Nothing Says Vacation Like Crystal Blue Waters


The view from our balcony

Cagedmonkey and I are finally sitting in the comfort of our own living room after spending almost two weeks cruising the Caribbean. We ate way too much food, drank a lot more than we usually do, saw some amazing places, had gorgeous weather and enjoyed swimming in the ocean. We went snorkeling in St Thomas, which was such an outstanding experience and so was swimming with dolphins in Tortola.
The kids had a fantastic time during their theme nights, playing games and making friends in the kids program on the ship. That left mommy and daddy with time to spend together kid-free. We saw a few shows with acrobats and comedians and spent time listening to music in the bars. We also had time to just sit and relax in some big comfy chairs together.
The islands were beautiful and we enjoyed shopping and getting some amazing prices on things. Everything was tax and duty free so the prices were crazy low compared to the states.
Cagedmonkey even got me a gorgeous blue opal butterfly pendant and a necklace that kinda matches the tattoo on my leg. Everyone got really great souvenirs from our ports of call.


Yes I put the pendant on my necklace with my keys at first 🙂

We really did enjoy some fun times and lovely sights. Our ship had an amazing pool and we got to see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises on the ocean. We even got to see a rainbow from our balcony.
That’s not all we did on that balcony! We got a little sexy on that balcony. We had sex a couple times and once, while leaning over the railing being pounded doggystyle I happened to look to my left and a few cabins down I see a guy taking pictures right in my direction. I didn’t tell cagedmonkey right away lol I just slowly leaned my head back from the railing. I did tell him after the fact and honestly I’m sure that dude snapped a picture of my “O” face haha. I think cagedmonkey liked that we had a private balcony that he could just walk out onto naked and just enjoy the beautiful sun. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics to share of his sexy nakedness on the balcony. I think we were too much into enjoying each other to think to grab the phone for some pictures. The times we got to spend any sexy time together was very spontaneous which was actually pretty nice. Usually, when locked in the cage, we have to plan things a bit because of the need to remove it.

Our trip wasn’t all fun and games and horny times lol cagedmonkey did have a few days on the way there and back suffering with sea sickness. We got him some meds but they really made him awfully tired. We tried to have a few moments here and there but to be honest, I wish there would have been a lot more sexy times especially with so many mirrors all around the bed. Life just doesn’t always work that way. We did have an amazing trip and experienced new things in an amazing place. We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.

We are happy to be back on land and very happy to be back in our own home living life on our terms. Can’t wait to get back into our kinky life, I think we both have really missed it and I almost wish we had the cage so we could have locked up cagedmonkey as soon as we got through customs back in New York City. It’s good to be home though!


Nice pic of the south side of Manhattan & the "Freedom Tower"

See all that snow NYC didn’t get? Haha


3 responses to “Nothing Says Vacation Like Crystal Blue Waters

  1. Glad you had a great cruise. My spouse and I love cruising. We try to do at least one a year. You just can’t beat it for a relaxing vacation. it is really hard not to gain weight and even harder to get it off after you get home. My spouse says next cruise we ARE taking my cage, packing it in our luggage to board, then I will wear it 24/7 except when going off the ship on excursions and, of course, repacking in our luggage on our return to disembark. Not sure whether anything would be said about it. From what I gather, they have all sorts of things people attempt to bring on ships. My spouse says they should classify it as a SAFETY device. Ha! Guess she thought maybe some of the ladies onboard were a little too friendly on our last cruise. Anyway, glad you are back. Missed you on the blog and on CF.

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      • Yes, it does take a few days to get rid of the “sea legs”. My spouse laughs about it because I would be swaying in the shower at home for a couple of days after the cruise.


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