Memories and a Good Hard Fucking From Behind

If you all can peel yourselves away from my big sexy boobies for just one minute lol I thought I would write 🙂

First of all I absolutely hate packing and moving. Our house looks like a tornado came through it because I have to sacrifice cleaning to pack or packing to clean. Trying to live in a house with two young kids while also trying to pack it up is like a dog chasing it’s tail.

Anyway, there is a good part to all of this moving stuff. We’ve decided to go through stuff and throw out a lot of old crap from childhood because what’s the use of keeping stuff in boxes? We are done with holding on to the past with material things. (Bear with me there is a sexy part to this post haha) There are, however, some things we’ve come across from our more recent past that we are keeping. We found pictures, letters and even some sex coupons that I sent to cagedmonkey when we first got together. It made us realize that this kinky side of us was always here inside us. Not that we had explored it much back then because we know it wasn’t the right time but it was there. I had made him coupons that said “a night of teasing while restrained” and other stuff like that. It was so awesome to find those things to remind us that, even almost 15 years ago, we were meant to be together. We also found our wedding pictures and our unity candle (which we need for January!) and, of course, I was getting all emotional remembering how much I love this man.

I guess getting all emotional was a good thing for cagedmonkey because I also got very horny! Haha that night we decided to unwind with a few drinks and just have a nice relaxing sexy night. Well let’s just say cagedmonkey got more than he bargained for hehe. I had unlocked him for the long weekend so that I could play with him and use him however and whenever I wanted. So that night as we were refilling our drinks in the kitchen hubby started rubbing himself against my ass and slid his hands around me to hold and squeeze my boobs. He was behind me naked and started simulating fucking me from behind. I reached back, slid my panties down in back and positioned his cock at my incredibly horny pussy and pushed back onto him. He gasped and moaned from being slid into my hot tight pussy which he’d been denied from for days. I told him, “fuck me” and he put one hand on my shoulder, bent me over the counter and started fucking me nice and hard. He was going to cum so he started to slow and I wasn’t having any of that. I told him, “No! Don’t stop!” He said, “I have to unless you want me to cum.” I reached back and grabbed his hip and pulled him into me. He was hesitating, worried he’d cum without permission, I’m sure. I started pushing back onto him fucking myself with his huge hard cock and gave him the instruction to “fuck me hard and cum deep in my pussy and fill me up.” That’s exactly what he did and damn did it feel so fucking good. It actually left my pussy quivering and aching for more. Mmmmm so nice!

I did realize this morning that it has been quite a few days that I have gone without an orgasm. How is that possible? Actually with all the stress of moving and being so busy with regular everyday life and packing on top of that… I haven’t felt all that horny for an orgasm. I do hope that once we move I’m going to get my horny level back to where my pussy is a dripping wet horny mess everyday.

The Lull Continues…

Thanks to the moving preparations and also my current coming-down-with-a-cold-ness, there hasn’t been all that much horny play between My Lady and me during the past week. I mean, sure, I wake up with my cock pressing hard against the bars of my cage, but I haven’t had that “I’ll run through a concrete wall to fuck you” feeling for a couple days now. I guess that’s what getting sick will do to you. Understandably, I’m just not feeling the horniness right now.

But then again, I am. The desire for my wife certainly is there, no doubt about it. In fact, even with my sinuses all stuffy and gross, I still feel a sexual connection with ML that is stronger than even before we started chastity play. We are still touching and squeezing each other whenever we can (when the eyes of children are more upon us), and when we cuddle together we both have the inescapable urge to grind together. I still feel the electricity coming off of her skin when I touch her, and I still have to take a moment and recollect my thoughts when I see that sexy ass of hers.

Could it be that the intensity of my sexual desire has been recalibrated? It seems as though even when I’m at my lowest horny point – sick, distracted, preoccupied – things are still more intense than they ever were before we started this adventure. And now when things get really intense, it’s completely off the charts crazy!

Yup… I could get used to living like this. 🙂

Aww a Sick Monkey and My Big Boobies For You!

Wow as if all the craziness of people dying and moving hasn’t put a damper on the playtime, now cagedmonkey is sick! Ugh! He’s been sleeping or working the last few days and is just feeling blah. Still locked in his caged and still horny but still sick. It’s really not all that sexy to be kissing and sniffing and stuff lol 🙂

Ah well, things will settle back down soon and we will be back to it. In the mean time, how can I entertain you? Haha

Will my big boobies be good?


A Slight Lull in Playtime

Wow, what a fucked up day and a half it’s been. In less than 24 hours I lost my brother. He was rushed to the ER yesterday morning around 6 or so AM after being found on the floor at his home unable to move or speak. He ended up in ICU on a ventilator, died and was revived twice and finally at about 1am this morning he passed away. He was a young guy (just turned 50 this year) and has left his wife and 2 young daughter’s.

I’m having a very tough time and I’m dealing with the “roller coaster” emotions thing. You know, where you are fine one minute and the next you’re crying. This is hitting me so very hard. It seems this year is a year of grieving for me. In the last 6 months I have suddenly &/or unexpectedly lost my Father, one of my favorite Aunts (dad’s sister) and now my Brother.

Cagedmonkey has been so supportive and holds me and hugs me when I need it. Comforts me and is just there for whatever I need him for. I could not ask for a better man or husband to be my partner. He has helped lift my spirit and ease my anger toward the world over this. I may be in charge in this relationship but I am very loved and well cared for.

I’m tired and need to find my motivation again to continue packing this house so we can move in a few weeks. We would also like to have a garage sale… I hope we’re able to pull this together.

I Like It Both Ways

No no no, I didn’t mean it THAT way! Still 100% straight here. Not that there’s anything wrong with people who are into different things, I just don’t want there to be any confusion.

(Ok, maybe I wanted a little confusion so you’d click on the link, but now that you’re here…)

What I mean to say is this: a good portion of guys who get deep into chastity start to say things like “I prefer to be locked than unlocked.” I can understand this feeling totally. I feel wonderful when I’m locked and controlled by My Lady. The cage is comfortable and has become part of my life now. It’s natural to me. In fact, the times (few and far between) than I’ve been able to be out and about in the world without the cage on (like this very moment), sometimes I forget that I’m not wearing the cage; I’m surprised when I go to use the restroom and my uncaged cock springs out of my underwear… “Oh yeah, I forgot!” 🙂

So, yes, I fully enjoy the fact that my cock is locked up and completely at the mercy of My Lady. However, I must admit that I also enjoy the times where I’m allowed to “roam free” as it were. ML has been letting me out quite often during the past week, getting her “fill” of my cock (pun intended) whenever she can. And it’s really hitting me just how much I enjoy having a big cock.

No, this isn’t just a “I’m packing some major dick meat” brag post in disguise. But it’s true – I love having a large penis. And the fact that I don’t get to see it fully hard very often, I find myself appreciating it more. I stepped out of the shower today, and as I toweled off I looked down at my semi-hardness and thought, Damn.

I’ve never “damn”ed myself before! WTF???? But yeah, I really liked how my cock looked. Thankfully, ML shares this opinion. 🙂