Restrained, Unlocked, Plugged, Teased & Denied

This morning is the first morning since vacation that we’ve had to get back to playing. We spent a week in Disney World, got sick once we got back which always slows play a bit and then, of course, mother nature steps in and throws a wrench into things. Though being on my period doesn’t mean I can’t treat cagedmonkey like a sex toy and use him for my entertainment and pleasure.

I realized, this morning, after tying him to the bed that I’m missing that intense Domme feeling. Honestly, since I usually get such bad Drop after an intense D/s session, I’ve probably been avoiding a play scene like that. I did get that feeling this morning though once I tied him up and started talking to him about what he would do and what I would or could do to him. Telling him he would deal with it because it was what I wanted and desired. Telling him that because he was my good boy of course he would gladly take whatever I had to give.

This morning has been fun and it’s not over yet. So far I’ve restrained him to the bed, teased his cock and edged him over and over again, used the Aneros to get him to the point of almost being milked and then plugged him with the nJoy butt plug. I even made him turn over on his belly, pushed the Aneros in all the way, positioned myself as if I was going to give him a good pegging and basically humped his ass while I stroked his cock underneath him. He was getting so loud I had to shush him so our daughter didn’t hear. I also put my hand on top of his head so his head didn’t bump into the wall at the top of the bed. Hehe šŸ™‚ I’m such a nice caring Keyholder.

I decided when I went up that I would use the peppermint lube because then it would still be tingling his cock and asshole  while I gave him a little break. I will go up one more time this morning to bring him to the edge about 5 more times. I’m trying to decide if I should give him a horribly ruined orgasm today or wait until his birthday and decide if he will have one then. His birthday, in early June, is supposed to his next Maybe Day… it’s not like that’s so far away now.

I do know that when I finally do make him cum again it’s going to be on my chest. I want to make him video it so that he can watch it over and over and remember it when I keep him denied for longer and longer periods. I want him to see it when it happens, see it all over my big beautiful tits. I thought about making him cum on my mouth and making him watch it drip down my chin onto my breasts. I’m not so positive on the how but it will definitely be where he can video.

Ok time to work on lunch so I can go up and get in some good edging while the girl has her lunch and watches some cartoons.


7 responses to “Restrained, Unlocked, Plugged, Teased & Denied

  1. You do a great job teasing your hubby. I love the video tape plan. Both of you will enjoy watching it in the future. David has been having a problem lately with his cb6000s and his right testicle slipping through the ring. It’s happened twice now. He had no problem for a 3 week period but something has changed. Metal is in our future but we need to save for a while first. I love the way you keep your man on the edge and caged.


    • Thank you, I try! Tonight is quite the mindfuck as I make him wear the strap on harness with my new toy in it so I can use it whenever I want! šŸ™‚

      I’m sorry to hear about David and his cb6ks. You might actually like having a custom device!


  2. Ya, the video idea is *definitely* hot. Damn, you make me wish that I was there too (can you imagine some of the things you could get up to with *two* at your disposal?), or that Mrs. Twisted was there learning from you…or both…
    (Could it be that I have just a touch of masochism in me? Am I more than just a little ‘twisted’?)


    • Oh Twisted, my wonderful Twisted… I often fantasize about being a big ol’ cock tease two locked up boys. Making them strain in their cages, aching for release! šŸ™‚ One day maybe I’ll get that chance.

      Come here, I’ll tie you and hubby, bent over my coffee table, next to each other and spank you both real good. šŸ™‚ Forcing you both to watch some big hard cock cumming all over very big beautiful breasts! *giggle*

      I’d love to spend some time with Mrs Twisted hehe


    • Ooooo I’m so glad that it gets you boys crazy to hear what I do to cagedmonkey haha I REALLY got him when I went back up to visit a bit ago. I walked in and woke him by forcibly shoving him over onto his back and straddling his legs. I lubed my hand up real good and stroked his cock fast and hard and edged him, letting go at the last possible second before he went over the edge. I slid my hand up and down on his slick cock over and over as he tried to buck up at me but I held him down at the thighs. I’m glad his hands were already tied!

      Then I got him real good with my little palm trick and I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco! Haha I just held the base of his cock with my left hand and then cupped the tip in my palm and went to driving him completely mad!

      Haha šŸ˜‰ hope you have a nice day there in Phoenix, subhub!

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