Truly Controlled

Over the past few days, I’ve really been feeling the “enforced” part of our enforced chastity lifestyle. The last couple of days have been really rough. I’m definitely in that “I want out so badly” zone right now. I guess ten straight days of 24/7 locked in chastity will do that sort of thing.

It’s pretty much as bad as I can remember it right now. I know that I’m only about halfway to my prior longest 24/7 period, but I dunno… something about this time is just making it so difficult to deal with! My Lady has been extra physical and lovey with me lately: we’ve been cuddling naked in bed on the nights I’m home, and I’m giving her orgasms almost constantly throughout the day. I smell her pussy on my hands, I taste her on my lips. I cannot get her sex off my mind. She is also demanding more submissive behaviors from me, which I am gladly fulfilling.

I think the hardest part is how she had been telling me that she wants to unlock me so bad, to feel my cock deep in her pussy, to fill her up with my cum… join the club, ma’am! 😉 I can feel the want and desire that she has for me; it’s real, it’s not a put on. She really wants my cock. However, my subtle reminders that she can have it whenever she wants have not been successful. The cage is still locked on; her resolve is much stronger than mine would be.

But that is why she controls me: she knows that if she makes me wait just a little longer, the increase in intensity will be worth it. She knows that when she unlocks me, when my cock gets full and hard for the first time in weeks, when I feel her warm wet pussy squeeze my shaft… the longer she makes us wait, the more incredible it will be.

I wouldn’t have waited this long; I know that because my begging and pleading has been genuine for days now. I need to be released, badly… but I will only my released it when my keyholder needs it, too.

It’s Not My Turkey That’s Stuffed and Tied


Oh what a sexy Thanksgiving it is this year. I’m enjoying the Macy’s parade on TV and, later, some Detroit Lions football! What could be better than a lazy day at home with family, food and football??


I really need to get me one of these shirts!! 😛

This morning has been interesting, I woke up with a lot on my mind. Some of it is vanilla everyday things and a LOT of it is kinky things. The main kinky thing is the reson for this post but the other stuff is just as important. When I got up I realized how thankful I was for this life I’m living. I’m thankful for all those normal things, family, health (as much of me is healthy), my kids, a wonderful home to live in etc… but then I realized I’m SO thankful for much more. As I did the rounds, and was emailing friends, I realized how thankful I am for THIS part of my life, the kinky part. I adore our readers and lurkers and am so thankful for them. I’m so thankful for the amazing friends we have made through all of this. Without our readers or the friends we’ve made we wouldnt have anyone to share this with. For me, thats such a great part of this. I love sharing my experience. So thank you to all of you for being here to share in this with us! ❤

I have been trying to write this post all morning but the kids are very cuddly on mommy this morning. However, hubby is “sleeping” in the bedroom and enjoying(?), well maybe not so much enjoying but ENDURING his Thanksgiving morning! It’s no parade for him this morning, hahaha! I have my honey stuffed with the small njoy plug, tied to the bed and the wand secured around his cage. What an amazing way to spend your thanksgiving morning, don’t you think??


About a half an hour into having him restrained like this I received a few texts and nothing does them justice like just taking a screenshot. He really was having a tough time because the wand was giving him just enough to edge him and keep him wanting to cum but he just wasnt getting pushed over. I told him he likely wouldnt want to cum because that wand was just going to give him some massive Post Orgasmic Torture, simply becausI have no plans to turn it off if it does happen. 🙂


The best part of all of this is when I went in there and straddled the wand, just like it is there, and gave myself one awesome orgasm. I soaked right through my panties! Fuck it was fantastic! I did torment him a good portion of the morning already. He is still restrained and the wand secure but I turned it off for now to give the wand a rest and… well, lets be realistic here, with two young kids on Thanksgiving day I do need to have another functioning adult in the house or I’ll pull my fucking hair out. As much as I would love to make him sleep deprived (that is another fantasy of his) I dont feel like dealing with a crabass all day on my holiday.

I hope each and everyone of you (in the USA) have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take a few minutes to really think about what you’re thankful for. To those of you who are in the rest of the world, I hope you enjoy your day as well.

Stuffing His Ass – Njoy Pure Plug Large

As you have probably read, I’ve wanted to up cagedmonkey’s plug time. I’ve been doing that with our small njoy plug. I wanted more of a full feeling for him, wanted to stuff him a bit fuller so I recently ordered the njoy pure plug large (gotta love a good deal on Amazon!). The plug arrived last night so we didn’t get a chance to play until this morning.


The large plug is a bit larger than the small but I didn’t feel like it was too large! I thought he could just handle it. Maybe I had high hopes lol. These are the only plugs we own so we don’t have anything that gradually gets larger. It’s small and large and that’s it.


