The Lull Continues…

Thanks to the moving preparations and also my current coming-down-with-a-cold-ness, there hasn’t been all that much horny play between My Lady and me during the past week. I mean, sure, I wake up with my cock pressing hard against the bars of my cage, but I haven’t had that “I’ll run through a concrete wall to fuck you” feeling for a couple days now. I guess that’s what getting sick will do to you. Understandably, I’m just not feeling the horniness right now.

But then again, I am. The desire for my wife certainly is there, no doubt about it. In fact, even with my sinuses all stuffy and gross, I still feel a sexual connection with ML that is stronger than even before we started chastity play. We are still touching and squeezing each other whenever we can (when the eyes of children are more upon us), and when we cuddle together we both have the inescapable urge to grind together. I still feel the electricity coming off of her skin when I touch her, and I still have to take a moment and recollect my thoughts when I see that sexy ass of hers.

Could it be that the intensity of my sexual desire has been recalibrated? It seems as though even when I’m at my lowest horny point – sick, distracted, preoccupied – things are still more intense than they ever were before we started this adventure. And now when things get really intense, it’s completely off the charts crazy!

Yup… I could get used to living like this. 🙂


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