Totally Tasty Teasings

I’ve been having such great fun teasing my locked up man the past few days. Once the kids got to bed on Friday, cagedmonkey and I had about an hour and a half to get in some play time. I’ll admit, after going to the gym at Physical therapy that day I was pretty beat but how could I resist my gorgeous man sitting on the couch, naked and caged.

I instructed cagedmonkey to go take off his caged and give my toy a wash because I might just give him a blow job. Off he went to take care of my instructions. We decided to watch a show on tv and then while watching I sat with hubby legs over mine. I teased him for almost an hour before he had to go to work. I stroked his cock almost that entire time switching from stroking fast, to slow, stroking just his head, and many other ways so that I was sure not to push him over the edge that I was holding him on. Did he get that blow job, nope. 🙂

Yesterday evening was no different as far as teasing goes. I had him unlock the cage so that he was ready for me whenever I wanted to tease and torment him. Once we got the kids to bed we took a lovely shower. Soaped me all up and washed me. It’s always so sensual taking a shower with him.
I just love feeling his hands all over my soapy slippery skin. Rubbing me down from neck to toe. When it was his turn to get washed I soaped up his hard cock and stroked it. He was moaning and writhing around at my hand. So super slippery when I stroke him in the shower. That and, damn he’s so sexy all wet and soapy! I really just love to wash his gorgeous little ass.
Let’s just say his gorgeous little ass got some play while in the shower too. I bent him forward, held his shoulder and let him feel my fingers in his ass. He moaned so loud and I could tell he was loving it.

After our shower he spent a lovely amount of time pleasuring my pussy, over and over and over again. I loved having him lick me from my bottom to my clit, right up between my lips. Tasting every inch of my pussy. Then it was time for him to go to work again.

Here we are at Sunday and cagedmonkey has been napping this evening… It’s about time to wake him up and tease the living shit out of him. 🙂

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