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Nothing Found
Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive.

I thought I would come and take a moment to explain why, if you are looking for two posts in particular, you would get that error message.

I had written two very difficult posts about myself and exposed myself and my fantasies. Apparently this was not taken well by some and it wouldn’t have been the biggest deal if it was just aimed at me but it wasn’t. I removed the posts simply because I did not want to be responsible for putting other people in an awkward position. It is not fair that they need to be subjected to comments made by others regarding a post that I wrote.

Thank you for your understanding and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


4 responses to “Nothing Found

    • I do want to make a point to say, too, that at some point in the future I may write a new post on the subject. Simply because, like I said, this was not about sensoring what we like or say or do.

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  1. You should never need to feel that you have to sensor yourself when it comes to expressing yourself and or your fantasies. As long as your true to yourself and your wife, than I would not really care what others think of say about how you express your desire and fantasies.


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