A Long Time Ago, in a D/s Relationship Far Far Away…

As ML was riding my cock the other day, I couldn’t help but think: GOD, I WANNA CUM SO BAD.

No, that wasn’t it. Well, it was, but that wasn’t all of it. There’s a point to this post, other than the fact that I’m desperate for an orgasm.

ML was riding me in this special way, where we both say she does it “like a guy.” My legs end up spread and her legs are together between mine, and she grinds herself down on my cock. It’s one of her favorite ways to ride me, and she’s done it that way ever since the first time we were together.

As she rubbed her pussy up and down my throbbing cock, I started to think back on our relationship.

ML and I were always horny as fuck for each other from the very start. There was this one time where I spent literally all day eating her pussy in order to see how many orgasms I could give her in a day (the answer, by the way, was 37). That was part of an entire weekend we spent in a room together, pretty much fucking in some sense for every moment possible, making the whole room smell like sex in the process.

We were no strangers to kink. We dabbled in some bondage as well as some tease and denial. And through it all, ML was always the dominant one. It was natural, it was fun, and it was good. We had damn good fucking sex.

Now, our sex life has evolved into where we are today. Chastity wasn’t just a natural extension of our kinkiness, it was almost inevitable. ML was always the aggressive one, she was the one in control. I was always submissive, the one willing to serve. Chastity just makes our roles that much more defined. Orgasm denial makes our experience that much more intense.

2 responses to “A Long Time Ago, in a D/s Relationship Far Far Away…

  1. I was thrilled to read about that “between your legs”position! My Miss fucks me that way too, occasionally (I wish it would happen more often though!). I ADORE that position, I feel like her wife and so submissive when she fucks me that way. It hits her cock in just the right way and it’s hard for me to not go over the edge when she fucks me that way (I am very rarely allowed full orgasms, so PIV orgasms are very infrequent), but I love (as you do) the struggle of not going over the edge.

    Thanks for sharing that, you’re the first blogger I’ve seen mention that position in a Femdom context 🙂


    • It actually didn’t start as a “femdom” position, it was just ML’s favorite way to fuck! 🙂 More recently, we’ve found positions that put her in a more dominant role, as if she’s the one fucking me – she’ll take my cock in her pussy, push my legs up, and thrust down onto me as if she’s fucking me… It sounds complicated, but it works! It makes me feel so submissive, having my cock fucked instead of fucking her with my cock.

      (And that doesn’t even consider the times I get fucked by her strapon!)


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