to feel controlled and used however I want. He is craving a bit of that subspace which I haven’t been able to take him to in awhile. So today I decided to show him just how not in control he is by restraining him to the bed, blindfolding him, plugging his ass, torturing his nipples and doing anything else I find entertaining at the time. Once he’s restrained like that he’s at my mercy. I decide if he will sleep, or be forced to stay awake with whatever I’m tormenting him with. There is nothing he can do about it.

He’s at a spot in his horny level where his parts are sensitive, which means his nipples are perfect for teasing and torturing. At the moment I’m not overloading him with things, I put the Arenos in his ass, pressing in his prostate, likely causing some major drippage from his overfilled aching balls. I plan to head back in shortly to attach the nipple clamps to his sensitive nipples. I’m not planning it out by time, just whatever feels right. I will likely unlock him as well so that while I have him in such a vulnerable position I can tease and torture his cock. I can ride his cock and face and enjoy myself during all of this too. So much fun using him to cum all over and forcing him to lay there covered in my juices and my scent, it must be heaven for him.

I love increasing my intensity levels as his horniness increases. It only makes his denial that much more fun. Having him this way in the bedroom, ready to use as my toy is such an arousing thing. I’m sitting here with wet panties knowing that he’s on his way to a deeper, more submissive place than he has been in awhile.

He has no idea when I’ll be back or what I’ll be doing. I left room simply saying, “enjoy darling, try to rest, I’ll be back soon.” I feel like the luckiest woman in the world that I have a man to love me and be mine in every way. A man that needs the intensity that I have to offer. A man that can handle what I give him.

***Update: I just had to come update and share this pic, damn he’s sexy and I love hearing him moan when I give that chain a pull or reclamp them!

Don’t Want to Waste the Precious Time We Have Together

Tonight the kids will be going back to their Friday night activity. It’s a social skills group for kids with Autism (and their siblings) that usually happens once or twice a month. That means hubby and I get about one and a half hours of uninterrupted Date Night. These date nights can range anywhere from a nice night out at a restaurant for dinner to a quick movie at home together and sometimes, like tonight, it can be an intense D/s or tease session depending on how we are feeling. Actually depending on how I’m feeling since, sexually, I control it all. 🙂

I can honestly say I don’t have specific plans for tonight but when hubby asked if he should plan to make dinner I told him no. I said I was in desperate need to dominate him and I needed an intense D/s session. I told him with the very limited amount of time we have I did not want to waste it eating dinner. LoL

I’m already in a very powerful mood this morning. He got home from work and I went in to tuck him into bed. That turned into a half an hour of pretty intense teasing and me getting very aggressive with him. At first I laid with him and was trailing my fingers up and down his naked body. Running them all around his cage but ignoring the locked cock within. I gently dragged my fingers along his stomach and chest, across his nipples and up over his shoulders. I traced all the gorgeous lines of his body and loved hearing him gasp and quietly moan as he got more and more aroused. I could feel the skin get tighter as he swelled in his cage.

I was getting more and more turned on, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and warmer, quivering in my panties. As I was teasing and tickling cagedmonkey, I felt this wonderful surge., a powerful, aggressive feeling came over me. I pinched and pulled his nipples just to hear him moan. I crave hearing his reaction to my touch. I made him moan into my ear, made him whimper and I could feel his breath. It made me extremely horny and I could feel my need to orgasm, simply from his reactions to my touch. It is nothing short of amazing that I feel this with him.

I continued teasing, tickling, pinching and pulling, filling my desire for his reaction. I kept doing it until I pushed myself to the edge of orgasm. Right at the peak I climbed on top of him and rubbed my panty covered pussy on his cock straining in his Jail Bird. I pushed myself over as I humped his body through my orgasm. Fuck, it was fantastic to feel those powerful, “I’ll use you and take what I want from you” feelings again.

As I mentioned, I’m not sure what tonight will bring but I have thought about wearing my new strap on harness. I’ve thought about bending him over and forcing him to be mine. But… who knows, we’ll just have to see what happens tonight! I do know that today, all day, is going to be one hell of a prolonged tease session. I have no plans of letting him get uninterrupted sleep today, he’ll just have to deal with it. 🙂

Naughty, Kinky Thoughts Flowing Like a River

If you’ve been following along, you know I’ve had some Dommy confidence issues. I’ve been trying to get myself back into the organized, always have a plan, Domme that I am. After taking almost two weeks off to enjoy some beautiful Caribbean weather, it has been quite the task getting back organized.

