Keeping It Real

In the past few days (and since starting or blog) we’ve often gotten wonderful comments about the realness of our blog. It’s comments like these that I love.


Way back when we started this blog we said it would always be real (unless we’re writing about fantasies!). We wanted to document our journey as a married couple with young children. We promised to never embellish and always share the truth. I just love that people see that and appreciate it! It really just makes me smile so big! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read our journey, the good and the bad. We love sharing this with you!


3 responses to “Keeping It Real

  1. The best blogs are the ones that are obviously real, for example yours and Mistress Marie’s. Life isn’t always perfect, people have other distractions, fluctuations in their routines and libidos, and if a relationship is progressing there will be good times and difficult times. Keeping it real is the best option, not least because it’s hard to truly invest in a blog that’s made up, and it’s always pretty obvious when they are.

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