Have Some Restraint!

I’m pretty smiley and excited this morning. Cagedmonkey and I finally put the under the bed restraints back under the mattress and it’s got the juices flowing! I think I’m going to make a “honey do” list of sex toys I want him to find and make accessible so that I can get back to my “all day, so sorry you can’t sleep, tease and torment sessions.” I really am missing all the wonderful, regular things we used to do. I miss hearing the anguish in his moans. Those gasps from his lips as I do something to him that he doesn’t expect or that really gets him.

I know and can feel that I am missing my dominant side when things like this morning happen. I got him all tucked in bed, ran the girl to a doctor appointment, came back home and got her started on school. While she was working I went “to snuggle with daddy,” which really means I went to tease him and get off as much as I want him to make me. 🙂 I am loving, ever so much, the fact that we have a door that closes with a lock. My kids have quickly learned to knock and I don’t have to freak out and fall off the bed if I’m in the middle of a little something. I just stop, catch my breath and talk to them. Haha

So, as I was saying (before I got side tracked lol) this morning reminded me how much I’m missing that powerful, I’m in charge, dominant feeling. That, I’ll do whatever I want to you to amuse and please myself, feeling. That, you have to take what I want to give you, feeling. I knew deep in my chest when I straddled cagedmonkey’s stomach on the bed this morning and tucked his arms under his sides and used my legs to hold them there, restraining him. I loved the look in his eyes. I felt my pussy get warmer as I got that surge of horny. I pulled my shirt up to expose my big breasts as I moved myself on his stomach and dry humped him with my clothes on. It was not long at all until I was cumming right in my pants. Cagedmonkey’s face was rubbing between my boobs though they were just there to tease him as I would not allow him to lick and he obviously couldn’t touch. He could just feel the soft skin of my breasts on his cheeks and lips and smell my wonderful scent.

I felt how wet my pussy was getting. I know it would have been dripping, sopping wet if I wasn’t wearing panties and shorts. I could feel the attempted erection under the sheet on cagedmonkey’s lower half. I knew I needed to cum again so I slid down the slightest bit and positioned my clit at the base of his cock, which I affectionately call “rooty.” I grabbed him by the wrists and held him down, pressing into the mattress. I knew I needed to feel that powerful feeling of restraining him myself. I came so fast rubbing on “rooty” and holding him down. So hard that I felt my thighs squeeze his waist, my hands grip his wrists tighter and my pussy pulsing and gushing as I orgasmed again in my pants.

God it felt so good to be in that moment with him. Taking him and using whatever part of him I wanted for my pleasure. I’m looking forward to date night on Friday and I hope to break back in the restraints and other toys I’ve been missing. I want to build my horny and my aggression the next couple days so I can take it out on him in as many ways as possible in the hour or so we will have at home alone together! I might just have to find my harness and give him a good hard pegging and REALLY get my dominant feelings back.


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