This morning I decided I would give it a try with no lead up, with no ass play, with nothing but lubing up the Large njoy and stuffing it in his ass. Well, in looking back, that may not have been the best choice. He was a super subby hubby and he did try but it hurt. I realize we will need to have some of that lead in. He will have to graduate to wearing that plug by starting with the small or by having some ass play with the probes first to loosen up that tight little sexy asshole. 🙂


I am excited about getting him there because the plug is so sleek and sexy. It’s very solid and heavy. I know it will make him feel full and controlled by me, not to mention causing his caged cock to drip loads of precum. Even with just getting the plug in there this morning, his prostate is so full he had a small puddle of precum left on the bed that he’s currently sleeping in.


The word comes with such a negative connotation attached – objectification. You know what they say: Sexual attraction is superficial, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Love is emotional, it doesn’t require physical chemistry.

With all due respect to whoever agrees with this… are you fucking crazy?

Before we even began living our current chastity lifestyle, My Lady and I made a decision to take steps to improve our marriage. One of those steps included acknowledging that it’s okay for us to be hot and horny for each other. We both agreed that physical intimacy is pretty much a requirement in a healthy marriage, not just a fringe benefit. As part of this acknowledgement, we realized that it’s okay for each of us to see the other as what most people wold consider calling “sex objects.” I’ll explain.

I love my wife with all my heart. She is a wonderful, beautiful person who just gets me on an unspoken emotional and spiritual level. Having her in my life has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought I could. She is the best mother I could ever hope my children would have, and she does the most amazing things for my family.

With all of that said… she has a great set of tits and a sexy fucking ass that makes me drool. 🙂

But here’s my point – the fact that I check out her ass every time she leaves the room, or fantasize about fucking her huge titties whenever I see her cleavage, doesn’t take away from the fact that I love her soul. It only enhances it. It’s not like I have a certain amount of “love points” that I have to distribute between caring for my wife as a person and wanting to pound her pussy until she can’t walk straight. It’s another dimension of my love for her.

The reason I bring this up is that I had to remind ML about this the other day. We’ve been going through an awesome emotional connection time lately, where everything just feels perfect. We can feel the energy between us even when we are just sitting in the same room together. But I noticed that over the last few days, ML seemed to be over-accentuating our emotional connection. I asked her why that was.

She responded by telling me that she was having strong fantasies about tying me up and teasing me, feeling my cock struggle in the cage, and control me sexually in every way. Um…. so what’s the problem? (Hehe). She was trying to balance out those feelings of objectifying me with emotional rationalization. She explained it best with this text message, after I asked her why she wasn’t telling me about these thoughts:

Sometimes I feel like that’s all I’m telling you.. it’s true but I don’t want you to feel like I’m objectifying you constantly.

That’s so sweet of her. 🙂

The thing is, though, that I enjoy being objectified by her. Not all the time of course… I do need emotional support from my wife, as well. But it makes me feel good to know that sometimes she just can’t help but get turned on when thinking off me in a sexual way. In short, I like knowing that I make her pussy wet. [pic, for those of you who are into that sort of thing] 😉

I Don’t Want You to Touch Your Cock For a While

This morning cagedmonkey and I had a conversation. He was telling me just how horny he was, which I love! I decided it was a good time to keep him abreast (haha I said breast!) of how the next couple months of his denial are going to go. He’s already at around 7 weeks I think (really, I stopped counting such things!). I figured screenshots of it were so much easier than trying to type it all out. So this is how things went – yes, with my stupid phone typos and all!
Haha he’s says a major problem with his horny… He’s so damn cute. 🙂
Yup, that’s a good subby boy, thank me for denying your orgasm. 🙂 of course I didn’t decide that this morning. I worked it all out with myself yesterday and decided last night. Neither of us was feeling well though and he called into work & went to bed at 6pm and I went at 9pm. Oh well, as a few of you, who talk to me off the blog, know I was having a bad day physically yesterday and needed the rest.
Yeah, I guess I’m in one of those let me see how bad he can get moods. Plus, I absolutely get off on him begging. If he gets pissy, I swear, I’ll be bending his ass over and spanking it as red as a baboons.
Haha yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh at my typo. It’s funny! Just for your info puss=plus. This is completely true though. I feel like pushing him, in the mean time that pushes me and I seriously do not want to get burnt out trying to do too much at once. It’s not an easy job being a wife, mother and keyholder. Being a keyholder certainly does not mean Lock it and Leave it. Maybe there are some out there that do that but it is not fair to anyone trying to enjoy this.
Yeah, baby, you don’t have a choice but I do like to know you’re feelings. Maybe he’ll come here and post how he feels. 🙂 It’s going to be a fantastic two months ahead leading into our ceremony.

