A Day in the Life… Surprise Pegging Update

***Update to my previous post: I just went upstairs, took Pearl, lubed it up and woke cagedmonkey with it pressing against his tight, uninviting asshole. He moaned so incredibly loud as I pushed passed his clenched, tight ass. He definitely was not ready for it! My pussy was literally dripping down my thighs because I was enjoying the amount of control I had over him. I went to the toy box and got my new strapless strap on, I figured it was a great time to try it out. I slid it up into my sloppy wet pussy and lubed up the other end and positioned myself behind cagedmonkey. Laying on his stomach, arms restrained above his head and his cage pressing into the mattress I swirled my hips into him… or so I tried… the strapless strap on does NOT stay in hands-free. Not one single bit. I held it with my hand and gave him a good pegging. He was moaning so loud and good and his reactions just caused my pussy to get wetter and hornier! Finally I needed to cum so I climbed up and straddled hubby’s ass and used his little sexy round butt to rub my pussy. I came all over his ass, covering him in my pussy juices.

I wasn’t quite done yet so I grabbed my wand, laid next to him on the bed and let the wand take me to orgasm heaven. Once I came with the wand I wanted it again and again but it made me want to feel him while using the wand. That’s just not possible while locked in a steel cage so I released one of his hands from the restraints and he slid two fingers inside made and pushed me, along with the wand, to an outstanding whole body, wiggling, shaking, writhing and ultimately squirting on the bed, screaming orgasm. My throat hurts!

What an amazing morning!

A bit after I left him laying in the juices I got this text:


Looking for ideas to spice up your play?

So much fun! I wonder what else I’ll get up to today since its only 11am! 🙂

A Day in the Life of our Wife Led Marriage

Ok so maybe not one single day but I thought I’d show the world that not every single minute of our lives is consumed by sex and playtime. To be honest it’s really only a small portion but because those are the parts we write about most, it may seem like our days revolve around sex, teasing and denying. Really my days look a bit like this:
My couch is usually covered in whatever I’m working on that day. I’m menu planning, couponing, managing the house, doing laundry, cooking, dishes, running the kids here or there, etc. I’m not saying cagedmonkey doesn’t help with that but he will look to me if he’s not sure what needs to be done when. I’m constantly writing lists and sometimes have lists for my lists. I even have a list off sexual stuff in interested in doing, doing again or trying. Lol it keeps me organized and keeps my life less chaotic. I keep a schedule of what is happening most days (doctor appts, lessons) on our Google calendar so that both of us get the notification. I also use the calendar to remind hubby when something needs to be done. It’s a great tool. 🙂


Looking for ideas to spice things up?

Today really isn’t an errand filled day, laundry is mostly done and the kids are playing outside with the neighbors. So that gives me time during my menu planning and shopping list making to go upstairs and give cagedmonkey a little attention. This morning I have him restrained to the bed because, while he’s sleeping, I plan to surprise violate him… I’m going to quietly go up the stairs and slide the lubricated dildo in his ass which is how he will wake up. Normally he’s waking up to my wet pussy practically dripping in his face and he’ll immediately lick it up… Today I’m feeling he needs to feel Dominated, taken, used – however you want to put it. I know that he’s craving a real bondage session where he is taken advantage of and I plan to show him a small bit of that today inbetween the normal things I do all day.

I know we’re going to have a fun day. 🙂

Totally Tasty Teasings

I’ve been having such great fun teasing my locked up man the past few days. Once the kids got to bed on Friday, cagedmonkey and I had about an hour and a half to get in some play time. I’ll admit, after going to the gym at Physical therapy that day I was pretty beat but how could I resist my gorgeous man sitting on the couch, naked and caged.

