Deafening Orgasms

Something that has only ever happened to me in the 15 years I’ve been with my amazing husband is apparently not all that uncommon. There are times when cagedmonkey will make me orgasm so hard that I go deaf. The loss happens mostly in my left ear but can occur in both. I experience this sudden cessation of hearing post orgasm, not all of the time, but pretty much every time I orgasm hard. When I say I go deaf, I don’t mean totally, I can still hear but it’s muffled as if there is cotton in my ear or I’m under water. It usually lasts anywhere between 30 seconds to several minutes. I don’t usually have any issues with balance, disorientation or dizziness. Although at times I’ve gotten up somewhat fast (aka kids interrupting) and got the whole lightheaded dizzy feeling but I chalk that up to the sudden blood flow leaving my head!

I’ve recently done some research on this because I was curious if this was something that only happened to me. I found that it’s actually not that uncommon. It doesn’t seem very common but not anything too rare. Apparently when you’re having a body-shaking, mind blowing, super awesome orgasm it can cause this hearing loss and sometimes vision loss. I wanted to see if professionals had any thoughts on it and I found a reply from one Dr online who wrote something to the effect of:

This temporary hearing loss could be due to Eustachian tube block. “The Eustachian tube is a narrow tube that connects the middle ear with the back of the nose.” Due to increased activity of all glands during sexual activity, this tube gets blocked and while it is blocked, a person could experience partial block or hearing loss. Later the tube opens and they can hear again.

Seems like a pretty good explanation because having a bit of a medical knowledge myself, the things she said are true. I’m sure if my crazy research lady took over I could find multiple reasons this could be happening but honestly it’s just nice to know it’s not some weird thing only my body does. I know, for me, I’m holding my breath and pushing so hard against the inside of my skull when I’m having an exceptionally hard orgasm that I could practically pop an eye out. Especially when the kids are about and I’m attempting with everything I have to hold in the “holymotherfuckingsonofagoddamnbitchthisisanawesomeorgasm” scream I want to let out. Sometimes I wonder, in a nerdy sort of way, what amount of force I’m putting on my throat muscles, my brain and my chest even while holding in my incredible orgasm response. If I did let out my screens of delight I often wonder if I’d blow out mine and cagedmonkey’s eardrums haha.

Anyway, along this road we find out awesome and amazing things about ourselves. Some we embrace, some we run from but in it all we enjoy the journey that takes us there.


3 responses to “Deafening Orgasms

  1. I get the same hearing loss occasionally during orgasm, or any other time I particularly strain myself. More so during a long edging session than the actual orgasm. I guess I strain more on the edge than I do going over the edge 🙂


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