Speaking of our upcoming ceremony, we did just have someone ask recently if our ceremony is vanilla or were we adding in a “collaring.” The simple answer to that is yes, it will be a purely vanilla ceremony with some of our family and the members of our church. I suppose this could be a whole blog post on its own so I’ll leave this post to what it actually is.

Constant Arousal in Orgasm Denial

It’s getting to that point for me, that point in cagedmonkey’s orgasm denial where I start to feel it. I’m nearing the end of my cycle and feeling much better emotionally at the same time. What that means is that my horny has kicked in high gear. It’s like I’m a pimply faced teenage boy who just got a shot of testosterone (right, Drew?). What that means for hubby is that I’m constantly hungry for him in some sexual way. Whether I’m smacking his ass as he walks by, walking up to him grabbing his caged cock through his pants as I kiss him deep or pulling him into the bedroom, locking the door and fucking the hell out of his face, it’s me, all day, in sexual attack mode.

It’s been about 6 weeks now since hubby’s last orgasm. I know, I choose to keep him denied because thats how I like him. The constant crazy high of his arousal is good for me. He’s more focused and attentive, more willing in all aspects of life. He’s completely and utterly horny for me which boosts me. I love him that way… but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to make him cum. So yeah, there’s my dilemma. This whole denying him orgasm is really hard on me and all day, today, I’ve been arguing with myself about just saying screw it and letting him cum so I can use him to fuck me good and hard like I need to be. I think, if I wasnt on my cycle, I would be ok because he could just use the RodeoH harness with “Adam” in it and slam my pussy good and hard with my favorite toy. I know I’m going to have to basically torture myself for the next few days until I can have that. Why don’t I have him use it now? I don’t know, I have this thing about my toys being used during my period. If I use his cock (which I did the other night) it’s not a big deal to me because it washes off much more easily.

So before I go letting him erupt 6 weeks worth of his hot cum into my pussy I’m going to force myself to wait. Simply because I have a plan, I want him to wait until we renew our vows in January. I want him to save up and build up that incredible amount of horny and desire. I want to feel his passion that night after we are all lovey and promising to be together and take care of each other forever. I want his desire to be so much so that his orgasm is felt deep through his entire body and lasts for a long time.

So, as much as I love to make him cum, I love that constant arousal that comes with denying him his orgasm. I’m happy to remind myself of that and I’m happy waiting it out and having him please me in every other way possible. I’ll get mine and, eventually, I’ll get his too! 🙂

“I Just Squirted on the Floor”

Yes, that is what would have been overheard during the moans from some fantastic sex last night. Nevermind me being on my period, I was too damn horny to care about that. I demanded my cagedmonkey get out of the mighty steel I keep wrapped around his cock and fuck me like I needed.

It was actually a very exciting and funny moment. It started out with some intense making out on the couch. We were pretty much simulating sex and dry humping each other like a couple of horny teenagers. Since our parents (aka the kids lol) were sleeping, it gave us a lovely opportunity to play. All the groping and kissing and licking and giggling had us eventually rolling off the couch onto the floor. I got so turned on by it all that I rolled hubby right over onto his back and started roughly grinding down on his caged cock. It was right about then when I said get out of that cage and fuck me. He kinda looked stunned but didn’t hesitate. He unscrewed the security screw, slid the cage off of his quickly hardening cock and quickly slid off the ring before his cock was raging. I love the grunting noise he makes as his dick slips out from the grip of the steel bars. It gets me deep in my core and sends tingles down into my pussy.

Once he was out of the cage he slipped his rock hard erection into my tight pussy. I have to be thankful that he likes football because while he was pounding my pussy the only thing he could do was watch tv and keep his mind off the fact that he was thrusting his cock into my warm pink slippery cunt. He knows he does not have permission to cum so he had to do whatever he could to please me like I wanted without having an unauthorized orgasm. He was marvelous, as always. He held off like a champ.

I certainly wasn’t done with him there. I turned myself over, pushed up onto all fours and told him to fuck me good and hard. He pounded me from behind fast, deep and hard over and over. I’m so glad my moaning didn’t wake up the kids! I know it wasn’t long that he was slamming his cock into from behind but it was so fucking good and I came so hard, as he pulled out I felt that familiar squirt and looked down between my legs just as it was spraying the carpet below. It really was a very hot moment and I just kinda giggled out loud and said, “I just squirted on the Floor.” To which my lovely husband stated, “yes you did.”