Thanks to locking hubby up, talking about an intense D/s session with him, chatting all sexy with friends in email, text and Twitter and getting back to reading sexy blogs, I’m feeling much better about my kinky state. I will admit I was a bit worried that I lost my kinky but I think it just came down to not being in a kinky environment. I’m definitely a chameleon and have always been when it comes to social situations. I can fit in anywhere and be what I need to be to fit in – always continuing to be myself in the process but censoring what needs to be censored out of respect for the rest of the world. So I feel like spending 2 weeks in the “vanilla” world and not thinking or really even talking kinky set me back. It’s coming back all kinds of lovely now. 🙂

The past few days, as I’ve said, I’ve had some chats with people and read some stuff that has gotten my creative fantasy juices flowing, not to mention other juices. I thought I’d come here and write them down. This way you all get to enjoy my kinky fantasy thoughts and I get to get all turned on thinking about you enjoying them. And what you might be doing with yourself while enjoying them – if you are lucky enough not to be locked in a cage that is. 🙂

I’ve had some amazing thoughts going on, from spanking to sensory deprivation, from simple bondage to full on Doggystyle Stockade with an attached fucking machine.

I was looking through pics on my phone and found one of cagedmonkey’s gorgeous ass, nice and red after I spanked him over my knee bare handed. Good God is it a beautiful thing to look at and remember how it feels to spank him as he squirms and whimpers in my lap. I started to think about how much enjoyment I get when using my paddle too. When I have him bound spread eagle, face down on the bed spanking his ass, thighs and even spreading those cheeks and giving his tight little asshole a swat.
I also recently read, over at Chastity Forums I think, about a guy who’s wife made him wear rubber gloves as a way to diminish his sensation when touching her, or something like that… so that got me thinking a lot about sensory deprivation. I’ve often tried to think of a way that I could deprive cagedmonkey of some of his senses, including touch, but still get what I need from him – like his touch! So this whole rubber glove thing got me going. If I’ve got cagedmonkey restrained, in the hood, ear buds in with something playing on his S5 or iPod, caged but having the RodeoH and my favorite dildo attached and rubber gloves on him there is quite a bit of possibility there. I just think there is an awful lot of frustration to be had while I’m able to please myself and he can feel absolutely nothing.

My thoughts have also gone deeper, rather quickly, as my need to dominate my husband sexually has increased. I’ve started thinking a lot about the Doggystle stockade we’ve mentioned in the past wanting to get. We’ve had all kinds of mindfuck sessions thinking about the things we could do with a piece of furniture like this. Even more recently we’ve gotten even more intense with our fantasies and added in thoughts of the attached fucking machine (which led us to the site linked above).

So many fantastic, naughty things could happen with this set up. Not only could we do some of the things mentioned in previous posts, while hubby is being excruciatingly slowly violated by the fucking machine but we could also use it as a torture device. The site we’ve been looking at also has Fleshlight attachments for the fucking machine which could be used to force fuck cagedmonkey for, potentially, hours at whatever pace a please. Perhaps juuuuuuuuust slow enough that he can’t cum but not too slow that he could lose his erection. Or, perhaps, it could be used to continue stroking him post orgasm for some torture. So many ideas ranging from forced anal violation to forced orgasms but isn’t that why I’m in control? I get to decide when and what sexual pleasure or torture he will have to endure and for how long.

The other thing I’ve been fantasizing about with having this machine, since we aren’t into the actual physical side of cuckolding, is the potential to kind of cuckold cagedmonkey. I could fuck myself with the machine in every way I like over and over, having him tied in the stackade portion, forced to watch me cum. Forced to see the pleasure I get while he is locked there wishing he was the one pleasing me. Watching as a machine takes his place and fucks his wife inches from his face where he can smell my sex and is aching and dripping, wanting to taste me… feel me… touch me.

As you can see my naughty, kinky thoughts are coming back just fine. I am loving being back home because I’m getting that, ever so intense, growly, hungry, animalistic, horny growing inside me and I need to take it out on cagedmonkey.

Njoy Large Plug, Take 2

As our Twitter followers may already know, I’m currently writing this post with the large Njoy butt plug stuffed up my ass.

ML took the kids out for a few errands this afternoon, giving me some much appreciated alone time. She gave me an assignment before she left, though – get the large butt plug and fill my ass up with it. Our first try with the large plug didn’t go so well. This time, with an empty house and with me doing the inserting myself, I was hoping for a better outcome.

After everyone left, I fetched the plug and the lube and got on my knees in the center of the living room. I spread some (extra, EXTRA) lube on the plug and I reached back to slowly begin the process of opening up my ass to the plug. I had to take it slow, pushing the tip in millimeter by widening millimeter. It was somewhat humiliating, being on my knees stuffing my ass with a metal butt plug, bent over with my head down and ass up in order to help my ass accept the plug better, moaning as the steel pushed further into me. When ML texted me to see how it was going, she instructed me to tell her what I was doing and how it felt. Painting the picture for her only added to my humiliation.

