The Chaste Stroke – Swimming While Locked

Yesterday, I took the plunge into an area I haven’t been as a chaste male yet, both literally and figuratively – ML and I took the kids down to the hotel pool for some swimming fun. We’ve been there once before on our vacation already, but I haven’t been swimming with the cage on yet. Would the cage be obvious when I climbed out of the pool with just my swim trunks on? And how would I react to the sight of My Lady in a sexy swimsuit?

Apparently, my “visibility” concerns were not necessary; the cage wasn’t noticeable at all. In fact, ML says that there was less of a bulge than when I’m unlocked. She suggested that maybe I should wear the cage all the time while swimming!

While things worked out well with how the cage looked, my fears of being turned on by looking at ML were all too real. She looked AMAZING; her tits looked great as she showed off her near-endless cleavage, and she was constantly swimming up to me and rubbing her ass against my cage. Then she’d swim up to me, wrap her legs around me, grind against me – underwater, to keep it subtle of course. She squeezed my locked up cock with her hands as well, driving me crazy in full view of everyone. It was equal parts embarrassing and exciting, although the horny part of my brain didn’t really care who was around watching us.

Last night, our last night in the hotel, My Lady really worked me over. We laid together in the bed, and before we drifted off to sleep she began to fondle my balls. She was tickling my balls so delicately, I craved more friction but she would not give it to me. I was squeezing against the cage almost instantly. I was moaning and whimpering, begging her to take care of my needs, but she was relentless.  When she had her fill of toying with me, she had me lick her pussy to a couple of orgasms before it was time to sleep.

I’ve reached the point where I need… NEED… something. Anything! I miss my orgasm so much, I’m craving it badly. If I can’t have it, I want to at least be close to it. Am I begging for a ruined orgasm? Am I that bad off? And how much worse can I get with about a month to go?

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