Since My Last Orgasm…

Today marks 3 calendar months since my last orgasm, which – thanks to Pope Gregory XIII – corresponds to a very uneven 92 days. My Lady put it into perspective for me by equating it to 1/4 of a year. Has it really been that long? Yes, it fucking has. I may not have been counting day by day, but I was very aware of my growing frustration and horniness. ML made sure of that. What’s even more amazing to think about is how many orgasms My Lady has had during this time. Considering how she averages at least one cum a day (and very often more than that), it has to be well over one hundred.

So… exactly how long has it been since my last orgasm? What has happened since that morning when I filled My Lady’s pussy with a nice load of cum? Let’s see… since my last orgasm:

I have about two weeks go to until I get to cum; ML has promised me that this is not a “Maybe Day” this time around, it’s a “DEFINIETLY Day!” It’s been a long wait, and I’m not going to lie… I’m really glad it’s almost done. I’m desperate to cum! But that’s how My Lady wants me, and that’s why we do this.


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