Nothing Says Vacation Like Crystal Blue Waters


The view from our balcony

Cagedmonkey and I are finally sitting in the comfort of our own living room after spending almost two weeks cruising the Caribbean. We ate way too much food, drank a lot more than we usually do, saw some amazing places, had gorgeous weather and enjoyed swimming in the ocean. We went snorkeling in St Thomas, which was such an outstanding experience and so was swimming with dolphins in Tortola.
The kids had a fantastic time during their theme nights, playing games and making friends in the kids program on the ship. That left mommy and daddy with time to spend together kid-free. We saw a few shows with acrobats and comedians and spent time listening to music in the bars. We also had time to just sit and relax in some big comfy chairs together.
The islands were beautiful and we enjoyed shopping and getting some amazing prices on things. Everything was tax and duty free so the prices were crazy low compared to the states.
Cagedmonkey even got me a gorgeous blue opal butterfly pendant and a necklace that kinda matches the tattoo on my leg. Everyone got really great souvenirs from our ports of call.


Yes I put the pendant on my necklace with my keys at first 🙂

We really did enjoy some fun times and lovely sights. Our ship had an amazing pool and we got to see the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises on the ocean. We even got to see a rainbow from our balcony.
That’s not all we did on that balcony! We got a little sexy on that balcony. We had sex a couple times and once, while leaning over the railing being pounded doggystyle I happened to look to my left and a few cabins down I see a guy taking pictures right in my direction. I didn’t tell cagedmonkey right away lol I just slowly leaned my head back from the railing. I did tell him after the fact and honestly I’m sure that dude snapped a picture of my “O” face haha. I think cagedmonkey liked that we had a private balcony that he could just walk out onto naked and just enjoy the beautiful sun. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pics to share of his sexy nakedness on the balcony. I think we were too much into enjoying each other to think to grab the phone for some pictures. The times we got to spend any sexy time together was very spontaneous which was actually pretty nice. Usually, when locked in the cage, we have to plan things a bit because of the need to remove it.

Our trip wasn’t all fun and games and horny times lol cagedmonkey did have a few days on the way there and back suffering with sea sickness. We got him some meds but they really made him awfully tired. We tried to have a few moments here and there but to be honest, I wish there would have been a lot more sexy times especially with so many mirrors all around the bed. Life just doesn’t always work that way. We did have an amazing trip and experienced new things in an amazing place. We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation.

We are happy to be back on land and very happy to be back in our own home living life on our terms. Can’t wait to get back into our kinky life, I think we both have really missed it and I almost wish we had the cage so we could have locked up cagedmonkey as soon as we got through customs back in New York City. It’s good to be home though!


Nice pic of the south side of Manhattan & the "Freedom Tower"

See all that snow NYC didn’t get? Haha

The Proposal

The other big question we got over the weekend from family and friends was, “How did cagedmonkey propose?”

Well he took me out to dinner at a really expensive restaurant, while we were there a violinist came up to the table playing the most beautiful song… Haha yeah right, hubby wasn’t even 21 and hadn’t even graduated college yet. Plus he knows me way better and would take me to Burger King before some fancy restaurant. 🙂 I’m certainly not some fancy schmancy girl.

We knew we wanted to get married and I never really expected an actual proposal because we just knew we were meant to be together. Well what I didn’t know was that cagedmonkey had called and talked to my parents about it. My mom, since my parents were divorced for many years, offered him the diamond my father bought my mother for her engagement ring. She even mailed it out to him in NY and I had no idea. Cagedmonkey had taken it and had a ring made to fit the diamond in the style he knew I liked and had talked about.

It took a few weeks for the ring to come in. He got the call that it was ready and he headed over to pick it up. From the time he had picked up that hot little ring, it was burning a hole in his pocket! He picked it up on March 31st and he had big plans to take me out to dinner and ask me on my birthday a week later. Then he was getting impatient and he thought about doing a funny April Fools thing the next day. What actually happened was him calling me up at 11pm that night and asking if he could come over. I asked him why, I mean that was such a weird time to want to come over. He just said he missed me and wanted to talk to me so, of course, I told him yes.