Going slow, I was able to get the plug into my ass pretty deep without too much pain. Then, when the head of the plug passed through my asshole, my ass sucked the rest of the plug in. I was not prepared to be completely filled that fast, and I collapsed onto the floor moaning and rolling around as my ass accepted the hunk of metal that had invaded it.

As I sit here, about an hour later, my ass has still not stopped throbbing and twitching. My ass wants this plug out; it keeps trying to push it out, but without success. I’ve been trying to calm my muscles down, but I cannot control them. They are squeezing and quivering on their on accord. It feels strange to have my asshole twitch, not only involuntarily but completely against my will. Even stranger is the fact that no matter how badly my ass wants to push the plug out, that plug is going absolutely nowhere.

Oh yes, one other thing… precum. I am very well aware of the sensation of the plug sitting on my prostate, and every couple of minutes or so I feel my cock gush precum. It’s not just dripping but literally gushing out, almost pooling inside the Revenge before emptying into my underwear.

ML texted me quite a few times to tell me how excited she is that my “slutty ass” was able to take the plug. When I told her I could feel lube leaking in my undies, she texted me the following:

So what… you can be my ass plugged lube leaking slutty bitch 🙂

I’ll be wearing the plug for most of the night. My Lady wants to watch me when I remove the plug. She wants to rub her pussy while I “moan like a little bitch” when the plug comes out.

Needing an Intense Femdom Session

Cagedmonkey has been denied almost 100 days (98 if you’re keeping track) now and he won’t be getting a release until Sunday… night most likely. He will have been locked up tight 24/7 for almost 2 weeks by that point. Yes we have done longer 24/7 periods but it’s been pretty intense this time around. I’ve been especially horny and doing such dirty, naughty things to him.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit frustrated and horny myself. I find this happens when I’ve got hubby locked in the Revenge (or the Jail Bird too) for a significant amount of time without using my toy. Since mother nature decided it was time for my period early this month, thank you for that because I’d hate to have it while in a cruise, I figured it was a good time as any to lock him in the Revenge. I certainly wouldn’t be taking it out to play with it. I really think it’s going to be so crazy to feel him after not having him for almost 2 weeks. I’ve been cumming and cumming and I can just imagine how tight my pussy is going to be. I bet it’s going to hurt when he slides it in the first time. Not a bad hurt but a stretchy, omfg this feels so good, hurt.

So, like I said, I woke up very horny and growly frustrated because I fucking want him but I made myself a promise – not until Sunday. It’s messing with my brain and I’ve been having awfully naughty, dirty, much more intense fantasies about femdom sessions with him. I couldn’t tell him out loud because of innocent ears so I texted him today to tell him how I was feeling. To tell him how my pussy was so wet thinking about what I wanted to do to him.

I have a problem because I just had a thought/fantasy run through my head about how I want to see you on your knees in front of me, eyes watering, mouth drooling, whimpering and begging me to stop because I’m forcing you to choke and gag on my strap on while fucking your face. Fuck I’m fucking God Damn horny!

Yeah, that’s about the spot I’m in right now and I’m wishing we could get a babysitter on Sunday night so we could have a real femdom type night with my thigh highs, boots, his collar and everything. I’m feeling like I want or need a very good intense Domme session. The other day, having more control over him, really boosted me. And fuck, spanking him was absolutely fantastic!. It’s been since August that I spanked him and I used the strap-on on him then too. It was incredible, I want that again. I want to use my new harness and probe because it seems like it’s going to be the most amazing thing.

Looking back at older posts just now I ran into this Femdom session from almost a year ago. It’s funny how these feelings seem to cycle around. When I read that I was like “yes, yes, I want to do THAT!” Anyway, I really have no idea when I can have a moment like that but I sure am craving it.

Cagedmonkey’s Experience of a Brutal Ass Fuck

My Lady has already shared her account of the intense pegging she gave me the other night. I won’t go into too much detail of what happened, as she has already done that (and I was also mighty drunk, as well). I do want to talk about what I experienced during the scene – how it felt and what was going through my mind. This is much easier to remember, as having a a big thick rubber dildo shoved into your ass until you can’t help but scream tends to sober you up pretty quickly.

After heading to bed after our drinking date, My Lady told me to get up on my hands and knees – assume the position, as it were. The alcohol made me very obiedient, and I followed her instruction right away. I knew what was coming, as ML and I had talked about this for a week or two before this; it’s not like she surprised me with it or anything.

ML started my anal abuse with Blue, a toy she sometimes uses near the end of our pegging scenes (if at all). God, when she uses this on me, it feels like I’m being invaded by a big bulbous head… probably because that’s exactly what’s going on. It’s always a struggle for me to relax enough to get that huge head past the tight ring of my asshole. Once it’s in, it’s not all that terrible, except for the fact that I can feel the thick round tip plowing back and forth inside me. It’s an intense experience, and I feel completely out of control when ML begins to speed up and actually fuck me with it at a good pace. I’m pretty much forced to give myself over to whatever is happening inside my ass.