I instructed cagedmonkey to go take off his caged and give my toy a wash because I might just give him a blow job. Off he went to take care of my instructions. We decided to watch a show on tv and then while watching I sat with hubby legs over mine. I teased him for almost an hour before he had to go to work. I stroked his cock almost that entire time switching from stroking fast, to slow, stroking just his head, and many other ways so that I was sure not to push him over the edge that I was holding him on. Did he get that blow job, nope. 🙂

Yesterday evening was no different as far as teasing goes. I had him unlock the cage so that he was ready for me whenever I wanted to tease and torment him. Once we got the kids to bed we took a lovely shower. Soaped me all up and washed me. It’s always so sensual taking a shower with him.
I just love feeling his hands all over my soapy slippery skin. Rubbing me down from neck to toe. When it was his turn to get washed I soaped up his hard cock and stroked it. He was moaning and writhing around at my hand. So super slippery when I stroke him in the shower. That and, damn he’s so sexy all wet and soapy! I really just love to wash his gorgeous little ass.
Let’s just say his gorgeous little ass got some play while in the shower too. I bent him forward, held his shoulder and let him feel my fingers in his ass. He moaned so loud and I could tell he was loving it.

After our shower he spent a lovely amount of time pleasuring my pussy, over and over and over again. I loved having him lick me from my bottom to my clit, right up between my lips. Tasting every inch of my pussy. Then it was time for him to go to work again.

Here we are at Sunday and cagedmonkey has been napping this evening… It’s about time to wake him up and tease the living shit out of him. 🙂

Dick On Demand

Last night, I performed one of my most favorite duties for My Lady – I acted as her “on demand” pleasure tool. It is so much fun when she does this, because she shows just how much in control she is of my sexuality when she uses it whenever she wants to as much as she wants to.

ML unlocked me earlier in the day, so I had a feeling she was going to want to play with her toy and tease my cock at some point during the night. We sat with each other watching TV after the kids went to bed, and she turns to me and says, ‘Take your cock out now and stroke it.” Yes ma’am! I immediately began masturbating for My Lady, and I was soon wiggling around on the couch and moaning as it started to feel really good. I had to slow down quite a few times in order not to cum, but I was under orders to not stop unless ML said I could. She forced me to string myself along, moaning and commenting on how wet she was getting as I continued to stroke.

She finally allowed me to stop, telling me to tuck my cock back into my underwear. I was to keep on my toes, though, as she quickly explained, “When I get up, I want your glasses off and your cock out, so I can use either one to get off when I want to.”

Oh my fucking God, I almost came in my pants right there.

How hot is that? She’s warning me that she’s so horny that she is going to be using me more during the night, and I better get myself ready for her. It would be my responsibility to please her whevenever and however she wants. And the sense of foreboding was amazing… she said when, not if.

Being the good boy that I am, I followed My Lady’s instructions. I made sure I was always aware of how she was sitting, preparing for her to stand up and make her way over. This kept me turned on and hard for the entire night, waiting for when it would happen. And then there she was, rising to her feet and moving quickly towards me. I just barely had enough time to remove my glasses before she climbed up on the couch and shoved her wet pussy right into my face. She smeared her pussy juices all over my face, making me a sloppy wet mess. Then she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her hard; I felt her pussy spasm around my tongue as she came quickly. She repeated this another 3 times, and also sat down on my cock once… facing the TV, no less, truly making me feel like an object to her.

After the last time she finished fucking my face with her pussy, she sat back down and spread her legs wide. I was mesmerized by her beautiful pussy, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. ML pulled me out of my haze by saying, “Bring that cock over here now and fuck me with it.”

Damn, her choice of words was driving me nuts. Bring that cock over here and fuck me with it. I really was just a plaything to her. I obeyed her immediately, kneeling at the foot of the couch and sliding my cock into her pussy as she slouched slightly. It felt fucking amazing to be in her pussy again, but the position made it more difficult for me to cum. In the past, it might have been almost impossible to achieve orgasm the way I was kneeling; after a full week of being teased and denied, all it did was give me the ability to hold back juuuuuuust enough.

ML began rubbing her clit as I slowly thrusted into her, being careful not to get too carried away and lose it. As she rubbed faster, I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock. She looked into my eyes as her orgasm hit her, and her pussy nearly squeezed the cum right out of me. I struggled to keep myself from cumming as her pussy almost crushed my shaft with its spasms of pleasure. ML began to come down from her orgasm, but there she was rubbing her clit again. She wasn’t done with me yet. It was as if she was in a frenzy; cumming on my cock once wasn’t enough. I used all of my effort to hold back. Then I felt her pussy pulsing again; she cried out loud as she came on my cock once again. Her hips bucked towards mine; I pushed further inside her, giving her my full length, and her body shook all over as her orgasm brought her to even bigger heights. Somehow, I was able to get through all of this amazing sexiness – ML’s legs spread, needing to be fucked, demanding to be fucked, her body shaking from her orgasm, moaning loudly, and gawd her fucking pussy felt soooooooo fucking good I swear – without cumming myself.