The first thing he did when he got there was walk in my bedroom and kneel beside the bed, he didn’t actually say hello or anything, he just opened the box. I’m not exactly sure what he said, it was either “will you marry me?” Or “will you be my wife?” When I saw the ring, I think my brain broke because I know I just asked him “what the hell is that?!” And something along the lines of “are you fucking serious?!” And again “what IS that?!” And I think again “are you serious right now?! He just kept smiling and saying yes haha it was pretty funny to think back about.

Obviously I said yes and I’m so glad I did. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

On a Boat Feeling that Warm Ocean Breeze While We Have Sex on the Balcony

Cagedmonkey, the kids and I are leaving today to head into to New York City. We get on our ship tomorrow at about Noon and we are off to enjoy the Eastern Caribbean for our second honeymoon. This is an exciting and long awaited trip for us. We’ve never done anything like this and have been planning & paying it for about a year now!


Yes, that's our ship!

We will miss you all very much and we have scheduled a couple blog posts while we are gone so hopefully you won’t miss us too much! I’m happy that my boys are all set up with “subby sitters” because I’m going to miss playing with them the most. I know they will each be the good boys that they are because my sitters will be sure to tell me if you fuck up! 🙂

Hubby and I are looking forward to beautiful blue oceans, sandy beaches and sex on the balcony. I made the decision to leave all the sex toys, chastity devices and butt plugs at home for this vacation. We plan to have lots of sex with no restrictions on where, when or if he can orgasm. He’s still not allowed to go jerk off in a corner somewhere because that’s never ok but pulling made aside to stick his dick in me is perfectly fine. 🙂

I actually plan to wear panties… uhhh practically never on this trip and I packed lots of dresses! It should be a wonderfully teasing and pleasing time. We plan to take lots of sexy pictures and videos to share when we get back. We hope you have a fantastic couple of weeks and we well see you when we get back! 🙂

As a reminder to my boys and those who we chat with outside the blog: I will have access to TEXT Email only until Jan 31st. No phone calls or text messages after Noon Eastern time tomorrow (Jan 21), or I’m mailing you the bill! LoL That means no Twitter either so we are going to miss our new Twitter friends too!

See you soon! ❤

Cagedmonkey’s Turn To Cum!

In the midst of getting ready for our anniversary cruise, it’s been hard to find time to post and what not. But I figured this was important enough to squeeze in a post as best as I can.

I got my long awaited orgasm last night, after 3 months and over 100 days of going without!

It was amazing! My Lady couldn’t decide whether she wanted to see how big my load was or not, but after feeling my cock inside her pussy for the first time in a couple of weeks (locked up in the Revenge 24/7 during that time), she couldn’t wait and needed me to cum inside her. I wasn’t in a position to argue, considering I was right close to the edge as she was deliberating anyway.

My orgasm came quick and was very powerful. It hit me in strong waves, my body lurching and spasming as I tried to keep some sort of composure (and failing). I moaned loudly, unable to keep it in, worried about the kids hearing but also not giving a crap at the same time. As my orgasm continued (it felt like the longest one of my life!), I think I began to have a strange unfamiliar emotional reaction, because I couldn’t help but begin laughing during the end part of it. It was so uncommon that ML had to ask if everything was okay, to which I replied “yes” in between my orgasmic shudders and moans.

ML enjoyed watching me experience this so much that she accidentally delayed her own orgasm. She usually cums right along with me (when I’m allowed, of course), but this time she only started at the tail end of my orgasm. Her’s seemed just as intense as mine was, as she gripped my body with both her arms and legs and squeezed me hard. Her hips rolled and humped against me, her pussy gripping my cock and giving me even more post-orgasmic thrills. It was an intense moment, and we shared it with each other kissing fiercely as our orgasms faded.

