Mail Chastity: Probing Questions

We always love getting mail from our readers, you guys are the best and ask great questions! We’ve had a couple of readers ask similar questions so I thought I would answer here on the blog rather than each person individually.

Basically, people wonder what some of the toys are and look like that we use. We have written about both of the toys mentioned in the last post and even have pics but I do believe they are scattered throughout the blog. I’m thinking, perhaps an introduction to our toys is in order. So here goes!

Lockedboy writes:

I must say that I love the way you described how you fucked CM ass. Such detail oh I would love it if I could watch in real time hearing the moans and watching the actions.

Why thank you, I wish I could have been more detailed but I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway.

Do you have pictures of blue & mr o?
If so and willing to share I would like to see how your set up is like.

I went and took pics for you. Blue is obviously the blue one and Mr O got his name because he’s black and I started calling him Onyx. Blue is an inexpensive Basix brand rubber dildo. And Mr O is a moderately priced vac u lock attachment that goes to that harness.

Also what kind of lube do you use, I hear too use oil base. Is that what you use?

The lube we use most of the time is a hybrid lube. The hybrid is a mix between a silicone and water based lube. It is used for CM’s njoy plug wear and for some of the other probes. I will not use the silicone based one for some of our toys and those we just use a basic water based lube.


Athena's Perfect Harmony Tingling Lube

I am super excited that we received a gift today from our Amazon wish list from Lali. Thank you so much pretty girl for this amazing gift! I can’t wait to show you pics with it on!
It’s so amazing and perfect and heavy duty! It fits awesome, I had to try it on the minute I got it. I really just love it and I know I’m going to be able to peg hubby perfectly now. And, who knows, maybe if I find myself a nice subby girl, I can use it on her too!

Please let us know if you have any other questions about anything! You can find our email addresses and Twitter name on our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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