What I’m Looking For (or, Why I Stare At My Lady When She Has An Orgasm)

“What are you looking for when you do that?”

She said it with a breathy, trembling voice that can only be spoken by a woman in the moments between one orgasm and another. She didn’t get a chance to explain exactly what she meant by the question, as my tongue swirled over her clit and pushed her farther towards her next climax. I continued to gaze up at her from between her thighs as she came again, her pussy quivering under my lips and gushing wetness all over my chin.

I’ve talked in the past about how much I love to watch My Lady have an orgasm. Lately, I’ve started to watch ML more intently as she cums… so much so that ML might have thought something strange was going on, hence her mid-cunnilingus question. I answered (afterwards, of course… you don’t stop licking pussy to answer a question when your woman has her legs wrapped around your head and is humping your face like a dog humps your best friend’s leg) that I just love the way she looks when she is cumming. She is so beautiful, I swear. This look of pure pleasure and complete bliss comes across her face; she gets this tiny smile before her mouth drops open and she begins to moan. She closes her eyes and her eyebrows furrow, as if the pleasure is almost too much to bear. And her hands pull me towards her, as if to say there is nothing else that can make the moment more perfect other than being closer to me.

I love to watch her at the moment when her orgasm starts to get extremely intense. The past two nights, after licking her pussy for a while, ML and I have “cooperated” to give her very strong and very long orgasms – she rubs her clit while I finger her deeply with two fingers, my fingertips end up rubbing the inner wall against her fingers; in essence, we both rub her clit from opposite ends until she cums like a mad woman. Looking at her face when the orgasm begins to hit a new level and take on a life of its own is simply magical; I can see in her eyes when it begins to run away from her. She looks at me with surprise and concern, with just a tiny hint of fear, perhaps? It’s amazing. I know just when to say, “it’s okay, I’m right here baby… go as high as you want to.” That usually pushes her further as she knows she can truly let loose and be safe with me. The aftermath is wonderful, too – the shellshocked look on her face, somewhat unaware of what exactly just happened to her… just tonight, I had to point out to her that she was still rubbing her clit minutes after she had cummed herself out, as if her hand were on masturbation autopilot. That’s pretty hot, in my opinion.

So that’s what I’m looking for when My Lady has an orgasm – the moment where she loses herself and turns herself over completely to the pleasure that I am providing for her. It proves to both ML and myself how well I perform my subby duties for her. Because that is my ultimate goal – to submit to her sexually and give her anything and everything she could ever want or need.



27 responses to “What I’m Looking For (or, Why I Stare At My Lady When She Has An Orgasm)

  1. So beautifully written and explained! Details excellently how committed you are to Her pleasure and making sure that you are doing everything as close to perfect by studying every nuance of Her emotions and expressions as each and every climax endeavors to totally consume Her in pleasure!


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  3. Fantastic post!
    I most definitely have a fetish for my wife’s orgasms. There is nothing that turns me on more. I love how this otherwise conservative woman gives into the primal nature of the pleasure she experiences: her involuntary hip movements, the tightening of her abs, the soft gentle moans just before climax and then finally her letting loose moans of exctasy, her eyes closed and her mind enveloped in the intense pleasure she experiences. OMG it is so hott! Raw female sexuality!
    I also enjoy the “coming down” play after orgasm where I will stroke her thighs, kiss her, and we talk about the quality of her climax. Awesome!


  4. Dear ML,
    Oh I wish….as I’m sure a sharing of experiences would only bring out the inner queen within her even more. Its definitely there, it just needs a little coaxing/reassuring that’s its perfectly okay to be a little stronger than Vanilla when we get “naughty” 🙂
    Denied anything again last night and as I’m overseas next week I’m kinda thinking she saving up some kind of denial /tease for the weekend….where she will have multiple cums and leave me with nothing but a ragingly hard cock and the thoughts of her smug little satisfied smile as I board my plane….hmmm.


  5. I’ve not got to experience my lovely wife’s orgasm in a while. I just get her wand out and have to wait in the bathroom until I’m permitted back in to clean the toy and put it away. Beautiful description, but now I’m sad. 😦


    • I’m not sure what’s worse… being tied up and forced to watch your Lady having an orgasm or being made to leave the room and just listen to it.

      Either way, how frustrating for you, notbeinfringed85! 🙂


  6. Love this. Thank you for sharing. My Daddy looks at me at that moment too. It did worry me at first then I asked and he explained and I love that answer.
    I love your blog and following your story.


  7. What a wonderful read! I know the feeling – Master’s orgasm must be the single most sexy and beautiful thing out there, it turns me on so much and also makes me fall in love a little more every time :p


  8. Hi guys,
    I’ve been following your “adventures” for a little while now and this post has compelled me to comment. I wholeheartedly agree with CM on this matter, when I go down on my partners pussy I try, as much as I am able to look up at her as she cums too. The look of utter bliss and satisfaction takes me and her obviously to a such a high place of happiness and contentment. I could live in that moment for ever! My partner does that VERY sexy almost smug little smile too. Hers practically says to me “look at me, look at how good this makes me feel and I can do this over and over again” in fact she’s said this to once as she was cumming once.
    I just wish we would do it a lot more her libido is quite low. Don’t get me wrong when she and are “at it” she’s an amazing lover and dare I say it she’s beginning to get her head around denying me anything. We’ve had 3 recent sessions where I’ve made her cum for her to then say, “You can go to sleep now, I’m tired” and that was that she’s rolled over and left me rock hard and almost in tears of frustration.
    Anyway back to your post CM – LOVE IT LOVE IT.
    Keep up the great work guys, take care xx


    • “… left me rock hard and almost in tears of frustration.”
      Oh boy, now who’s getting turned on!? Haha I love those tears of frustration!

      Glad you’re enjoying the adventures, StevieUK!


      • Oh that’s not the half of it….I’ll explain sometime….

        She often says “are you crying??” In a very teasing way….when she knows I’m dying to fuck her after a sometime of not even getting naughty…

        Another phrase is this “cum. Cum now or I won’t let you and I’ll go to sleep leaving you with nothing, which is what you really want isn’t it?” This is said with a smug smile right after she’s cum down from an orgasm of her own from my very willing tongue!


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