State of the Unit – This is CNN (Cock News Network)

Today marks the 17th day of uninterrupted cage time for my lonely cock, equaling my previous milestone for longest 24/7 lockup period. I thought it would be a good day to take stock of my current situation. Let’s take a good look at what’s going on with the sexual prisoner:

1) Medical status – so far, everything is looking fine down there. My skin is not having any issues as far as irritations, blisters, or infections related to the constant contact with the cage. I have experienced some skin discomfort after shaving, which My Lady and I both feel is due to the fact that I was shaving too often to try to keep my skin smooth down there. I’ve backed off again to once a week, which seems to be working well. I have to remember to lotion and/or lube more often, but other than that, everything is peachy.

2) Physical horniness – my cock has been EXTREMELY reactive to My Lady’s in-cage teasings. I believe that my cock itself misses getting hard, because it tries its hardest at the slightest provocation. ML has started to enjoy licking my cock through the bars of the JB, and she has gotten very good at finding that sensitive spot on the underside of my cock with her tongue ring. It makes me gasp and moan every single time, which is exactly why she does it! She will squeeze my balls and rub the exposed base of my cock as she does this, and it makes me want to cum so badly. It even feels like I very well could sometimes, if she would continue just a little more… but then she does continue, and the feeling just builds and builds, it never releases. That is when I begin to moan and squirm in frustration. It’s most likely only a matter of time until ML has to restrain me during these teasing moments.

3) Mental horniness – I’m really getting hit hard in this area. I’ve become more and more obsessed with getting this damn cage off of my cock. What’s been making it worse has been the glimpses of weakness in ML’s resolve, which have got me thinking of my possible release. I am fighting as hard as I can not to count the days until the cage comes off. But even without counting, it’s apparently clear that August has not even ended yet. Thinking about my orgasm is even worse, it is still incredible for me to think about having to wait another four months or so until my next orgasm. I’ve begun to truly miss it – the feeling of my orgasm washing through my body, my cock throbbing and spasming, the cum shooting from the head of my cock and landing on My Lady’s ass/tits/other various body parts. She sent me a text message earlier in the week of her sticking her tongue out at me, the angle of the pic was from slightly above her face. The first thing I thought was: Damn, I’d love to cum in her mouth and all over her chin while she was on her knees in front of me. And right then, I wanted it so bad, it hurt. But I couldn’t have it, and I won’t have it for a long time.

4) Other details – I feel as though I’m constantly leaking precum. Every night, after serving My Lady in some sexual way by either licking her pussy or sucking on her titties, I feel my cock gushing precum into my underwear as I drive to work. It makes me shudder and, of course, gets me even hornier as I remember exactly what caused it. ML has also begun to externally rub my prostate, which makes the pressure so much worse. My balls also feel extremely sensitive and swollen, the skin around them feeling as though it cannot get any tighter. I’m sure that’s not true, as there is plenty of time for ML to make them fuller and build up the cum that is trapped inside my body.

Every day from here on out (until ML unlocks me) is new territory to explore. I’m sure I’ll find more interesting tidbits to report on. Until then, this is your incredibly fucking needy and horny, desperate for just a hardon, dying for an orgasm correspondent cagedmonkey, saying “God I fucking need to cum.”   🙂

Desperate to Get Out of the Cock Cage

I don’t want to do the whole “sorry we haven’t posted in a few days” thing so I’m not going to. I’m not going to make excuses, rather I’m going to tell you what’s been going on!

Over the past couple days a lot has changed for us and our journey together in life. Really this has nothing to do with male chastity but I’ll get to that. A lot of things happened, fell into place, whatever you want to call it, for us and we had some decisions to make regarding our future. So in short: WE’RE MOVING!!!

And with that announcement (like you all care about that haha) comes so so so much work for the wife portion of a Wife Led Marriage. Now that we are moving – in a month, by the way – I have to fill out paperwork for the new house, take checks here there and everywhere, get copies of this and that and, since we’re moving school districts, I am running to get registration forms, filling them out, collecting all the stuff they want to prove we are moving, taking it back to the new school, informing the old school, returning books to the library… Ok really, you get the gist. I’m a busy freakin woman at the moment.

