No More Playing Outside For the Rest of Summer

Things sort of coasted to a nice calm pace after our week of bondage, nonstop orgasm denial (for me), nonstop orgasms (for ML), and repeated instances of anal sex (for both of us). My Lady and I took the opportunity to discuss exactly what our goals were for the next little while concerning our approach to chastity.

In other words, ML clearly spelled out exactly how she plans on controlling my cock over the next few months.

The first detail that was addressed was my next Maybe Day, stil scheduled tentatively (it is a “maybe” day, after all) for our anniversary, which just happens to be in mid-January 2015. This leaves me with about 5 more months to go after already having gone a month without an orgasm. I’m already horny beyond belief and I’m putty in ML’s hands; how much more intense can it get? I’m going to find out.

The next thing ML mentioned was her desire to keep my cock locked up strictly 24/7 for “a little while.” I have been getting frequent unlocks over the past month or so. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy for me; in fact it’s a different kind of difficult when my cock is being teased, tortured, and edged on a near-daily basis. My Lady plans to take away these frequent outings and keep me in the cage  at all times, and this time it will be a lot longer than I’ve even endured before – after putting me in the cage last night before work, she plans to unlock me for the first time during the last weekend of September, nearly seven weeks from now. My longest 24/7 stint prior to this was 17 days; she wants to try and increase this by more than double this time around!

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not so sure that I’m capable of handling this. The last time we tried this (when we made it 17 days out of an attempted 30 before we both broke down and ML needed my cock inside her) I was ready to go insane. How am I going to handle twice as much time? I’m afraid I might start to break down just a little bit by the end of it. When I shared these concerns with ML via text message earlier yesterday afternoon, she replied:

I don’t doubt that you’ll be going crazy by then. In fact, I’m counting on it. 🙂

She’s counting on it. Making me lose my mind is one of her goals, it seems.

In the spirit of honest admission, though, I will say that I need this. I’ve always needed this. I have craved the experience of having my limits tested, pushed, and broken through. I must see just how far I can be forced to continue when my own motivations can take me no further. My Lady is the woman who can do this for me, with me. I can trust her to read me and know exactly how many cracks I can take before I mentally and physically shatter. I can look to her as a source of pleasure, using my service towards her and her orgasms as a placeholder for the orgasm that awaits me so long from now.

One response to “No More Playing Outside For the Rest of Summer

  1. I believe your Lady is upping her game. It sounds like she will be bringing you to the next level, and 24/7 chastity is her way of making sure you follow.


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