So yeah… it was well worth the wait! Not only was the orgasm fucking amazing, but the lead up to it with the teasing and denial and chastity was wonderful as well. I am looking forward to the next few weeks of “chastity/denial vacation” during the cruise, and being able to have sex with ML without worrying about holding back my orgasm (we’ve only had a couple more opportunities since last night… damn all of this packing and other things to do!). But I’m sure when we get back, ML and I will be very excited to get back into it!

How Did Lady M and Cagedmonkey Meet?

Over the past couple days, with our marriage vow renewal on everyone’s minds, we’ve been asked multiple times about how cagedmonkey and I met and how he proposed. Of course, those questions came from the people in our vanilla life so they get the vanilla version. We met playing a puzzle/riddle game online, became great friends, met in person, fell in love and the rest is history. Well, I don’t think any one knows the real kinky story so why not take a few minutes and share with our amazing kinky friends and readers!?

It is true that cagedmonkey and I met innocently enough, playing a puzzle/riddle game online. I needed help with a puzzle one night and he happened to be there to help me. We started chatting about the game and then on to other things. We chatted more and more each day, getting to know more and more about each other. I think he loved that he was smarter and much better at the puzzles than me. 🙂

At the time I was very newly out of a long relationship and was no where near looking for a guy. I was busy being depressed and playing on the internet all day. Add that to the fact that I found out cagedmonkey was 19, I really was not interested. I tried everything I could to tell this kid I was totally bad for him. I told him I was way too sexually experienced for him, tattooed, pierced, that I had all kinds of baggage and mental issues no one would want to deal with. I tried very hard to push him away by telling him all the “bad” things about me. I told him how I was very jealous, possessive, controlling, etc. Hoping those things would freak him out and make him go away. In that first week I even showed him some nude pics of me from a porn photo shoot I did, trying to prove what a bad person I was. All those things did to him was intrigue him and cause him to be even more persistent. (Don’t ask, I have no idea what ever happened to those photos)

Fast forward to January 2000: After talking online and on the phone for months – yes we became very good friends – both vanilla and sexually, I hopped on a bus mid-January and decided to meet him in person. After a few little hiccups of where he was to pick me up and him locking his keys in his car, we finally found each other. Cagedmonkey was so nervous the very first thing he did was turn around and kiss me. Not word, but a kiss on the lips and his arms wrapped around me, he squeezed me like he’d been missing me forever. Looking back, it was an amazing accidental ice breaker. I’m pretty positive I said something like, “well… hello there!”

We walked together to his car just chatting like we’d been friends forever – we’ve always been able to talk and anything and everything for hours. Right when we got to the car he pushed me up against it and we made out in the parking lot like a couple of teenagers. He had paid for a motel room for me for the night at some cheesy motel not to far from his house. He had a basketball game to play in that night and he told his mom he’d be staying at a friend’s house for the night. I’m sure you know that’s not true. In the car, headed to check in at the motel, I might have mentioned the fact that I wasn’t wearing panties and could feel a cool breeze through a hole in my jeans. Haha so yeah, about 10 minutes after meeting me he was fingering my extremely wet pussy through the hole in the crotch of my jeans in his car.

We got checked in and went to the room and I’m sure I set my stuff down, immediately pulled his jeans down, sat him down on the bed and have him the best blow job he’d ever gotten. You’d have to ask him for sure. 🙂 After his basketball game and meeting his friends, we ended up spending one fantastic night together in that motel room. Yes, there was sex, really good sex and we slept together naked. He was the first man I’d ever slept together with naked and the last. When we got up the next morning I was standing there, getting dressed in the mirror, when cagedmonkey came up behind me, put his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. He looked me right in the eye and my heart melted in that moment and I knew I was in love with this man and wanted to be nowhere else in the world but right there in his arms. That moment will forever be etched in my memory.