In a way, it’s a good thing that hubby is in lockdown 24/7 because I don’t have much time to tease and torture him all day like I normally do. That doesn’t mean I’m not mindfucking him and still teasing and having him please me whenever I can, it just means lots less.

So yesterday my one visit to him upstairs before errands was a very intense tease. He was quite literally crying into my chest because of the combined physical and mental torment I was subjecting him to. His Jail Bird was strangling his balls while I rubbed his prostate. I found that during these big long lock ups it can be very effective to externally manipulate the prostate.

I spoke so softly with my lips against his lips, telling him bad I wanted his big fat cock in my mouth, to lick it and suck it and feel it deep in my throat. I’m sure it didn’t help that I also licked him through the cage and gave him a simulated blow job through the cage. Hehe really he would have been writing this all himself but it’s hard for him to write at work lately and even harder to write on his phone.

This morning before he went to sleep after work I texted him to remind him of his situation. You know, locked in a cage, no orgasm for 6+ weeks and no erection for 2+ weeks. 🙂 I guess I started to get to him because I got a couple of texts back from him.

I’m really fucking horny and desperate for a hardon

So I asked him how bad it would be if I decided to tie him up, unlock his cage and leave him to watch as his cock slowly hardened but still received no stimulation.

He said:

Really fucking bad, but I’d still like not having the steel constantly hugging my cock

Hehe I think I’m really getting to him when he’s not even begging, whimpering and crying for an orgasm anymore… instead it’s over just flat out being out of the cage for a simple erection.

So boys… Don’t take those erections for granted, you could be locked in a cage unable to even get one too! 🙂

Hiding the Key… From Me!

I am in a bad bad way super mega crazy horny. Like dripping wet quivering pussy horny. Like attacking cagedmonkey very aggressively any chance I get horny. Like I want to rip off his clothes and cage and throw him down on the bed and fuck him silly horny. (Yes, I know there should be commas in there somewhere but who cares! lol)

Seriously, I’m really horny again and I’m having a really hard time resisting using my key. I know what you’re thinking, I’m the keyholder and I’m in charge, why don’t I just unlock him and use my toy to pleasure myself? Well, honestly, I really do want to try to keep him locked, without erection through the end of September like I planned. I really don’t want to ruin the time he’s been in his Jail Bird already or lose the incredible amount of frustration I have already built up in him.

So to keep this keyholder from doing something she really doesn’t want to do, I had to put my key away in a little box. I am very blessed that I have such a good subby hubby who knows my goal and is willing to help me get past this crazy horny bit. I will say that I am at a point that it is not him or his begging or his whimpering that is making it hard for me… it’s my own self, my need to have him, my desire to feel HIM between my legs. Not a strap on harness, not a fake cock filling up my pussy, that’s not what I want. It isn’t about needing to be fucked because that’s easy enough with the strap on. It’s about feeling the man I love between my legs, looking into his beautiful blue eyes and feeling that connection with him. I want to feel that closeness, that tender, romantic love… without the cold hard steel against my leg.

Ok I need to stop because I’m getting myself kinda crazy again writing this. Anyway, for now, my key is put away and not hanging on a necklace around my neck. It’ll have to stay there until I’ve gotten past these feelings.

Devotion (or, How I Helped My Keyholder Keep My Cock Locked Up When I REALLY WANTED TO BE RELEASED!!!!!)

It’s getting close to two weeks now since I’ve had any time at all with the Jailbird off.

Yes, I want out.

Yes, I want to cum.

No, My Lady won’t allow it yet.

This is the exciting part for me – I genuinely want out of this cock cage and I honestly want to cum nice and hard, preferably deep inside ML’s wet and horny pussy. My requests to be released have slowly gone from the joking “Hey, can I cum tonight? Ha ha, didn’t think so” variety to the “Ok, seriously now, please at least give me a little bit of time out, I REALLY need it” type. The fact that My Lady is still in control of when and how I cum (as well as when my cock will get hard next) is the heart and soul of chastity. It’s happening, whether I want it to or not.

Which is what made this mornings’ events so difficult for me.

