Worried A Lot of Good Blogs Will Die

Chances are everyone in the blog world has heard already about Google’s change in policy to eliminate explicit pics and video from their Blogger blogs.

There are a ton of posts about it today so you can go here to read about it or look at pretty much everyone’s sites.

I’m just worried that a lot of very good blogs are going to die off. It’s not that they have to actually leave Blogger and they will not lose any content but until they can remove all images and videos that may be explicit in nature their blog well be forced to go private. Some of those blogs have been around for many years and have hundreds, if not more, of posts. That’s a hell of a lot to go through.

I could be wrong but it does seem these blog authors could link to pictures and video that are sexual in nature but cannot have the images displayed on their actual blog. So that could be one way to get around it but, to be honest, I don’t know if I’d want to take the chance. There are other options but I don’t know if any sex related blog is safe on a “free” platform.

Ok just my opinion… I’d really hate to lose so much amazing content. This really is “Blogocalypse 2015” and personally I think Google is stupid for not finding another way.


14 responses to “Worried A Lot of Good Blogs Will Die

  1. I hadn’t been posting to my blog, but left it up for anyone interested. I deleted it tonight, thanks to Google’s upcoming censorship policy. Pathetic policy and I’ll be avoiding their sites as much as possible. Google sucks.


  2. Like many others, I post pictures only to offer a visualization of the words in my post. I think this new rule is an annoyance more than anything. Yes, I enjoy seeing many of the pictures that appear in blog posts that I like to read. And I know that on my own posts that have sexy pictures, my page views are through the roof, even though the “extra” page views are probably merely from lurkers that are looking to get the nut off and shouldn’t matter anyway. In any event, I intend to not go anywhere and will simply have to rely on being better able to paint a picture in the mind’s eye of the reader.

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  3. I too agree, it is scary what is happening to our freedom in this country. There are people who see a picture of a naked man or woman, and call it perversion, and they cry for it to be banned. We learned nothing when Germany burned thousands of books, and we are and will repeat history.

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  4. We host on our own server, so we are unaffected. I can understand Google’s position which is their liability for kiddie porn, etc. But still, adult content has a place and needs to be protected. I’m not sure what Worcpress says about adult images, but my guess is that their terms of use also prohibit it. They just currently don’t choose to enforce it.

    It is very inexpensive to lease server space from companies that don’t prohibit adult material. It can cost as little as $10 a month. It will take a bit of learning and work, but most offer easy ways to get the necessary free software in place. WordPress is free and installs without any real technical knowledge.

    You can’t be truly safe with your content unless you control where it lives.

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  5. I can still post stories and blurbs from my head without pictures. I only use photos to help portray what the blurb is about! If forced to stop, then I’ll stop, but I wont go anywhere, especially with Lady M posting πŸ˜‰

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    • Yeah we are WordPress and some don’t like Tumblr because it’s not as good for an actual blog. We are slightly careful on our blog with WP’s adult content policy but everyone is worried that once Blogger cracks down, WordPress will soon follow! It’s a scary place in the blogger world right now.

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