When It Pours

I think it’s so damn hot that My Lady can squirt. It is such an extreme, visual expression of ML’s reaction to my touch. Also, her orgasms that follow it are usually very strong, and she gets very vocal when she cums. The smell of her juices is amazing and turns me on like nothing else.

During the past week, My Lady has had a strong craving to have my cock as often as she can. This works well for me, because after having my cock locked up for almost 3 weeks, I am definitely in the mood to give it to her in as many was as possible. One thing that surprises me is that I am able to actually perform for a decent amount of time before I get close to cumming. It’s not a crazy long amount of time, but I manage to please My Lady while denying myself at the same time (brag). I’ve gotten better at recognizing the feelings that come with the approach of my orgasm, and I’m learning to manage those sensations to keep myself from going too far. However, sometimes I still need to perform “emergency exit procedures” (a.k.a. pulling my cock out of her pussy as fast as possible).

The most frustrating thing about the deliberate pace I must use is that I always sometimes want to pound her pussy hard and fast. In my state, I can’t do that for more than a few seconds before I’m in big trouble. So I take what I can get and fuck ML as hard as I can for 2-3 seconds at a time. Can ya blame me? 🙂

The other night, ML unlocked me and both of us were pretty needy for some hot sex. I startes off by licking her pussy as she lounged on the couch, legs spread wide open so my tongue could reach her warm wetness. I took my time, kissing and licking her pussy lips all over as well as pushing my tongue inside her. She moaned as she petted the back of my head, complimenting my tongue techniques as she enjoyed the feelings. A few moments later, she instructed me to use my fingers on her. I slid two fingers inside her, fucking her pussy with them as I sucked her cilt softly into my mouth and swirled my tongue over and around the sensitve flesh. It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers as her orgasm hit her.

My fingers were only an appetizer for her, apparently. ML pulled me up to her, nearly sliding my cock into her slippery wet pussy in the process. After just a bit of aiming, my cock was inside her pussy. God, it felt soooooooo fucking good. It always does! I couldn’t hold back and I wanted to fuck her hard so I started my off-and-on pounding; ML gasped in surprised pleasure, only to let out a disappointed groan when I had to stop.

“More,” she told me. “Fuck me hard more, pound my pussy!”

Since I am not one to disobey, I started fucking her hard again. Then I quickly realized a prolem – I didn’t give myself enough “down time” between hard thrusts. That, combined with the hot sexy noises that ML was making, started getting me excited very fast. I was very close to cumming a lot quicker than I expected At just about the last moment, I pulled my cock out of ML’s pussy and practically jumped off the couch…

… just in time to get a good view of My Lady’s pussy gushing onto our brand new couch! (It was going to happen eventually, hehe)

There was a pretty good amount of squirt, and neither ML nor I were trying to make it happen. We both had the exactl same reaction: “We gotta try that again!”

After flipping the cushion, grabbing a towel, and moving to the floor – we are trying to put off soaking all of our furniture with our sex juices for as long as possible – we were at it once again. I fucked her pussy nice and deep for a few thrusts then quickly pulled out again, and ML drenched the towel with her squirting pussy!

I helped ML to her feet, and I immediately had another idea… I turned ML around and slid my cock into her pussy from behind in a standing semi-doggy position. A couple of quick hard thrusts had ML squealing in pleasure, until I abruptly pulled out once again; my cock was followed by a river of pussy juice running down her legs. God damn, I love making her squirt. I did it another two times, each time more pussy juice was just pouring out of her. Of course, i was a good sub and I cleaned up the mess I made, licking the juices off of her legs from heel to pussy, covering my face with her musky scent.

ML and I talked afterwards, and I confessed to her that I find it really sexy that she can squirt and that I’d like to see her do it more often. Some of my bondage/domination fantasies would be absolutely fucking killer hot if she were to squirt all over my body with her pussy while she cums over and over. She seemed to like that idea, as well.

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