Prest-o Tease-o with my Magic Wand

Last night was wonderful. Cagedmonkey was great about serving me and eating my pussy over and over until I was so sensitive I had to make him stop. I was writhing around clenching his head between my thighs. I was practically wrestling him around on the couch with all my strength, but he was relentless. I tried so very hard not to stop him by using my safeword but it was too much, my clit was extremely oversensitive.

I will point out that I held off on my safeword until real pain set in. I loved that he wouldn’t stop and wanted to make me cum over and over as much as he possibly could. There just comes a point where a woman’s clit seriously starts to hurt and I mean pain… not the good pain either.

I still loved every second of being pleased and gushing my pussy juices out. I loved him cleaning up all my juices and sucking my freshly shaved pussy lips clean.

As I do every night, I sent cagedmonkey off to work with my juices all over his face, smelling me and tasting me. After he left I watched a little tv but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier and was getting myself turned on. I even got the chance to tell a dear subby friend all about how he ate my pussy which turned me on SO much more. I couldn’t help it, I just HAD to masturbate.

I took myself upstairs, grabbed my wand and “Adam” and decided to give myself one massive orgasm. Would it be fair NOT to tease my boy by sharing the orgasm with him? Heck no that’s not fair so I decided I would take pics of everything I was doing and text them to cagedmonkey to drive him absolutely bonkers. It turns him on SO much knowing that I take full advantage of my ability to have an orgasm any time I want!
image I started out with the wand on a nice gentle low speed. A comfortable make-me-feel-oh-so-good speed. That really got my juices flowing and I was soaking wet before I even came! I just kept getting hornier by letting the wand vibrate me this way. So much hornier that I just had to feel a big cock in me. Since mine isn’t available I needed the next best thing. I got “Adam” and got him all ready to fully fill up my pussy.
image I used Adam at a nice medium pace, careful not to slam it into me to hurt me. I basically made love to myself sweetly with my awesome realistic dildo. I wanted to make sure that this big orgasm I was about to have would be enjoyed by hubby when he got home. So I decided to have it on his pillow so my juices would be waiting there for him to sleep in. So here is a picture of what I left for him.
image I do think texting him and showing him all of this while it was happening was quite an effective tease. But perhaps he’ll want to tell you all about that.


8 responses to “Prest-o Tease-o with my Magic Wand

  1. You both write a phenomenal blog. It is so sexy. You are lucky to have each other, but CagedMonkey is by far the luckiest. My wife is sexy and fun but not nearly as often (nor as creative and intense) as you are Lady M. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.


  2. Looks like another fun night for you guys. Poor monkey being left dry and smelling you all night long at work. But you got satisfied


  3. I usually refrain from commenting on posts with pictures because I don’t want to be one of “those guys.” However the intensity of your description and now that we can see what caged monkey has the privilege of experiencing, I can’t quite keep quiet on this one, so with all respect:
    “That looks good enough to eat!”


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