A Day in the Life of our Wife Led Marriage

Ok so maybe not one single day but I thought I’d show the world that not every single minute of our lives is consumed by sex and playtime. To be honest it’s really only a small portion but because those are the parts we write about most, it may seem like our days revolve around sex, teasing and denying. Really my days look a bit like this:
My couch is usually covered in whatever I’m working on that day. I’m menu planning, couponing, managing the house, doing laundry, cooking, dishes, running the kids here or there, etc. I’m not saying cagedmonkey doesn’t help with that but he will look to me if he’s not sure what needs to be done when. I’m constantly writing lists and sometimes have lists for my lists. I even have a list off sexual stuff in interested in doing, doing again or trying. Lol it keeps me organized and keeps my life less chaotic. I keep a schedule of what is happening most days (doctor appts, lessons) on our Google calendar so that both of us get the notification. I also use the calendar to remind hubby when something needs to be done. It’s a great tool. 🙂


Looking for ideas to spice things up?

Today really isn’t an errand filled day, laundry is mostly done and the kids are playing outside with the neighbors. So that gives me time during my menu planning and shopping list making to go upstairs and give cagedmonkey a little attention. This morning I have him restrained to the bed because, while he’s sleeping, I plan to surprise violate him… I’m going to quietly go up the stairs and slide the lubricated dildo in his ass which is how he will wake up. Normally he’s waking up to my wet pussy practically dripping in his face and he’ll immediately lick it up… Today I’m feeling he needs to feel Dominated, taken, used – however you want to put it. I know that he’s craving a real bondage session where he is taken advantage of and I plan to show him a small bit of that today inbetween the normal things I do all day.

I know we’re going to have a fun day. 🙂


8 responses to “A Day in the Life of our Wife Led Marriage

  1. Mommy loves her couponing. Sunday morning is always a big fiasco…

    As for the domestic duties (dishes, cleaning etc) , all of that has been delegated to me now 😄


    • Glad to help 🙂 just remember some might not make sense because they are my quick notes just so I know what I want to look into or play… and it’s another page long too haha


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