An Early Birthday Present

My Lady and I have been going through some pretty intense experiences over the past week. I think we could both sense Maybe Day approaching next week. It was exciting, but it was also taking its toll on both of us.

Granted, it was probably more difficult on me than on ML. I could feel my horniness growing deep inside my gut and spreading to the outer limbs of my body. I had gone well past my longest period of orgasm denial. My balls were constantly feeling swollen and the veritable “blue balls” veins had appeared weeks ago. Even after ML gave me a milking over the weekend, I still found no relief. The finish line was near, but I was barely dragging myself there.

The denial of my orgasm was also having a not-so-obvious effect on My Lady. As time ran on and the intensity grew and grew, she began to ramp up her dominant side. She was taking advantage of my more and more often, cornering me and rubbing her wet pussy all over my face whenever she could. We began to do more bondage games, pushing the intensity further. ML eventually reached a plateau; she was no longer feeling the fun of dominating me.

“It feels like work,” she said to me this morning, which is the LAST thing I want it to feel like. I want ML’s control over me to be natural, to flow from her effortlessly. I don’t want her to fulfill a role she thinks I want her to. I want her to be her. If she feels like teasing me in cute ways one day, then bring it on! If she isn’t in the mood for any teasing whatsoever, no problem! She was starting to feel obligated, and neither of us wanted that. So I asked ML if we could take it easy tonight and just lay with each other and make love. Those were apparently the exact words she wanted to hear, as she responded with an empahtic YES!

Before ML brought the kids upstairs to bed, she handed me the key to the Jailbird and whispered to me to unlock myself for when she came back downstairs. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I didn’t expect this kind of love making! I quickly whipped the cage off and waited for her to come downstairs. We sat with each other for a little while, kissing as we slowly undressed. Once we were fully naked, ML got up and got her phone and told me to get ready to shoot a video.

As I hit record, she took my cock in between her beautiful tits and started rubbing them up and down my shaft. Oh my God, it felt so good! I was almost ready to blow my load in seconds. In between breathy moans, I told ML that I was getting close to cumming. I expected her to slow down, but she continues the titty fucking. I told her again, this time in a semi-pleading tone. She responded by simply shhhh-ing me and moving her tits up and down even faster. She continued until I could feel my orgasm hurtling towards me. There was no stopping it now!

And then I was cumming! I was having my first orgasm in 80 days, and it was hitting me hard. I moaned and whimpered as it pulsed through my entire body. I looked down at my cock, spurting cum all over ML’s titties (I thought there’d be a lot more, but then I remembered the milking session on the weekend). It just barely registered in my mind that I was recording the whole thing. Somehow I ended up getting a great angle on the whole thing!

My Lady cleaned the cum off of her tits, and I immediately laid her down on the couch and climbed on top of her. I entered her, and we truly made love. It felt so amazing to not have to slow down, or worry about accidentally cumming. In fact, since I had just had an orgasm, I was hanging in there pretty well. Still, it didn’t take all that long until I was ready to cum again. I picked up my pace and thrusted a little deeper, and just as my orgasm started I felt ML’s body tighten underneath me. Oh God, we were having a mutual orgasm… fuuuuuuuck it was beyond awesome. I could feel the waves of pleasure flowing through both of our bodies as we shared an intense orgasm. What a wonderful night.  😀

So, in the end, we came up a week short of the intended Maybe Day, but that’s why we call it Maybe Day. ML has the right to give me an orgasm sooner or later, completely up to her discretion. And she needed that closeness today. We both did. I’m not sure if the fact that it was 80 days factored in to her decision or not; she does love round numbers after all.  😉

My Lady sent me to work tonight wearing the Jailbird again. I am thankful for two things. Actually, make that three, with my orgasm being one (hehehe). I’m glad that I don’t have any guilty/down feeling about cumming. I’m not disappointed about not being made to hold out longer. In fact, I’m happy that ML made a decision that she wanted instead of just blindly pushing to Maybe Day. I’m not sure how my moods will be in the next few days, but right now I’m feeling good. I’m also thankful that I’m not mopey about going back into the cage. It felt good to go back in at ML’s direction. I don’t find myself feeling cheated or wanting more time out.

And what about the plan for my next denial stint? Neither of us are really sure where it’s going to go. ML has mentioned a number of options. She has thought about locking and unlocking me multiple times and perhaps not even giving me a real denial time – allowing me to cum fairly often for a little while. She has also mentioned the possibility of locking me up 24/7 with no release time until my birthday and seeing where it goes from there. Honestly, anything she chooses will be perfect as long as she makes the choice freely and without pressure.


8 responses to “An Early Birthday Present

  1. ML is very much like me. Sometimes I call a halt early too when I’m trying to push denial. Sometimes I just miss the close intimacy of having my David inside me and how wonderful it is when he explodes in me. Records are fun but not when they start to feel forced. Happy Early Birthday to you! Sounds wonderful.


  2. 80 days is a long ass time. I’m really impressed. How many milkings or nocturnal emissions during this time?


    • Not many… I’d have to check the calendar we keep, but it might have been only one or two milkings during the whole time. Nocturnal emmisions are difficult for me to track because I leak precum like a faucet almost daily, so it’s hard to tell.


  3. Haha and see I would have named this post a big ol’ titty fuck! 🙂

    I really was having quite the emotional day yesterday. I’m pretty sure I was experiencing some Dom Drop or something I want to call Domme Guilt. I really think that 80 days was just taking its toll on me and it has been for a couple weeks now. It felt so good last night to just keep going and not worry that he might cum.

    After awhile it really felt like I was just doing it because we said we wanted to go three months.

    For now we’re just going to have fun and do what feels right at the moment… Like just a bit ago when I went up, unlocked him and sucked his cock until he orgasmed in my mouth.


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