Like the flip of a Switch, I Feel That Dominance Come Over Me

Sometimes I swear it’s like someone flips a switch in me and even if I try to fight it, the Aggressive in me comes out. Even if I’m in the mood to be lovey and romantic, this aggressive, dominant, controlling me sneaks out and takes over. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to hide who I am but sometimes I don’t always want it rough and aggressive. Soft and sensual are nice too!

This morning I went up to tuck cagedmonkey in and we were snuggling and kissing and all of a sudden I felt that urge. That one where I feel the need to push him down hard into the bed, grab the back of his head and pull him in for a deep, hard kiss. That feeling when kissing him that I want to suck his tongue and give it that slight tug with my teeth. That feeling where I want to grab his nipple and give it that extra hard pinch. That feeling where I want to slide my hand down around his sexy little ass cheek, grab it good, squeeze it and pull him in toward my hips as I grind up against him. That feeling where I just want to ravage his body and fuck him hard.

However, we have quite the predicament. Hubby has been sentenced to a lengthy Jail Bird stay without release until August and mother nature has stepped in so I can’t even play with my favorite dildo (whom I’ve now named “Adam” after a friend who only wishes he could get a piece of this haha lmao!). So, I feel, in a few days when my cycle is over I’ll be using the RodeOh with Adam on hubby and getting my fill of being filled. Hehe

All of this certainly didn’t stop me from going up a bit ago to have a couple orgasms in front of hubby. I grabbed the wand, which works wonders through a pad, and gave myself a lovely orgasm. Then hubby asked if he could hold the wand while I came a second time, nice and hard, squeezing him with my thighs as I bucked my hips toward the ceiling.

Hubby has informed me that he’s feeling awfully subby today and is ready to do anything I ask of him… yes this turns me on and gets my wicked little mind working! 🙂


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