My Lady is going through a very “aggressive” phase of her horniness, which seems to be a pretty natural part of her horny cycle. Only this time, the intensity is off the fucking scale, I swear. She is constantly cornering me, all around the house, when I least expect it – pinning me up against a wall and forcing her tongue down my throat, pinching and squeezing my nipples, and rubbing my cage through my pants. I’m extremely reactionary to this treatment; in fact, I can’t help but moan loudly now when she touches my chest because my nipples are so sensitive from so much held back sexual frustration. It’s these moans and reactions, she tells me, that have been driving her desire through the roof.

This morning, when ML visited me before I went to sleep, she straddled me and began kissing me. She began grinding her hips down onto me, and I couldn’t help but thrust back against her. She let out a deep growl and began to squeeze my nipples as she kissed me, and I moaned throughout the kiss. This must have flicked a switch or something in her brain, because next thing I know, her hands are all over my body and she is thrusting harder at me, and she was making all kinds of sexy moans. When I looked into her eyes, though, I saw something I didn’t expect.


Before I had a chance to ask what was wrong, she told me: “I need you. I need to fuck you. I need you inside me!”

Ummmmmm……. OKAY!

What I said instead (stupid, stupid!) was, “Are you sure that’s what you want?” ML stammered and babbled, but the most consistent part of her answer was, “I don’t know.”

The “fucking horny, needing to cum” part of my brain sensed an opening. I’m not proud, but I started trying to talk her into it. I tried everything. I reminded her that if she let me cum, there was still a good four months left in the year to deny me. I told her she could just unlock me and let me inside her pussy… knowing full well that it wouldn’t stop there, but hey, gotta get your foot in the door, right? I begged her just to take the cage off, just so she could play with me and touch my hard cock that she was missing so much. She kissed me deeply and sensually, perhaps mainly to get me to stop talking.

I sensed she was wavering.

Then, she abruptly broke the kiss and leapt off of the bed. Heading for the door, she said over her shoulder, “Okay, I have to leave the room, right now! Or else, I might… I dunno, I might….” and she trailed off as she closed the door.

Fuck, I thought, I missed my opportunity.

Then I got a text message on my phone on the nightstand: I can’t do this baby. I can’t not have you….

I wrote back: If you really REALLY want my help here, I will back off and let you cool off. Is that what you want?

Her response: That’s my problem, I just don’t know….

I texted her back and told her that whatever her decision was, I would be okay with it. That’s why I gave her complete control like this. I’m fine with whatever she chooses, as long as she chooses. I told her that if she needed to, that she should put the key away somewhere out of her reach if she feels she is too tempted to use it. Because if she came upstairs again with the key, I wasn’t going to ask her if she wanted my help resisting again.

Honestly, I couldn’t. I wanted to cum too much. It was real. The need was just too great to resist. Itw as a miracle that I even stepped back as much as I did and gave her room to breathe. I think that if I had pushed harder, I may have gotten her to break. She was THAT much off balance. But, as much as I wanted to be unlocked and to finally feel an orgasm course through my body, to feel that release of cum as my cock gives in to the pleasure… I didn’t want to take her control back.

She didn’t come up to visit me again.

Again… fuck, I missed my opportunity. 🙂

When I came down later, I asked ML how she was feeling. She responded with a kiss and a cage squeeze, but I could feel her energy – much more dominant, much more controlled, extremely stable. My Lady was back. She had a moment of weakness, but she made it… along with help from an surprising source.


Not Caring For Sharing: Setting Boundaries

This journey we are on is a lot about experimenting and trying new things. Some things we find we love, some things are like eh it’s ok and still others we find are hell no’s. In all of the things we explore and try we ALWAYS have this “if anything isn’t working or feels uncomfortable,” thing where we are to say, right away, so that no one gets hurt, our play doesn’t get spoiled and we don’t have any chance for resentment.

I have very much enjoyed our play time with friends, other couples, subby boys, chaste boys etc. These play times include things like email, texting, pics and video. I’ve loved every minute of arousing other people and getting aroused and then taking it out on cagedmonkey hehe. 🙂

I suppose there comes a time when you unexpectedly run into something you had no idea was a “hell no.” Recently, over the course of about a week, we were enjoying some play time with friends and this happened to me. I started to feel off and had absolutely no idea what it was. I started to withdraw, get depressed and certainly wasn’t feeling all that horny. To make matters worse, when I get stressed, depressed or have emotional issues the first thing to happen is an extreme physical reaction. I was in some intense body pain and cried because I hurt so bad. I was having trouble walking and getting up and down the stairs and just trouble trying to function. But, here I was, dumbfounded as to why the hell this was happening to me.

