Guilty Feelings – Denial Must Be Working

Well I’ve noticed each time we go through a new denial period that I get to a point where I start getting these feelings of guilt. I start feeling bad for times like this morning when I go visit hubby in the bedroom and cum over and over again until I’m a heaving, breathy, sweaty mess on the bed. 🙂 I could really feel the frustration in him, the massive amount of horny dying for some satisfaction. I could hear it in his voice, see it in his face and feel it in his touch. He’s aching for an orgasm and while I love to get him to this point, as a keyholder it can be a rough time. It’s time to get over the guilt feelings for denying him and just enjoy the frustration.

Though, these are the times us keyholders may need that little reminder that we are doing a good job, that this is what you boys want. You want to be teased, used as a sex toy and left in a puddle of precum, denied the pleasure of your own orgasm. Sometimes we just need some encouragement. A super easy way to let your Mistress/Wife/Keyholder know you are loving the anguish they are putting you through is to say thank you. It is so encouraging, not too mention pretty damn hot, too hear cagedmonkey say, “thank you for allowing me to please you My Lady while you deny me the pleasure of my own orgasm. You always know just what I need.” It really shows so much submission and let’s me know that, even if I’m being a little harsh, it’s ok because he wants my control.

Anyway, I know when I get these feelings, something I’m doing is working because the more frustrated and horny he gets, the wetter and more drippy my pussy is. The more I hear the frustration in his moans, the harder I cum. 🙂


One response to “Guilty Feelings – Denial Must Be Working

  1. You are doing an excellent job! Keep it up and do sexually only as you please. Believe that his pleasure comes from being denied while giving you continuous orgasms. That’s what he enjoys even when the pressures on. And the more the pressure is on, the more you should have him give you orgasms. It’s what makes this lifestyle worth it.


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