“I Just Squirted on the Floor”

Yes, that is what would have been overheard during the moans from some fantastic sex last night. Nevermind me being on my period, I was too damn horny to care about that. I demanded my cagedmonkey get out of the mighty steel I keep wrapped around his cock and fuck me like I needed.

It was actually a very exciting and funny moment. It started out with some intense making out on the couch. We were pretty much simulating sex and dry humping each other like a couple of horny teenagers. Since our parents (aka the kids lol) were sleeping, it gave us a lovely opportunity to play. All the groping and kissing and licking and giggling had us eventually rolling off the couch onto the floor. I got so turned on by it all that I rolled hubby right over onto his back and started roughly grinding down on his caged cock. It was right about then when I said get out of that cage and fuck me. He kinda looked stunned but didn’t hesitate. He unscrewed the security screw, slid the cage off of his quickly hardening cock and quickly slid off the ring before his cock was raging. I love the grunting noise he makes as his dick slips out from the grip of the steel bars. It gets me deep in my core and sends tingles down into my pussy.

Once he was out of the cage he slipped his rock hard erection into my tight pussy. I have to be thankful that he likes football because while he was pounding my pussy the only thing he could do was watch tv and keep his mind off the fact that he was thrusting his cock into my warm pink slippery cunt. He knows he does not have permission to cum so he had to do whatever he could to please me like I wanted without having an unauthorized orgasm. He was marvelous, as always. He held off like a champ.

I certainly wasn’t done with him there. I turned myself over, pushed up onto all fours and told him to fuck me good and hard. He pounded me from behind fast, deep and hard over and over. I’m so glad my moaning didn’t wake up the kids! I know it wasn’t long that he was slamming his cock into from behind but it was so fucking good and I came so hard, as he pulled out I felt that familiar squirt and looked down between my legs just as it was spraying the carpet below. It really was a very hot moment and I just kinda giggled out loud and said, “I just squirted on the Floor.” To which my lovely husband stated, “yes you did.”

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