An Eventful Night: Part II – A Huge Mess

(Click here to read Part I of An Eventful Night)

My Lady had put me in an extremely submissive position. I felt broken down and defeated, completely at ML’s mercy that she was not willing to give. What she was willing to give me was tender aftercare, holding me as I lost control of my emotions. ML’s aftercare drove me further into my submission, which fed my growing urge to please my dominant lover.

Most often, when I hit this depth of submission, I find the urge to please My Lady’s pussy unbearable. This time was no different. I shoved my face into her pussy and found her soaking wet. She was flooded with pussy juices, obviously turned on by her extreme dominance over me. I didn’t even take the time to move between her legs; I was facing ML’s feet, angled off to her right slightly, licking her from clit to asshole and loving every minute of it.

As I was smearing her juices all over my face, I felt ML’s hands running over my ass cheeks. I moaned as her fingertips traced over my skin. Little did I know that she wasn’t just rubbing my ass, she was warming me up for something more.

I was surprised by the feeling of cold rubber pressing against my asshole. I moaned into ML’s pussy once more as the tip of the vibrating anal plug slipped into my ass. ML slid the plug in further until I felt it bumping up against my prostate. When she turned the vibration on, I nearly squealed in response.

I could feel the pressure building inside as the plug massaged my swollen prostate, backed up with more than a month’s worth of unreleased cum. It was hard to keep my concentration as my cock twitched inside its cage. My Lady refocused me by grabbing the back of my head and shoving my face back into her horny pussy.

I continued to please My Lady’s pussy, even as the sensations inside my ass became more intense. My moans got louder as I felt the pressure building and building. Then I felt ML’s fingers push upward underneath my balls. I groaned as I felt the pressure push past the breaking point…

The fluid gushed from my cock, in what felt like almost a constant stream. Luckily, ML had placed a towel underneath my dangling cock cage, so as not to soak the mattress… although she milked me so thoroughly, towel was totally soaked through! It was only the second time I had experienced this, and the first time with My Lady. It was amazing how much fluid ML was able to milk from me! The mattress was only slightly damp underneath the towel, so it wasn’t too uncomfortable when ML made me sleep in it. 🙂

After the intensity of my emotional craziness earlier, the milking gave us both something to laugh and smile about before we went to sleep. Apparently, ML is not the only squirter in the household!

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