Aggressively Dominant – My Husband is My Sexual Plaything

If any of my friends from high school were to read this post they’d be shaking their heads in total agreement. When I was younger I always joked about how I was a gay guy in a chicks body. To be honest, I wasn’t joking, it’s how I felt then and how I’m finally feeling again. I’m finding this part of me again as cagedmonkey and I explore our desires. In recent years, I’ve spent a long time suppressing the “gay guy” and being the woman in me, the mom, the wife, the proper lady everyone told me I was supposed to be. I might say, for a bit there, I kinda became a prude. A married woman with kids certainly couldn’t be aggressive, kinky, into bdsm and have a filthy trucker mouth when it came to sex, right? Wrong! I am who I am and I need to be who I am. I’m much happier and hornier.

Don’t think for a second I meant for this post to get all mushy, I certainly didn’t but I had to get that out. I hope it makes the next part sexy and much more meaningful. Those of you following on Twitter know I’ve had some very aggressively dominant days the past few days. I’ve unlocked and pretty much attacked hubby sexually and last night was no different. I’ve been very focused on his nipples, pinching, pulling, twisting and biting them. Not to mention the rest of his sexy body, I love touching him, feeling his skin under my fingertips, smelling him, tasting him.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, cagedmonkey walked back into the living room. I was sitting on the couch with my legs spread enough to give him room. I motioned to him to come over and kneel between my legs. While he knelt there in front of me I unbuttoned his shorts, slid down his boxers to expose my beautiful little man encased in that sexy steel cage. I loosened the screw and removed the cage while hubby knelt, hands clasped behind his back like the good boy he is. Once I removed his cage, his cock was responding within seconds. I slid my hands up under his shirt to trace my fingers over his lock tattoo, up over his stomach and to his nipples. I lifted his shirt off exposing the rest of his body to me. Preparing it for my touch, to be my plaything, my toy to use and use well, however I wanted. I sat back to look at my property while I slowly removed my shirt. As I did I could see hubby eyes widen seeing my big beasts right in front of him. I bet his mouth was watering.

I reached down, wrapped my hand around and stroked his cock, looking him deep in the eyes, until he was fully erect and rock hard. I pushed his chin back to expose his neck, I kissed, licked and sucked on his neck while continuing to stroke him. He moaned, oh God did he moan. Fuck it sounds so good when he does, it makes my chest flutter and I practically lose my breath. The more he moaned the more turned on I got, the more turned on I got the faster I stroked and the rougher and deeper I kissed him. I pushed him back so he was sitting on his feet, I slid off the front of the couch to straddle his lap. I could feel the extreme wetness between my legs as I was making him do exactly what I wanted. Still stroking his cock I scooped up my beasts one at a time with my other hand. I took one finger from the same hand, put it under his chin to pull him in and said “suck those titties like my good boy.”

I started to forcefully kiss him again, deep and hard, pinching his nipples, so hard in fact that I pushed him back onto the carpet. I ended up between his bent legs and my beasts resting on either side of his cock. Just then I reached up to pinch his nipples again, as I did it squished my large breasts around his cock and I moved myself up and down slightly along his body to tittie fuck him while playing with his nipples. Fuck the moans got louder, the whimpers started too. Oh it was fueling my aggressive fire.

Being there between his legs like that, in the way a guy is normally with a woman, I felt this urge. I felt like I wanted to be above him, taking him, hard. I know I love to feel like I do in that position. I love to feel that “in charge” feeling a guy must have in that position. Don’t get me wrong, I love my big tits and getting my pussy serviced so I don’t want to be a guy, I just want and need that big powerful feeling. I got so turned on, his big hard cock laying there in front of me, I just grabbed him and sucked his cock hard into my mouth. Kneeling between his legs as he lay there on on his back with his hands under him, unable to move, I felt so powerful. I felt like I could have him and do anything I wanted to him. I practically went crazy sucking his cock so hard and fast, licking his entire shaft, his balls, sliding up licking his stomach, neck and face. Having almost no regard for him just using his body how I wanted, how I needed to.

At one point, as I was sucking his cock between his legs and they were getting in my way… I grabbed his kneess and pushed his legs up over my shoulders, his calves laying down my back. I grabbed around the outside of his thighs and put my hands on the front of his hips and just pulled him to me. My big tits still alongside his cock I tucked my chin and took his entire length in my mouth. I pulled his hips toward me and sucked his cock deep, hard and fast. I could take him so far in my throat so easily in that position and I have no idea why. There he was unable to do much of anything but accept the aggressive rough sexual acts he was experiencing. I loved that I was in total control of his body in that position. Fuck, it was so damn hot and I was turning myself on so much during it that I almost forgot to deny him. Oh my god the noises coming out of my man were ridiculously sexy. His moans and whimpers and squeals just increase my desire to have him and take him.

The part that got me was that I realized I needed to stop because he was begging me to be careful in his moans. I was so into sucking his cock in that position I had to stop abruptly so I didn’t push him over the edge. I just stopped, stood up between his legs, said “fuck, that was awesome,” wiped my hand across my mouth and reached out my hand to help him up. That was it, it just ended like that, I truly felt like I had just used him for my pleasure and was done, thank you very much, have a nice day! πŸ™‚

6 responses to “Aggressively Dominant – My Husband is My Sexual Plaything

    • Subhub,
      I’m going nuts because I can’t stop thinking about it… It was so incredible! That position, ahhhhhhhhh! I cannot get it out if my mind, I want it more more more!


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