Cagedmonkey knows me so well that he could tell something was wrong. He’d asked me over and over multiple times a day for a few days how I was feeling. I just answered “I’m fine.” I wasn’t lying, I thought I was fine. I mean, we were having so much fun playing with friends and enjoying some sexy sex time and all that… hell I’m the one who initiated most of the play and asked for it. It was stuff to help me tease the hell out of my locked up, denied boy. Apparently, something underneath it all was eating away at me. It’s times like those that I’m so blessed with an amazing attentive boy who is so in tune with me. He makes me so happy and I just dearly love him.

Now that I can think back to when I started to physically feel like crap, I realized it was about the time cagedmonkey had gotten into a role play situation with one of our friends. It wasn’t until last night when I had a break down and talked it out with hubby that we were able to get to the root of it. Basically we found that role play that involves cagedmonkey and a woman other than myself is something that I am not ok with. We found a “hard no” for me.

Over all this was a good thing, a learning experience. Basically with experimenting comes trial and error and I thought I was ok with anything. But, Oh boy, did I find out that, even imagining, my man with another woman was NOT something I could handle. It is something that I have now learned I need a boundary for.

See, with play stuff between cagedmonkey and I, we have boundaries and now I need to make sure that play stuff with others has boundaries as well. This whole situation is the perfect example of why communication is so important in a relationship. Not only a chastity relationship or BDSM or D/s but any relationship.

Have you asked your partner how they’re feeling today?

Good Morning Pussy

I’ve gotta say, being woken up by my handsome guy spreading my legs and feeling his warm wet tongue slide between my pussy lips really is amazing. To feel so wanted that he has to just taste me and please me even if I’m sleeping.

Ya know, up until about a year ago I would have gotten so pissed and/or pushed cagedmonkey away had he ever tried doing something like that. As a matter of fact it’s something he does a couple mornings a week or in the middle of the night when he’s home from work… again, up until last summer this would have really irritated me.

It’s little blessings like these that make me incredibly grateful that we worked so hard at repairing our marriage and our intimate relationship. We work everyday at continuing to repair and renew our emotional and physical relationship. I really believe that because we have done the work to have what we now have is why chastity and our WLM work so well.

Forced Pussy Licking and Strap-on Sex

Cagedmonkey and I had quite a night of playtime last night. We decided, since we hadn’t played cards in awhile, to play some poker. Yes, I said POKER not Poke HER! 🙂 Though… You know that happened haha

Anyway, during our little poker game I made some rules. I’m not really in to strip poker – since I was only wearing a tank top anyway – so I told my sexy subby hubby that if I won a pot of 300 or more that I would make him eat my pussy. I also told him if he won a pot over 600 that I would tease and lick his cock through the bars of his cage. Hehe Aren’t I the sweetest wife and keyholder? 🙂


Let’s just say I climbed up on the couch to shove my pussy in his face a lot more since the two of us rarely had a big pot between us. He did get some very good teasing in his cage though, I must say.


Of course, after all the pussy eating and teasing and everything he was certainly bulging out of his cage. Mmm I just love to see that cock attempting to get hard bulging through the steel bars of his Jail Bird. I also love giving his balls a good squeeze.


Of course he wasn’t the only one turned on like crazy after our little game of poker and it was my turn to get some poking. Though it wasn’t cagedmonkey’s cock doing the poking since he’s not getting out of that little cage for another 6 weeks. I took my horny ass hubby upstairs and had him put on the RodeoH and give me a good fucking with it. I came very nice and hard feeling filled up by the strap-ons big thickness.


That’s right baby, hold that big cock in your hand since you won’t be holding yours for quite a while. We ended our night with a few big wonderful cums for me with the RodeoH and the wand and some very frustrating denial for hubby. It really was a fun night and I’m happy we have another night together tonight. I’m not sure what our night has in store but just being with my love is a gift in itself.