Getting My Revenge

At the beginning of this year we had ordered a Revenge from Steelworxx in Germany. We got it back in March and tried it out for awhile. We realized after using it a few times that there were some things we wanted to add/change. We made sure we measured over and over and thought long and hard about what we wanted since, to make changes, we would have to send the device back to Germany. In August, we did just that. Btw, sending the device we spent a ton on to begin with, half way around the world was nerve racking! When a month went by without him getting it, I was nervous. Then when 6 weeks came along and he still hadn’t gotten it I was getting a bit freaked out and thought we lost our money and the device was just gone… but just over 7 weeks later Steelworxx emailed to say they have finally received the device and could start making the adjustments.

As you can see in the previous post (linked above) we had ordered the regular pad lock post and a 50mm ring and did the device kinda as is. You can see below how we added the steel ring around the start of the tube and we also got the anatomic ring which curves a bit back at the bottom.
We also added the integrated lock and the base ring size is smaller as well. It is now about 47mm I believe.
I do think we nailed the sizing and stuff on this one. After the past couple days, while hubby was off work, I made him get dressed in the Revenge. Especially when I woke up yesterday sore as hell because I made him fuck every hole I have nice and hard and deep. He fucked me over and over, as I requested, while he himself was denied any sort of pleasure or orgasm. I’ve been so horny and hard to satisfy sexually recently and I made sure I was fucked SO good that I was walking funny the next morning. God it felt good and I was wet and horny all day because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the constant fucking. 🙂

I had cagedmonkey get dressed in the Revenge last night and so far he says he’s had no issues and is comfortable. That’s good because I have no plans of removing his device for a bit. I just love that he can’t touch or see his own cock and when he does attempt an erection he’s gets an all over squeeze around his cock.
It’s so shiny and sexy, don’t you think? I do have to comment on how much I love the integrated lock! It’s very easy to lock and unlock and, oh man, is it ever perfect for rubbing my pussy on hubby cage without hurting my lady parts! Even with the security screw on other devices the post still sticks out a bit and can hurt a little if in not careful. This lock is rounded and I couldn’t feel it at all when I was teasing hubby this morning.

I’m already enjoying cagedmonkey being locked in the Revenge again. Today I’ve been teasing him quite intensely, I’ve done my morning facesitting and also covered his chest with my pussy juices. I did a little breath play with him this morning and it got me turned right the hell on so I ended up cumming right there on his chest while smothering him with my big titties. I left his face and chest covered in my juices and went out to do errands.

When I got back from running around I went in for a little visit. While he was sleeping I lubed up my fingers and woke his ass up… quite literally. 🙂 I gave him a good ass fingering with a couple of my fingers and, damn, did I love hearing his moaning and whimpering from being violated and used for my pleasure. I’m really going to enjoy using and abusing him and giving him a taste of what it is to have sore holes from being overused. In sure the rest of the week is going to be just lovely and frustrating for him. I can’t wait!


7 responses to “Getting My Revenge

  1. The one thing I love about the revenge just by looking at it is the security. In the event something would happen where he was tempted to take off the device because he was done playing or you got into a fight or something along those lines, he cannot just cut off the lock and end play. That thing looks well secure and there is nothing that can be easily cut to remove the device.

    There is a tumblr post I saw once that showed a woman getting into a well secured chastity belt and sending her BF the “only” key through the mail with a picture of her only in the chastity. He waited a few weeks before responding that he was breaking up with her and will think about returning the key.
    This was hot. Why? because of the real possibility of being permanently stuck in chastity until you decide on a humiliating or painful way of removing it. All of which takes time, and something about that scenario is hot.

    Anyway back to the Revenge, Not that you are going to do this, BUT, knowing that this is a possible scenario that cannot be predicted (but can be played) and that this is a very secure device in such a manner that it cannot be removed even after a small fight is a big turn-on regarding control and power. And I think that’s one of the main points to having something that is so secure 😉


    • I had a conversation with cagedmonkey about this very thing. Well, the security of the integrated lock, lol not the other. And I told him it’s not so simple now as wiggling the cage to loosen the screw or cutting the scrawny little padlock. It’s definitely a different thing altogether.

      He says it doesn’t change his feelings on it because, to him, every device is secure but there is a slight difference here.

      Good to hear from you, as always, KP 🙂


      • I agree, every device is secure; especially when you know you’re not going to actually try to escape it. But having a device, you KNOW is secure and is considered a more permanent thing, there is something a little more erotic about handing that kind of control over ;). The only thing I can compare it to is a tattoo. You can get temporary tats that are fun while they last. You would be comfortable putting anything on your body, even a name or submissive phrase, but what if you got that same phrase by means of a real tattoo?
        Branding is one of my many kinks, I’ve told my wife that I would tattoo her name on my body as a branding. I belong to her and I would think it would make her feel more empowered to have this done as its a stronger commitment than say, a wedding ring that can be physically removed. You can look at moving into a chastity with a more difficult to crack ability as the same empowerment 🙂

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      • That’s exactly what we say about our tattoos. His lock tattoo is his permanent chastity. Even if he’s not physically in his device he is still “locked” by me. I love it and I am his which is why I have my matching key tattooed on me!


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