“Oh JailBird How I’ve Missed You”

These were my exact words this morning as I tucked cagedmonkey into bed. He went to work early last night because someone called in sick. I decided to have him change back into his Mature Metal JailBird after his shower because I’ve been feeling a bit of a longer term lock up coming on. The thing is, I didn’t really get a chance to see my little knight in his shining armor. You know, those real life things like getting the kids to bed, packing dinner for hubby to take to work and all that fun stuff kinda got in the way of admiring my beautiful locked up toy.

So this morning, cagedmonkey did as he is required. He went in the bedroom, stripped naked and waited for me. When I walked in I took off my clothes and pressed my naked body against his. Oh good Lord that feeling of our warm skin touching is one of the most fantastic feelings in the world. I simply said to him, “I’m home.” That’s what that feeling is, warm, inviting and comforting… it’s home.

I could feel the growing warmth between my legs as my pussy began to get wet. I knew I just HAD to have his face in my pussy making me cum all over it. I straddled him and slid right up onto his chin and mouth and rode myself to quite a wonderful orgasm as I slid his hands up my curvy body to my big luscious breasts. I was so wet, gooey and wanting, that his face slid easily between my lips and the sloppy sounds of my cummy pussy were so hot.

I twisted off of his face and lay beside him, I brushed the sheet away to expose his steel encased cock. There my beautiful toy was, squeezing, struggling and strangling itself trying to get an erection. All I could say was, “oh how I’ve missed you, JailBird.” I really do love being able to see the bulging when he’s so turned on by me. I don’t get that with the Revenge at all. After having him in it for the past week, it was quite a turn on to see him just the way I like him.


2 responses to ““Oh JailBird How I’ve Missed You”

  1. Lady M, that was a very hot story. Mistress K. now only uses my cage on me for punishment but I can recall so many times having felt the pain of my cock trying to break free from it’s cage.


    • Oh it’s so sexy knowing that I get him so turned on and wanting me, needing me that he struggles against the bars of his cock cage. It’s certainly not a punishment here but rather a reward to be reminded of my control over his cock. 🙂

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