Squirting is No. 1!!!

So I was completely unaware of this, but all of those times in the past that My Lady has squirted during sex with me she was really just pissing on me.

At least, that’s what the wonderful people over at the clickbait website Vice would have you believe.

A recent article was brought to my attention, titled, “Squirting is Just Peeing, Say Scientists.” I gave it a read, and I have issues with claims that are made in the article. To be honest, I wasn’t surpised at the level of investigative journalism from a site that features a link to an article titled “Brazil Is Grieving Over a Beauty Queen’s Rotting Ass” on its sidebar.

The article at least has the conscience to provide a link to the study abstract. My first question is: who exactly are these scientists? They got a nice gig going on here. “No, we aren’t watching these women orgasm over and over because we’re creeps… this is SCIENCE!!!” You can’t tell me that these pervs didn’t go home every day and jerk off as hard as they possibly could.

With that out of the way, reading through the abstract exposes a lot of problems with the study. They went about observing seven women (also known in the scientific community as an absurdly small sample size) who reported massive fluid release during sex (the article specifically mentions a cupfull of liquid, which, yeah, I would consider massive). So not only do we have a small sample size, but we also have selection bias going on. BAD SCIENCE ALERT!!!

They basically picked women who would give them the best chance to prove their theory (if you’re squirting a cup full of liquid when you cum, there’s a decent chance some of it might be urine, because duh, that’s a lot of goddamn fluid) and stopped when the data supported them.

Let me tell you what I know, from firsthand (and firstcock) knowledge. I’m pretty sure when ML squirts that it isn’t pee. There are a few reasons I believe this. First, ML can feel the difference between when I’m stimulating her in a squirty way and when I’m starting to hit her bladder, and so can I. Second, the fluid that comes out does not look, smell, or taste like pee. It has a very potent musky scent, and it turns me on like fucking crazy. Piss doesn’t do that for me. Third (and this is the best evidence, in my opinion), just about every time ML squirts, she feels the need to go pee after, and she pees A LOT. It’s enough to be like , “okay, if that squirt was piss, where is all this coming from?” The study claims that the women had empty bladders after orgasm; ML’s bladder is anything but.

So why is there such a disagreement? I’m guessing that the women in the study already had some sort of incontinence issue already. I mean, how else are you going to squirt a cup full of fluid? It’s actually not that big of a deal to me. Whether it’s piss or not, I still think it’s fucking sexy when M Lady’s pussy squirts. It’s mindblowing to think that her pussy squirts a lot more often than my cock does. I love it when she squirts all over me, soaks my body in her juices, and even forces me to drink it down. If it’s pee, then so be it. What’s most important is that it makes both ML and me horny, and it certainly does that!



11 responses to “Squirting is No. 1!!!

  1. It does seem this experiment was not done right. I read so many things on the internet and sometimes it can be tough to weed out the fakes with the real. With as much conspiracy that is out there and the fact that I am not a scientist, but I agree completely with this article. I agree squirting is not urine. I have had both. I like vaginal juices and I like being pee’d on. this is a very different taste and spell. I believe urine samples can end up in vaginal squirting just because of the pressure that occurs within the vagina, But who cares really! From the perspective of a man who enjoys both, I never cared really what it was. It could be urine for all I care, the point is, is that it’s sexy! No woman should be ashamed so squirt during an orgasm, A man squirts every time he orgasms and I personally am not ashamed by that, nor do I know of a man who is. It’s a thing a woman does when she orgasms. It’s beautiful and some are very good at it 😉


  2. This argument seems to have been going on for a long time. Too long. 1) I have a vague sensation of starting to pee, then there comes a moment when I feel the “valves” changing over from pee stream to female ejaculate stream. Sometimes this happens automatically, other times I need to make a mental effort to make this happen. 2) The body is 90 percent water. That’s where it comes from, in addition to other fluids. Being well hydrated can produce more ejaculate. 3) It’s not water and it’s not urine. It’s clearer than urine. Mine tastes sweet with a little hint of musk. 4) By the time I’ve ejaculated, sometimes over and over, I still need to pee. 5) For me female ejaculation often occurs with orgasms. Pee doesn’t. 6) Stimulating my G-spot will lead to ejaculation but it won’t lead to peeing.

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    • Diane,

      Thanks so much for your very well articulated comment! You’ve described it perfectly with the “valves changing over” Yes! Yes! Yes! I can FEEL it and yes, most times I have to mentally change my muscle usage.

      Awesome, awesome comment, thank you!


  3. I read an article last night by ifuckingllovescience on FB that said the same thing. Half a million people ‘liked’ the post.

    Its incorrect information! Pisses me right off. Its not pee. This is going to make women feel horrible. Its taking away the mystery and beauty of female ejaculation and making it a joke or gross.

    Its not pee. I know because I can’t orgasm without squirting / gushing.

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