I’ll See You When I See You

So far, the extended 24/7 lockup in the Jailbird has been… well, it is what it is. My cock has been trapped in its cage with no release for five days now. I’ve been filling the cage and straining against the bars multiple times each dayso far, thanks to numerous intense teasings from My Lady. She seems to be enjoying the emotional difficulties I’m having as well as the physical ones as I cope with wearing the cage nonstop for another month, especially when she can tell that the length of the time period is really starting to sink in. I’m dying for release, and I’m not even far enough along to even consider the fraction of time passed as any type of comfort.

My Lady surprised me with something even more shocking today, something that makes my current situation much tougher to bear. She informed me today that she sent out the Revenge for alterations – we had been talking about changing a few things in order to make longer term wear more comfortable. We should get it back in plenty of time before the end of the current JB 24/7 stint. As I found out, this was a necessary part of ML’s plan for keeping my cock in chastity.

My Lady’s plan is the following: she will keep me locked 24/7 until the end of September, at which point she will put me under strict “no look, no touch” rules until Christmas. “How fitting to be able to ‘unwrap’ your cock and see it hard for the first time in months on Christmas morning?” she commented, playfully. Could she seriously be considering this?

Yes, of course she could.

Now my situation is clear – it will now be a full four months until I am able to see my cock get fully hard. I’m certain that she will have the privilege, as she has told me that she won’t be able to keep me locked completely for the entire time. Nor will she want to – she’ll want to tease me as well as feel my hardness inside her many times as the months go by. I’ve even explained a fantasy to her in the past where she ties me up and blindfolds me, takes my cock inside her, and only then unties me… this way, we can both enjoy the feeling of my hands on her body, but her own pussy blocks me from touching or seeing myself. HOT!!!!!!!!!!

I’m also pretty sure that some of our friends may have the privilege of seeing my hardness before I do, as she has hinted that she may send pics of her teasing my cock to friends that we interact with… that may or may not include you readers, as well.

Again, I’m left to wonder…. can I deal with this? I haven’t even gone four months without an orgasm yet, and now I’m supposed to go four months without even seeing my hard cock at all? My biggest fear is the feeling of my loss of manhood. Even through chastity, I’ve been able to stay connected to the sight and feeling of my cock. Now, I will have to completely channel my sexuality through other means, as I will be totally isolated from my cock. From my experience over just the last few days, I can tell it’s going to be one hell of a mindfuck.


6 responses to “I’ll See You When I See You

  1. Dear Lady M and CM:

    Thank you so much for your ah-MAZ-ing blogs! I’m sure you have an Alexandrian Library’s worth of correspondence to get through each day, but if there is a place I could send you an email, I’d love to do so! I tried the ‘Contact Us’ page, but the links to your emails seem to be broken. Thanks so much in any case! And please keep writing!

    Best wishes



  2. When you think Lady M can’t ramp things up to the next level, here she goes. One of the most difficult things about being locked up 24/7 is the simple action of not being able to feel your cock, squeeze it, and move it around. Not being able to do a simple thing like that almost drove me bonkers after a while. Before I knew it, I was doing everything I could think of for her, like leaving love poems on her pillow with a rose on it, constantly coming up behind her and trying to kiss her all over, doing chores I thought she would want done trying to use up sexual energy. That was early on in our journey and I think that may have made it difficult for her too. Think if we had owned a strap-on that she really liked, she could have simply told me to saddle up for her to ride, but we didn’t. The Hitachi Wand helped her tremendously, but she really loves PIV sex the good ole fashion way. After a while, she was just worn down and unlocked me. I wanted to be unlocked, yet I was letdown when we did because I guess all the stuff I did sent mixed signals. I had told her that I wanted to be kept locked, yet, although I wasn’t asking to be unlocked, I was doing everything I could to show my desire for her. After a while, I guess she got confused and lost sight of our longer term lockup goals. Hope you two will just sit down on occasion and ask each how you are feeling and talk about your wants, needs and long terms goals. Best of Luck!!


    • Thanks for your comment wishful4

      We actually have the “how are you feeling” talk often… we had one today! It’s not always easy to hear how we’re doing because of course we want perfection but we talk and work things out constantly!

      I think it might push me more and more to keep him locked up if he started doing all the emotional ooey gooey stuff like that and anticipating even more than he does now. I don’t think that would confuse anything for me, I think it would make me want to keep him doing those things!!! Haha it’s only been a week and he’s definitely getting Adam out tonight because I need some PIV and just to feel him between my legs making love to me.


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