Finished pleasing herself with her toy, ML motioned for me to get up and move to the other couch. She then told me that I better get soft in a hurry, because I would have to be back in the cage before I left for work. Not more than ten minutes after My Lady’s warm tight pussy was wrapped around the shaft of my cock was it locked back in the Jailbird once again. And tonight, at work, I’m as horny as I’ve been in quite a while. My cock is still super sensitive; each movement I make causes my cock to wiggle the slightest bit against the cage, reminding me that the unyielding steel is no substitute for the soft wetness of ML’s pussy.

However, I also sit here feeling very satisfied. Not satisfied in the orgasmic sense, that privilige is My Lady’s alone until the chooses otherwise. No, I am satisfied in the way I was able to perform for My Lady. I truly loved being her dick on demand tonight, and I can’t wait until I get the chance again to do so!

My Night Was Ruined

The current rhythm of chastity that My Lady and I have been using – in and out, whenever she desires – seems to be more intense than an extended lockup period. This way, I’m much more exposed to ML’s teasing, as it may come at any time whatsoever. I’m very glad that My Lady can trust me enough to have me unlocked when and for how long she wants… but I’ll admit it makes things a little tougher to know that I very well could jerk off, but I’m not allowed.

Yesterday I spent the day unlocked and constantly under threat of ML’s teasing touch. My cock was being teased and edged all day long, whenever ML was able to sneak away long enough from my kids trying to critically injure themselves. I was extremely horny by the time the kids’ bedtime came about, and ML and I went to bed shortly after.

After putting on a movie (to cover the sound, perhaps?), My Lady began toying with my cock, making sure to keep me aroused. After edging me four or five times, it was ML’s turn to have her rightful orgasm. She used her wand to give herself a body-shaking orgasm, and I joined in by using two fingers deep in her pussy, making her cum so hard she had to fight her hardest to stop herself from screaming and waking the kids. My favorite!

It was then her turn to torture me with my own desire. ML climbed up on me and straddled my cock, riding me slow enough to avoid making me cum. That ended up being not too fast at all – with her tits in my face and her warm wet pussy wrapped around my shaft, I felt ready to cum almost instantly. And when she spun around and faced the other way, the sight of that beautiful ass bouncing up and down almost drove me to orgasm even when she stayed still!

My Lady slid off of my cock and moved up towards my head. She clamped my arms next to my body with her legs and planted her pussy right on top of my face. She then fucked my face with her pussy, teasing and stroking my cock the entire time. I moaned loudly into her pussy as she pushed me to edge after edge. Adjusting her hips, she then pushed her asshole onto my face, forcing her tight hole down onto my tongue, fucking her ass with it. She spread her cheeks wide and she pushed down harder, grunting as my tongue pushed farther into her ass.

As I used my tongue to fuck her ass, she began to stroke my cock again. She edged me quickly, stroking me hard and fast and letting go quickly. Each time, my body nearly leapt off the bed, held down only by the weight of her ass on my face. She stroked me, and then she pushed me right to the edge and stopped.

I could feel myself teetering, hanging on the edge of orgasm. I tried to hold back, I didn’t want it to be ruined. But the whole situation was just too fucking hot – ML tease torturing my cock, edging me as she smothered my face and force fucked her ass with my tongue.

I couldn’t hold it. As my tongue pushed into her ass once again, I could feel the cum creep up the inside of my cock and leak out in a pathetic attempt at orgasm. I felt two or three drips of cum ooze out of my cock and onto my stomach. It was truly a ruined orgasm – it must have been a full three to five seconds between when ML stopped touching my cock and the cum dribbled out, and I got absolutely NO sexual relief from it! My Lady rode my face fit another minute or two, giggling at her handiwork as I moaned in frustration under her.

It was a very frustrating day for me in all – kept on edge for virtually the entire day, only to be slowly dragged over the edge with no pleasure granted to me whatsoever. However, I know how much my frustration pleases My Lady, so I can imagine how much fun she had creating the frustration. There’s always a positive to my sexual suffering.