A weird thing happens when ML pegs me – I very often have no clue which toy she is using unless I see it before she starts. In this case, I had no idea which toys she was using (even when she started using Mr. O, which I will get to in a little bit). Perhaps the alcohol had a little something to do with it, but not likely; this is something that I’ve experienced before. I usually end up thinking she is using a bigger toy than she is, and I don’t reall think you can blame me. Everything feels bigger when it’s buried deep in your ass… or so I’ve heard.

This time, after ML started fucking me pretty hard with Blue, I couldn’t even really think about which toy she was using. The only thing I could think about was praying that ML would be finished with me quickly. That ended up being far from the case. Each time I felt that I was able to adjust and handle the rough ass fucking she was putting me through, ML would thrust faster and deeper. I was constantly whimpering, begging her to please stop, to please be done with me. At some point, she reached underneath me and began stroking my hard throbbing cock (???), and I started alternating between moaning and asking her to let me cum and pleading with her to stop fucking my ass. My Lady fulfilled neither of these requests.

The one thing My Lady did fill was my ass with an even bigger dildo – Mr. O (side note: My Lady forgot to mention another reason Mr. O got its name – back when we were searching for a good strap on for me to fuck ML with while caged, Mr. O was the only toy that could give her a nice good “O”). I had never been formally introduced to Mr. O, and knowing the mood that ML was already in, I knew it wasn’t going to be gentle. The tapered shape helped with the pain of the initial insertion, but as you can clearly see from the link above, Mr. O gets much thicker much quicker.

Mr. O gave a totally different feeling than Blue – while Blue felt more invasive and intruding, Mr. O simply stretched my ass wide. And it fucking hurt. I couldn’t hold back and I screamed into the pillow as ML pushed it further inside me. She was thrusting hard, and after a few moments I didn’t even have the ability to beg for mercy any more. I hit what seemed like a combination of subspace and pure pain, where I went from sobbing into the pillow to simply enduring the torture and back again. I wasn’t tied down, but I couldn’t move. I lost time, it felt like it was going on forever and that time was standing still all at once. I was just there, being treated like a raw fuck hole by the woman I love.

I felt the first bulge on Mr. O’s shaft push into my ass, and my mind snapped back to the moment. I began frantically screaming for ML to stop, and I started to cry with my face pressed into the mattress. I asked for exactly this. I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that I was actually being raped; I wanted it to stop more than anything. But My Lady kept going, pushing the dildo harder and deeper into my abused asshole.

The second bulge forced its way in my ass, and I felt ML bearing down even more, determined to make me take it all. She leaned in hard on me, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain inside me. I tried to adjust to it and endure it, but I couldn’t. Then I tried to just let it wash over me, but it only got worse. It felt like the dildo was about to tear me apart inside. I couldn’t take it any longer, and I used my safeword.

My wonderful loving wife, after hearing me resort to using my safeword, immediately began taking me down. She removed the dildo from my ass (calmly and gently, thankfully) and held me tightly and assured me that it was over and everything was okay. It felt wonderful for her to react so quickly to my SW, but I had the strangest reaction – I was telling ML that it was okay, also. I wasn’t really thinking, but my instinct was to make sure ML knew that what she did to me, deep down, was a good thing.

As usual, after I experience a good hard pegging, I was feeling extremely subby to ML. I serviced her in my favorite way by licking her pussy, which was totally soaked after dominating my so completely. After a few orgasms, both ML and I were completely exhausted. We fell asleep in each other’s loving arms, safe and secure with each other.

Amazingly, my asshole itself didn’t hurt too much the morning after. I thought I’d be sore and hurting after the the treatment I received, but thankfully ML used a ton of lube. I did, however, feel a soreness deep inside my hips from the deep and thorough fucking ML gave me. It wasn’t a bad hurt though, it was similar to the way your muscles ache after a good workout.

I never thought I’d be able to fully live out my rape fantasy, but My Lady made that happen. As much pain and suffering I went through, I never felt scared or unsafe with ML. I knew that no matter what happened, she truly loves me and would take care of me. She gave me a painful ass fuck out of love. 🙂

After all is said and done, I didn’t fully hate it. I am amazed at how fully used ML made me feel, and that depravity is definitely a turn on for me (I’m actually getting hard writing this st the moment). I really did hate it in the moment, but I can’t deny that I love that it happened. Part of me wonders exactly what it looked like to watch me be pushed so far; maybe next time I’ll suggest that ML get it on video. 🙂 in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ll be ready for a repeat of this after quite some time… but it’s definitely something I’d be willing to experience again.