I Like It Both Ways

No no no, I didn’t mean it THAT way! Still 100% straight here. Not that there’s anything wrong with people who are into different things, I just don’t want there to be any confusion.

(Ok, maybe I wanted a little confusion so you’d click on the link, but now that you’re here…)

What I mean to say is this: a good portion of guys who get deep into chastity start to say things like “I prefer to be locked than unlocked.” I can understand this feeling totally. I feel wonderful when I’m locked and controlled by My Lady. The cage is comfortable and has become part of my life now. It’s natural to me. In fact, the times (few and far between) than I’ve been able to be out and about in the world without the cage on (like this very moment), sometimes I forget that I’m not wearing the cage; I’m surprised when I go to use the restroom and my uncaged cock springs out of my underwear… “Oh yeah, I forgot!” 🙂

So, yes, I fully enjoy the fact that my cock is locked up and completely at the mercy of My Lady. However, I must admit that I also enjoy the times where I’m allowed to “roam free” as it were. ML has been letting me out quite often during the past week, getting her “fill” of my cock (pun intended) whenever she can. And it’s really hitting me just how much I enjoy having a big cock.

No, this isn’t just a “I’m packing some major dick meat” brag post in disguise. But it’s true – I love having a large penis. And the fact that I don’t get to see it fully hard very often, I find myself appreciating it more. I stepped out of the shower today, and as I toweled off I looked down at my semi-hardness and thought, Damn.

I’ve never “damn”ed myself before! WTF???? But yeah, I really liked how my cock looked. Thankfully, ML shares this opinion. 🙂


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